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  1. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    If we have to live with Reinforcement Zones then...

    ... make the leap of faith and lets end this once and for all. If people want to live in the capitals all the time, let them. I suggest the following changes to how the Zones work - remove the extra zones. One nation one zone, not two separate ones. So no Belize, New Orleans, Campeche. - end the separation between Reinforcement and Capital zones. Make them all the same. - no fishing possible in the Zone - enemy players can press Attack against any ship in the zone - enemy ships cannot enter any ongoing battle happening in the enemy Zone - raiders must stick together and get pulled together, declaration of intent. Press Attack, stick together, no more OW battle invasion easy farming. - zone nation players can call reinforcements as normal when they are attacked - keep as it is now. - player of the Nation zone can enter at any time.
  2. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Then L'Hermione can runaway from all other ships, unmodified, all same woods. Or a Renomee, or a Surprise, or... Wait... i been lured out of the Xebec discussion... maybe we are on the right track here... unmodified ships... carry on...carry on.. .this is getting interesting... Mods you say... hmmmm
  3. Discussion was about ability to engage and disengage. Can't blame a close haul rig to disengage at will... i mean...you can but that means zero.
  4. Hard data proves the opinions. Else it is just feelings.
  5. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    That is incorrect. Square rigger are able to escape at broad reach. Xebec will barely keep up.
  6. Can this be closed then, sir ?
  7. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Ship Rebalance suggestion

    I swore i wouldn't touch the DLC ships until they are reviewed, reworked etc. I stand to my beliefs. And I will defend both ships, make no mistakes. But will also defend no extremely refitted ships all the same. So honestly... All what mods have to do is make my Fav ship op. If they do it's fine, if not then Nerf the **** out of the other ships but not mods. "So nerf the **** out of the xebec and herc!"
  8. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    (insert whatever ship you dislike) are ugly and there was never more than 1 during the game's time and captain can leave battle when he wants with speed builds. On top of that suddenly economy and crafting are important (?), so make them appropriate and make 100x more resources needed let alone victualling one everytime the Admiralty ordered it to sail out.
  9. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Hermion = Santa Cecilia
  10. Why only the Xebec regardind the mods ? Why not all ships ? The BR should be the same as Cerberus, even if we go against the historical classifications.
  11. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    First fight I had against the Xebec was against Licinio. Ended in a draw. Xebec versus Hercules. Was truly epic, given my average at best performance in NA in general. But... invading the OW battles in zone makes the xebec be the "rage ship of the month" when any other ship can do the same. I suggested changes regarding this.
  12. Ends in a draw. Same as Prince versus Snow.
  13. forget 1v1, but even 1v1 the huggie huggie works in all ships, so yeah... 6 pounders are enough... I'm totally lost at this point... *see my sig* that is all that matters.
  14. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    So economy and crafting is important now !?!? It must be meaningful again !?!? Can we get back to patch 10.x and make the dlc ships also included into the eco pot ? Because that is highly tempting...
  15. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Massimo, apart from the shot weight and crew numbers they are even better at points of sail. Timber by timber, modules aside and encyclopedias aside, there's not a single ship that is kill all. The option to disengage at will is nothing new or have we all forgotten the Surprise in its glory days ? Are we even playing the same game for all these years ? Anyone can disengage the xebec now, going downwind. Anyone can sink it and anyone can deny it the boarding. Include mistakes are made all the time in here. Most battles will end in a "draw" because the raider will disengage if faced with strong opposition but that has been the same since forever. What is a speed frigate or speed 74 gun ship if not a ship that has the option to be fast to attack when he wants and possibly run away when he wants ? Sorry, there were issues with the Xebec that were fixed, and there is a tiny weenie issue i'm still pursuing but definitely all the problems you present ARE NOT ship related but MOD and ENCYclopedia related and affects ALL ships, not only one.
  16. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Fireship green on green?

    I did have two trinc blown from under me all of the sudden and with survival on really depends on the fire spread and how fast it can detonate the gunpowder magazines. Also each gun has gunpowder, so possibility of catching fire is there but no idea if the propagation of fire can ignite additional fires as it engulfs gun positions.
  17. Any ship. There are ships that at 35% sails can still move upwind faster than the enemy. And they are not DLC ships.
  18. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Fireship green on green?

    Did he turn survival off ? Just a rhethorical question really. Same situation happened in PBs before and didn't see any tribunals.
  19. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    A group of half a dozen Privateers, Princes, Pickles, Lynxes, and can do exactly the same - they can decide when to fight and when to retreat. Actually forget the half a dozen. Takes only 2.
  20. The two new ships rocked the status quo established by the metas. That's why so much cringing. Looking back to tests done, suggestions made, all of them point to make those two ships as viable as any other. I cannot stay indifferent to a P2W comment when it is not true @admin And yes, it propagates like fire and we have entire nation chats full of that - what color are the sails, red, p2w ***.... The same thing that can be done with a Hercules - hug the bow angled, get glued, out DPS the enemy, can be done with any other ship with more or less success. It is not a new thing, it just became more visible. DLC ships are a excellent choice for any player that wants to stay away from eco-craft, be it pve or caribbean server.
  21. is NOT pay to win ! Get over it. You can discuss the merits of having the ship note using the "rare" woods, but honestly, i mean honestly, do you think that is an issue !?!?! You have to sail out, you have to find targets, you have to engage. Exactly the same as I personally do with any other ship including the Privateer for far too long with absolutely similar results. Same as the ekranoplane Bellona fans do. Sorry, mechanics are blind to human passions.
  22. Thread to say goodbye, everyone reads, we all wave fair winds. No need to keep it open but the posts are all there. A forum can get messy with discussion everywhere and really hard to keep up. Keeping everything tidy helps everone. Redundant Topics will be closed. I see no problem here. There are developer's topic specific for Le Requin and Hercules feedback and discussion. Fair winds.
  23. Sir Hethwill the RedDuke


    Exactly That's what I meant. Do not touch variety across all ships. But privateer is not a ship, has only two masts 😎