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  1. Hethwill

    Event Zone RoE

    Totally. A streamer goes down plenty of times, has a great time, transmits the best time in game. I pointed DayZ because the similarities are clear - chance encounters, pvp, might die fast, might be ambushed by a group, etc. If a streamer makes a "dull" walking simulator look great, then he is a good streamer worth listening to. And 100% with you. Some games are niche
  2. Hethwill

    Game Reviews on Steam

    Fine points. But... how do you know it is a ganker ? Suppose you attack someone, even a 2v2 will do. You are winning and the guy gets reinforced, and turns into against the odds. You going to stay and fight to the last piece of wood, right ?... Or you going to find a avenue of escape ? Just food for thought.
  3. Hethwill

    Event Zone RoE

    To whomever uses that fellow post of byebye to make a point valid. The point is already valid.
  4. Hethwill

    Event Zone RoE

    *almost chokes with laughter* You post something of a fellow with absolutely no idea how to build a channel, that wants to rush to popularity and, as I said before, makes no justice to NA game and community at all. He is right - this is not your adrenaline rush 90 minutes game. Plus he "refused" to learn the game... that's the worst...and even insulted fellows that tried... Smoke build up a consistent channel with 2k+ viewers whenever he's online with DayZ SA for years. He is educated, never gets mad, explains every detail of what he is doing and why, has great chat with everyone, and never ever engages with toxic people. Tell me more about long travels and downtime, how DayZ is different from NA - it is all about chance encounters, believe it or not. But hey, definitely the audience of Mo is not the same, hence the ratio of 2K to 15 - it has nothing to do with the game but the difference between a nice plate of fine cuisine and junk food.
  5. Hethwill

    Montañés-Class Ships of the Line

  6. Hethwill

    Battlefield V = Bad Company 3 (your thoughts)

    Ran a dirty quick scenario on PS, server was 2/3 full, and mainly for graphics tweaking, and bloody hell, the firefights for this one dutch farmhouse and small hamlet was pretty intense. Especially with no indicators of any sorts, the foot sloggers must really sweep through the areas proper and "godamn watch the flank!". So far so good, it has a proper pace and feels like "digital reenactment" in the same vein of "war of rights" but for ww2. Very pleased. It is really gpu intensive and network side of things can be odd with joiners with a lot of packet loss, but this will surely be removed by proper server admins that auto kick fellows with high threshold so everyone else has a smooth gameplay.
  7. Hethwill

    New player experience

    Going to repeat myself: And yet again... This has NOTHING to do with what is being requested. So, we players start to be clear, direct and honest in communication and get proper responses...or not and getting ignored. Either way I am sincerely tired of reading over and over again the "newcomer" card being used without any solid ground. I am really sorry you didn't read right, especially when community suggestions have been posted before to cover exactly what this "not newcomer" is asking for. Over and out. Sorry to @Roronoa ~S~
  8. Hethwill

    New player experience

    I don't play brigs only. *chuckles* But hey man, whatever you say, i can sniff a "my way please" disguised as "all because of newcomers".
  9. Hethwill

    New player experience

    I am a player same as you. Plus when I asked for honest reply I expected one. You weren't. You're no newcomer and you know it. I posted several suggestions made by players, same as you, on how to improve the trade craft system, without whining about it. Follow good examples, not the worst. o7
  10. Hethwill

    New player experience

    Again, all pre-conception built on your experience. I've done the experience several times. Hard to mimic the mindset but is not impossible. Simply forget all meta, try everything again. ( yes, testing can be like that... ) A newcomer would get a Snow from the shop, and then maybe a Renomee or a Surprise, they are what ? 40 - 70k sold by NPC shop ? Mostly a Frigate, for 84k. Only after a good amount of hours they start picking up details about builds. They start installing the modules, getting books and tweaking their own ships ans scrutinizing the shop for player crafted ones. That I can tell you with all certainty is what a Newcomer does. A returning veteran does what you say - he knows what to look for and can't find it.
  11. Hethwill

    New player experience

    This is definitely NOT a newcomer, fresh without any previous knowledge. o7
  12. Hethwill

    New player experience

    Ah, that is more clear. Thanks. Has been suggested - direct trade system
  13. Hethwill

    New player experience

    Sorry to bother you. It must be me not understanding what you trying to explain
  14. Hethwill

    New player experience

    All you suggest, with all honesty and realistically speaking... is a "contract system" ?! Come on, realistically and with all honesty, what do you suggest ? As contracts are in game - player sells by this amount, you buy if you want. NPC store sells ships by resources price needed to craft it with a small % on top, like 10% iirc. Please. It is important to be clear, honest, realistic and direct.