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  1. Exploiting teleport on OW

    Is a good suggestion and I support Jodgi on that. I like the lockdown way more. Don't want to be target of a false blockade ? Sail out and fight the hostility. PvP is PvP.
  2. Exploiting teleport on OW

    Numbers dictate strategy. A nation with plenty of numbers has more options. A nation with 2 players has naught. Majority will join the nation with plenty of numbers, for obvious reasons Hence Conquest becomes and tug-of-war of who can deny the most advantages by use of loopholes and other devious means. But, sorry for that, we moved away from the teleport. I conccur it must be killed with fire. Actually the Port area ( there's a imaginary circle around it ) should be placed in lockdown as suggested in other thread. No OW AI, no missions, no teleports, no tows, nothing. For both sides. Sail there and be there, or not. This would permit to have the "get unstuck" button but still manage to have the godamn veterans behave at high standards.
  3. Exploiting teleport on OW

    of course. Lest numbers alone dictate the rules of engagement and the loopholes.
  4. [PVP EU] battle results

    I know... ... Contingencies are being made to steal all the gold from the warehouses and buying a villa in the Gulf, in a undisclosed location within a safe zone, and retire in peace.
  5. Exploiting teleport on OW

    Cargo would be deleted in the tp act, not the confirmation button press, so no, no exploit. If tp is canceled nothing happens. ( faction balance system needed prior to this though, as that is the major major major "exploit" )
  6. the mighty books

    Not sure what is the mark value of said books but know some fellows simply buy them with pvp marks won by warring enemies. But in truth, someone has to find the said books enduring the bot-wars... pvper needs the pveer for the books.... pveer needs the pvper for the marks... hugs and kisses. Peace.
  7. the mighty books

    - OW AI, best chances in 4th rates and above - Epic events - Treasure Fleet wrecks Remember that there's a lot of "above basic" equipment to drop, so the lottery is very diverse. I remember reading somewhere a fellow had to nail roughly 500 bots for some goodies
  8. Caribbean Invasion News

    On principle the majority would love a proper war but many cannot simply "let the enemy have it their way", and this becomes a weapon far stronger than any of the ships and janky equipments. Pretty silly.
  9. [PVP EU] battle results

    There's no ganks, just absolute application of superior force at a given place in a determined moment. ... *drops smoke bomb and disappears*
  10. Blatant Alt/Friend farming for PvP Marks

    There's a blatant difference between both chain boarding 2 opponents due to better use of wind ( and ship capabilities ) - seen several cases like this in streams and videos even with sinkings and not boardings under 5 minutes (!)... and simple boarding farming, I assure you. Do not witch hunt, put down yer torches and pitchforks, but report consciously the odd cases - F11 Exploit - and oh... jump their battles, you'll drive them mad for the interruption and immediately spot the oddity.
  11. Exploiting teleport on OW

    There you go, a perfect suggestion. Let's wait for the ...but this.... but that.... I'll start...Tow to Port is the last resort button. Never get stuck again. If getting stuck is no longer a problem then the button serves no purpose.
  12. Exploiting teleport on OW

    Tow to Port mechanic to get unstuck being used for other purposes.
  13. Exploiting teleport on OW

    Definitely not a Tribunal thread but a good Suggestion. Moved.
  14. Battles should not close

    Can be even be more iirc but not under. You can chronometer it in a short run even, for example from La Tortue to Port de Paix. Sail in OW. Then do it in a battle.
  15. Battles should not close