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  1. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    @Wraith Like good buddies meeting each other in a game in opposite sides, without even knowing, and having a laugh while they try to "shoot each other down". Anything wrong if that happens because there's no names ? What's different ? Can't measure chances before engaging ? Who cares ! Newcomers have no godamn idea - bless them - who the players are. And honestly they have the best slice of the cake. We are sadly educated in a ton of forum trash - yes, pun intended given the juvenile trolling - of whom we do or not want to play with. Newcomers, average players are, gladly immune to that. But onwards to the comfort talk you pull with ... names showing or not... Just to put it in perspective, EVE with its massive LOSS potential or WW2OL with its factual bragging rights of winning wars, and LOSS of wars, not just word in a forum. No look to NA, a spectuacular never stopping combat game in the age of sail. Everyone gets a ship anywhere fast to go to combat. To engage in naval action without delays. That's all that matters. That's how comfortable we have it. And you still claim a specific name in the OW makes or breaks it ? By neptune's beard sir, I embrace this new age of comfort. We never had it better. Outposts. Production buildings. Teleports. Ships in a bottle. Admiralty handouts. No need to produce anything anymore. No need to engage enemy nations in earnest. No loss involved, truly. Just pure fun in the open world of naval action. oh my oh my... give me the names
  2. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    Again you ignore the only MMO posted ( funny that it plays with no instances - full 1:1 timescale ) that hides the names/ranks except when at engagement range. Oh... oh.... NA does show the names and ranks at engagement range ... wat da... *ouch* Let's get over it and move forward.
  3. No Audio

    On Synapse you select the mode you want.
  4. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    *cough cough* WW2 Online ? Oh wait sorry... that's not a mmo... or is it ?...Is a 24/7/365 wasteland arma3 server a 254 slot mmo ? is a dynamic war il2 server not a mmo ? bloody hell, it has more depth in its simulator and support wargame with supply lines and pilot perma deaths than some of you mmo guys ever wanted for this, so let's cut the sleeves and be honest at least once or twice. The ship names in the OW... It is a test. And not everyone likes this or that change. Do not confuse liking unconditionally with supporting further testing. Want no names, want names, sure, whatever. As long as more people fight and not always the same guys over and over and over again Is the change goood in that respect to bring the average fellows out to fight ? Rests to be seen and statistics are usually more factual than your street word.
  5. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    Port Tavern chat.
  6. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    Friendly - attack button is disabled. Enemy - Attack button is enabled. That's how the mechanics are. They are blind to human considerations.
  7. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    We are discussing ideas, not people. Quoting a player - we are here to fight heroically. Get out there, fight.
  8. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    We all had our time to make it work - social AND war. Given the "less than desirable" results now we focus on WAR. Enough social interaction with cannons roaring.
  9. The Case Against Repair Items

    Less mmo gamey, more credible sim realistic outcome. +1
  10. With the new patch 19 ideas!

  11. Increase the daily number of tows to pvp zones

    Of course. Totally supportive of that as always. Still it is on the player to know that when SAIL button is pressed it opens the pvp on the pvp server no matter what their aspirations are. And here the OW expectations did crash like waves unto rocks. aka. PvP only when I want, please. ( how many times we heard this one way or the other... ) But we are over that now. Everyone PvP's now with superb, read again, SUPERB, rewards. No excuses. No tears.
  12. PVP missions are good, we need more

    Isn't PvP everywhere other than safe zones ? PvP zones are really also the only spot for PvP Mission areas, correct ?
  13. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    I am a player first. Volunteer Moderator second. Not a developer. But I know both Ultimate General games are released already and both been widely acclaimed. I hope you know that Game Labs is not Naval Action only, right ? Hope it answers your question.
  14. Increase the daily number of tows to pvp zones

    Correct. How do players feel like being "content" when they don't want to ? I mean PvP ? We know the answer on this, hence we stand where we stand today. Everyone fights.
  15. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    Nice comment. Has nothing to do with the question. But to interfere with your own thoughts - I do not play MMOs so I have no idea what you talking about, and mmo has nothing to do with why I backed NA, is just the cherry on top, definitely the shiny gold nugget on top as I love multiplayer games. Regarding arena games I can tell you a lot of them that hide the names and have no icons.
  16. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    Should "human mistakes" be coded ? Age of sail is populated with mistakes in identification of ship types, sizes and nationalities Not pro nor against what we have now, just a design question. Should these "historical" mistakes be a integral part of design at macro level as much as the absolute flawless identification ?
  17. Total War Arena

  18. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    Let's focus the replies on the OP suggestions, please. Thanks fellows.
  19. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    Any player can go to options and turn off the chat for other nationalities by default.
  20. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    As a rule of thumb ships didn't fly identification, only when approached by other vessels. We do have the distinction, at this moment with the info box, between friendly or foe and if there's a fleet associated. Should we see how many ships there are in a fleet/convoy ? sure. Should we have details by using the spyglass ? unsure. What would be different than before ? Just another "click" to check information ? Or immersion value ?
  21. Increase the daily number of tows to pvp zones

    That's a after thought and post reasoning. Would-Could-Should debate and we could go on another 3.5 years playing it Undeniably the fastest way to bring players together is to have a button "Battle!" and immediately have a battle. We have these PvP Zones to promote the love of battle unto players that always kept away from it for fear of loss of ships. The system promotes "grab a ship, sail there, have fun". You have it exactly as described.
  22. Increase the daily number of tows to pvp zones

    We had no teleports, no tows for quite a while after EA launch. Only a "Teleport to Capital" every 4 hours that players kept for RvR emergencies. Plus there were no outposts, no eco buildings and everything had to be sailed and contracted. There was pvp and conquest everywhere. We should stick our necks to the present and future and look to what exactly works in unique greatways, because teleports and tows is not one of them and OW storyline proves it.
  23. Merge the nations!

    That was my opinion. I am not sorry that it conflicts with your opinion. Can we move on now ? We are not going to have a beer over this. I refuse.