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  1. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    A lot, probably eternal, if one is not just a crazy beagle hunting everything that moves
  2. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Then she must be used other ways. Once she becomes the "no one remembers her anymore" dlc ship, she will be perfect for her job as the real counter part was. Privateering. Snappy salute. Keep testing her for defects.
  3. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    I mean that her not being a good downwind ship is by no means a reason not to be successful. No worries, easy to get passionate about a nice ship as she is and that everyone wants to see properly modelled into the game. I really enjoyed the latest review, she feels more okay now, but everyone should focus and not start blazing guns everywhere.
  4. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    This can be removed as it is not a reason of no success using a close haul rig in game, even solo. No One, discuss the game not the people. Easy go get overboard sometimes during a heated debate about a hot subject, but please rise up to the challenge and be as cordial as anyone else. What you said has nothing to do with the ship. /back to NA
  5. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    War and Peace

  6. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Naval Action Meme collection

  7. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Idea: Norfolk nAhab and his White Whale...

    http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/24350-whaling http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/6224-economy-addition-whaling-as-a-profession http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/17138-whaling-trigger-warning-reality-ahead http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/3171-whaling http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/10474-whaling
  8. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Proper ability to scuttle ship

    I'd simply make it so the kill is always attributed to enemy, if no damage done. All enemy ships present get share amount of marks. But that's me and my solomon laws love.
  9. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Idea: Dynamic NPC Nation Overlays...

    All that throws more players versus players with a good "lore and canon" foundation, even taking NA alternate history version, is good. Given majority prefers the safest way, an alternative to achieve the same results by means of no pvp would be a no go, I hope. Except when applied to the Pacific server.
  10. You talking about ships of the line, i hope. 😎 *sarcasm*
  11. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Proper ability to scuttle ship

    Sure, but with teleport out the opportunity to recapture is gone. I cannot agree.
  12. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I'm honest, I play NA for the ship types I like. Not for the competition Rather have a 10v1 chance encounter in the OW than a 1v1 scheduled. Glad we all have our spot in the game o7
  13. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    PVP rewards for ship return to port

    I hear you. I miss proper raidin' and bringing the prized merchandise home, being what is really valuable for the playstyle. But hey, easy way out, immediate cash in spoke higher... and majority does indeed engage in the massacre orgy and cash in dozens of marks without any regards. But it is a vice cycle: 1- pver grinds fleets, grabs drops 2- pver sells drops for pvp marks he won't get 3- pvper goes kill pvers to get marks 4- pvper buys drops with marks got from killing the pver Am I wrong ?
  14. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    PvE Experience and PvP Experience on ships

    Fair points. Can i just say something, and I hope you don't get distressed. Multi player game design. Translates to interaction with multiple other players, friendly, enemy. Solo is a choice, not the standard design.
  15. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Proper ability to scuttle ship

    Correct, me neither Just trying to figure what is exactly the issue... I mean, one can fight until one sinks or can fight no more... sadly sometimes that ends in a capture. *shrugs* Other option is to Surrender and live with the choice. A indirect options is to dump cargo in the Open World. What we missing ?