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  1. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Dear Spain

    No idea what's going on but I blame the entire situation on the simple fact that Portugal is not represented as a nation. Nothing of this would happen if...
  2. Hethwill the Red Duke

    sinking your ship gives PvP marks to enemy

  3. Hethwill the Red Duke

    "Available for all"

    The little we have left of "worth" to conquer some place would be finally defeated. Why ? Well...Even a closed port is a veiled naval base all due to the concerns of "not having ships trapped" after being conquered, right ? Devs are nice and save yer ships because We just can't afford to "lose gear". So, that safeguard allows us to bounce a trader ( player or AI doesn't matter ) close to Closed enemy port, switch and enter and repair for "free". Switch back and exit with a brand new warship repaired at enemy facilities. Who needs outposts really ? Ah well... not supportive of the suggestion, i'd be cruel on loss especially regarding Conquest but guess the majority wants a open world fast access little loss combat. All good.
  4. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Article on Trireme Commander & Mare Nostrum

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/766460/Trireme_Commander/ Is now on Steam
  5. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Disable Friendly Fire

    would make me stop playing. same as if it would happen in all other game i play. no ff no play. FF on... always. ( we had two companies of Union troops firing into each other at 300 yards, in War of Rights, due to "fog of war". Errors were made...and good boys paid for it )
  6. Hethwill the Red Duke

    sinking your ship gives PvP marks to enemy

    After you make the change the original ship, if you don't sink her, will be a NPC hence why it doesn't in your latter example. On the original one it counts as a sinking by boarding and should award the marks according to damage done by enemy up to that moment ( and crew kills ). Not tested it, but if no damage is done - outright boarding, change ship, sink original - I'm curious if it awards them.
  7. Hethwill the Red Duke

    More outpost slots are needed

    Less. Even less of everything. Please. Not more. I represent the 1% of the players that wish to fight for a breadcrumb, not being given a free full meal.
  8. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Disable Friendly Fire

    Other than shooting all types of shot through friendly rigging ?... And other examples given by others also apply. Adamant against such a suggestion given to little thinking.
  9. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Naval Action Meme collection

    One suggestion Poll to Rule them All.
  10. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Flags Flags Flags

    wasn't it eventually called the Freedom Tree ?
  11. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Testbed - econ/crafting changes

    🤑 now this is a good change.
  12. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Testbed - econ/crafting changes

    Maybe i'm blind then, because money is money, and an alt is one captain, even if a player plays two captains. Obviously the ALT being a trade agent on one port, just buying resources to sell them at much higher price is not a new conduct and, in its economic value has no influence whatsoever in whatever prices we pay for anything. Such practices already promote an advantage right now, with "infinite" resources scattered amongst warehouses which in themselves promote a non stop crafting of ships to fight for the sake of fighting. All good, that's the intent of the majority I guess. Having to pay for transportation, whether i agree or not with it, has no better or worse value for the future for a player that uses an alt over a player that doesn't. Coin is what will make the difference and in that regard the ALT already has the coin right now, by the millions above any "normal" player. Now, we don't have all the details... i wish we had... but we don't. In truth, i bet we all loved the delivery system, was such comfort, and it went away, and we adapted. Teleports not going away, they will just cost resources. I'm not reading the "testbed" results in marks anymore. All I see is coin. Hard cash. That can come from multiple sources and there's no monopoly to that coin from anyone.
  13. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Target is too far...

    Or... make it Attack is only Enabled when target is in front of the attacker 3 o'clock - 9'oclock line, and never behind it.
  14. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Testbed - econ/crafting changes

    No different from now, pre-patch. Every bid adds tax to the port owners. Most of the tax in Cartagena is due to bids, not real assets moving hands. If 10 bid war, 1 gets the goods, 9 guys paid in tax almost what the assets cost themselves. I see no economic issue.
  15. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Testbed - econ/crafting changes

    Alts won't have to sail ? Or am I missing something ?
  16. Hethwill the Red Duke

    NPC Trader need Fleet Ships

    Sure. Fleet 1 free, Fleet 2, 3 points, Fleet 3, 5 Points.
  17. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Testbed - econ/crafting changes

    That's an idea on its extreme 😮 but guess it serves the example purpose of "opinions" are worth what they are worth. Honestly GameLabs team, do the design you want. We simply offer different points of view for your design team discussions. That's all
  18. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Crafting gold ships

    Yeah... had to test a dozen different ones. There's no guarantees except - outside Zone the chances are higher.
  19. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Crafting gold ships

    anyone can be lucky enough to craft or redeem a note/dlc into a Exceptional ship. Is not "elite" or "powergamer" estate. This I like too much. Does not empower anyone with alts or 24/7 gameplay. It gives the same chances to everyone and 2 hours day in day out are enough to do it if player plans ahead how to invest the time. So far found 2 ports that are surprisingly good. On one of them,the Blues with a Strong Rig extra refit at over 50% rate. Had 3 purples in a universe of 23 ships crafted, two were extra refit fast and the other agile. I did spend all pvp marks i accumulated and even bought extras just to test in different ports instead of investing in the loodsman or other stuff. On top of that, several shipyards lvl 1 were used to test with building 7th and 6th rates, with the help of some testers. In the end we came to the conclusion of: comfort versus risk. Moving the crafting infrastructure is against comfort, but finding a nice consistent spot is worth it in the long run. But the catch is... if your clan ( or nation ) does not possess regions outside a safe zone, there's not much you can do is there ?...That alone is worth Conquest and moving the crafting closer to the frontlines - ships are already on the fighting area and crafting will be automatically better chances because it is outside the Reinforcement Areas. I am sure other clans/nations did find some interesting crafting opportunities across a lot of regions in the map where the output of interesting builds is of a satisfactory level. Maybe go out and Conquer new regions and move your crafting infrastructure ?
  20. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Limit 18 ships; including with activated Admiralty Connections DLC

    Initial dock space is 5 (+1) Each expansion adds 3 slots. So the captain needs to expand docks five times to reach the 20 (+1)
  21. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Testbed - econ/crafting changes

    That's still in, last i've read. Everything goes into currency value.
  22. Hethwill the Red Duke

    What Quality of Life Features do Merchants Want?

    You don't. Not with how it is at the moment - per ship in command. It would be possible to do when we had the Officers.
  23. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Testbed - econ/crafting changes

    Guys, word of advice, stop rationalising marks into currency Marks will cease to be. End of. Only currency rewards. Money. Coin. Only V. Marks will remain on their own for a bit.
  24. Hethwill the Red Duke


    Not a negative, just leave me out. There's plenty of casuals that did build many of the nations in the past, when there were no teleports, when there were no buildings and only contracts and you had to sail to pick up what you needed. When crafters were worth gold and "revered" and people were happy giving them, GIVING them the hours! Casuals are not brainless.
  25. Hethwill the Red Duke


    What did i do ? Again this talk.... I give up. "My dude", i played all types of styles along the thousands of hours across a lot of nations, from being a noob, to sailing big ships and doing a decent amount of conquest, to operating nice ow defense frigate guard to being a raider. I do not need to present you my CV since i started testing NA. You think you know but you have little idea. But let me tell you this: - 1 account - no handouts - i wipe my account every single major update Now, please leave me out of your personal concerns.