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  1. House rules discussion

    Yes, you are correct The house rules are part of the character guidelines. How does a Pirate pirate falls into a "naval supremacy" situation, as it is where the story starts, as opposed to the robber-at-sea credible approach !? We may assume his story to be under "private commission" ?
  2. Drop of rare ressources

    Sugar was a history example as states forced buyers of ALL to feed the market. They couldn't just say, I bought it, it is mine ! Nope, they had a service and it was to fuel commerce in the territories by providing demand. Hence why I tipped the game Economic model to mimic that. We do not have that. We hoard everything. That never happened We just take away and give nothing back. That is the crisis So, for the upgrade, say you need a specialty saltpepper. Why have it ALL in one single place ? Hence random seed them across the west indies, like some traders had already made their cruises around and sold them here and there. Changing locations everyday. Would limit contract monopolies aimed only at hoarding.
  3. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Seems perfect. Thanks.
  4. Drop of rare ressources

    Some specialty resources should be seeded randomly. Very gamey but there's no other way to stop monopoly over contracts. Or the Economic model could be developed to mimic trade protection measures as they were in place. While there were monopolies sponsored by the "crown" there was also a mandatory measure so that the acquired produce HAD to reach the market. Example being sugar. It had to go to market, companies couldn't simply hoard it and wait for "crisis" speculation.
  5. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Sun and shadow yellow and blue shading. Can someone take a screenshot in the same position and lighting @ ultra ?
  6. Fix Prices for Resourcen ...

    Contracts to buy stuff should generate missions for other players
  7. Fix Prices for Resourcen ...

    I reckon fellow captains showing other routes of work. Truth is player driven economy is reliant on Contracts more than anything. Before there was Production buildings and all was produced by NPC it was all about Contracts also. Interesting that trade is not that different from raiding. A lot of information gathering is needed. Reckon if produced resources are sold in the ports where demand is high the profit can be okay. Requires sailing and checking though. Same with raiding and finding the good commerce routes, a lot of sailing. All profit.
  8. Now look at this

    Sir, what do you mean with "getting weird" ? It would really help if you can express yourself more completely about the video ( especially what to look for ) and what is "weird", so all of us can assess the situation.
  9. Bring back Tow to Port...

    Ain't abuse, it is simply two different ways of viewing the simulation of the west indies age of sail naval traffic back and forth. Comfort versus opportunities. How do you know there's nothing beyond the horizon? How can you say it will be a empty sea ? Honest questions.
  10. Now look at this

    Big video. What timecode please?
  11. Faye Kert is the type of research historian writer I admire. It baits the line and follows it up to the source, and in doing it reveals a lot more than the usual myths and mainstream misconceptions. On Patriots & Profits she focus two decades of research into a focused work on the Yank and Canadian Atlantic privateering covering the most important names, numbers, places and, most important, the how everything links together in the "war of privateers" par excellence. Full chapters dedicated to how privateer ventures were set, how ships were chosen, armed, equipped. A in depth and most important chapter covers insurance, both on the new world side and back in London with a superb representation on how some seemingly minor acts conducted by privateers, totally not mainstream, actually molded economy more than the big frigate combats. The record entries cover very important aspects and should give any Naval Action player an idea of how it was in reality and how 'easy' we have it in game most especially regarding traders, prices of cargo and amounts carried by brigs, snows, pink and even indiaman. The entire economic side of the privateer war is ever present. I would say it is colossal and traces the entire war escalation of prices, insurance prizes, taxes on products and services, harbor business and all other economic activities affecting the communities as far as London and South Carolina. Combat and notable events are covered in rigorous form with extracts from the logs paired with how the news were presented to the public in the periodic newspapers. The presented data will break a few mainstream misconceptions but factual hard data is uncontestable. This is not a mere book. It is a life's work dedicated to investigation of the last big privateer drive in the age of sail in the anglo-saxon universe. Must buy!
  12. Server Health is a Game Design Issue

    What part of "designers vision along with parts of players suggestions" did I miss ? I pointed out to a very true statistic that might ( or might have not ) participated into some design decision making. Too many ships not used. Hoarding for... nothing, in general. Sorry, english is not my first language so I might miss some grammar that leads to misinterpretations.
  13. House rules discussion

    Surely tells me nothing about how you setup your playstyle and personal guidelines other than what we know, kill, maim, burn, by whatever means necessary Shelby up there goes out on cruise with a mission. We can trace some real life Royal Navy captains to have similar stances during their careers. Even US captains. Tracing a comparison from his playstyle to historical events the only major difference is that those captains did what they did for their Nation prestige. In the case of Shelby it will be mostly in his own namesake and community group in extension.
  14. Server Health is a Game Design Issue

    Ah, correct. Wrong place, wrong ship. Hence we only go into Action when we are correctly setup... right.... and not when Admiralty tells you to I see opportunities, not problems.
  15. Naval Action gives us a setting, a universe in which we can play a character. It also gives us the rulebook, way to solve interaction. Being sandbox means that anything beyond the "starting point" is not written, so stories can unfold and, given quality, could become canon. This is not uncommon in many game universes alas usually fictional setups like Battletech or Warhammer, where special community events actually are used by the designers to mold the lore, but I digress as Naval Action is very much based in History, but... ... we are not playing to reenact History, right ? We are playing to re-interpret it by correct usage of the Lore and Rulebook, meaning Age of Sail in the West Indies, Spanish Main and Independent southernmost 13 Colonies and use the game mechanics as much as possible to make a credible gameplay. What house rules do you setup to make your sea rover gameplay pleasing and as authentic as possible ? As an example, when I play Pirate I do set the aim for the share per crewman. So the more prizes with the less crew as possible makes my character a most successful captain, whereas very little coin makes me a lousy one. As a rule of thumb, I set my own baseline at 1000 Gold per crew per cruise ( from departure from port to next return to port ). Anything below is a poor performance. I have other own rules but would like to hear from yours.