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  1. Naval Action Meme collection

  2. "Rather have the best corsair squadron than the worst big navy fleet." Frederick III, Prince of Prussia, 1816, after the establishment of the colony in Green Cay.
  3. The King addresses his people

    It is my pleasure to inform that The Prussian Navy Ministry and West Indies Office did conduct negotiations between private investors and independent captains, formerly known as been flying the black, as to form private companies, read privateers, to engage in trade war and otherwise enforce Your Majesty vision of the Caribbean. As such the cooperative under the Sea Rovers has signed for a campaign under Your Majesty indirect auspices, in direct influence with your investors, which shall remain unnamed.
  4. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    Quite good patch for the general good and measure of comfort. Will be interesting to test the ramming - as usual it is of the best interest of everyone to test and report odd situations. Battle XP versus Prize money change is one of the most requested changes since "hardcore" patch. The Tow limit is a good compromise. And the nations mechanics for the new powers look interesting. It means they can be "defeated out of the map" back to Shroud Cay, correct ? Wonder if it would be possible to have the same for all of the nations, test wise, in the short run
  5. The Missing Admin

    Thank you for the kindness. Moderators are around. Personally I'm involved in story telling projects ( pen and paper rpg ) and my own tabletop game design at the moment side by side with a big IT project here at my office, so time for Naval Action got severely reduced. But I keep tabs with the stuff going on.
  6. Swimming in forged papers

    Add a "destroy" option. Let the redeemable list be clean with only the Yacht ( if that's the case ).
  7. Best RVR clan in games history

    Like old salty sailors telling tales in a smelly tavern. * rasp chuckle * Given it is RvR I will say DAS, SLRN both chapters, RUS, EDR, oh so many more. Proof being in the history behind, where they actually fought full fledged wars where every single PB was full and where screening lasted for a good couple hours. Power gaming to a minimum if existant at all, and all about the road to war and the combat. This is important as most of those stories are from before certain named clans did start to "game the game", giving flags some interesting uses and eventually come down to the "dismissal of screening" attitude So, from the OP names I select naught. Both are total faux features. ( individuals not accounted for, for we are able of our worst when we congregate. individually we might act different )
  8. There are few settings that blow my mind in a "rpg" setting but everything from the 1700's Indian Wars and later Great Plains expansion conflicts are one of them. Will this be still around the 1850's or on the post civil-war "1876" Last Stand Hill / Sitting Bull setting ?
  9. Sadly lost in a hurricane She ain't a beauty but represents a quintessential age of sail workhorse type of ship
  10. Why did players leave?

    Games with no loss at all experience exactly the same mindset. They, the 90%, will avoid combat. The reality is that a multiplayer persistent open world PvP combat game relies on willing and unwilling combat.
  11. Why did players leave?

    This is NOT exclusive of Naval Action. This happens consistently and constantly across all games including non-perma-loss game types. Players will run, hide and overall deny "the game". Not saying it is right or wrong. Stating it is a novelty factor in gamer mind visible on the last half a dozen years. Ultimately they will deny "the game".
  12. The same way the recapture is possible as the commerce raider cannot teleport its way out along with the prize. Funny how, in this timeframe, historically, there was no real time communications and still, roughly, 2/3 of the captures never reached intended destination. Half of them being recaptured and the rest sunk and lost.
  13. character disappear

    Captain, in your particular situation, please refer to
  14. Funny enough, no matter what we do, even collecting dots, we are not shaping the living world. The Navy Officer career of being a pure PvPer is a egotistical search for a fight, the Admiral chair is the comfortable guaranteed Trafalgar battle and the Trader guru is bee lines back and forth. We do not shape the persistent world... yet. Do we want to or not ? Do the ecocrafters runs actually provide the demand of a certain region "population" or do they do the runs only for profit as concern ? Alas the mechanic is clear even if specific missions would be in place. In powerplay why make a mission when a simple run does more ? Do the conquest actually change anything ? Can't we enter anywhere without stopping ? Hell, even AI patrols lets smugglers and outlaws run amok Come to think too much freedom to do everything is too much freedom.