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  1. Caribbean Post System

    what will you do with those wood without the fittings ? the ingots ? oh, the cannons ?
  2. Caribbean Post System

    Iron and Coal are vital. Probably the most vital
  3. Absolutely love this quote. o7
  4. Caribbean Post System

    A age of sail corsair will attack the enemy trade while avoiding confrontation with much stronger enemy.
  5. The sharp angles can be practiced. We disregard the extreme heeling at the moment just as a mere "aiming" nuisance. Maybe reducing sail to do such angles of turn in the future ? Would also like to see gunnery affected by heeling. No sane captain would risk loose amok carriages by firing broadsides at high heeling.
  6. Caribbean Post System

    If free ports allow no buildings. If postal service is only for raw resources and no materials nor assembled goods nor ship goods nor marks nor notes nor whatever that is not plain raw resources... Guess it is a two sides of the same coin. Comfort in exchange of having your ship in the water at the very least in between the free port and whatever destination. Remove zones and have free ports are primary corsair havens.
  7. More numbers until much later hours. Where as before the sudden drop to 90 players was around 1.30 AM, the last two days has been around 3am-4am. All times in UTC / zulu time
  8. Protection for new players and traders in the game

    Raiding Rear Admirals trade fleets is not attacking new comers. Zones ensured trade wars ended.
  9. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    PvE server could serve as a Naval Academy and upon reaching Flag Captain the automated option to be transferred, for good, to the Caribbean server. Choice of remaining in the Naval Academy server available as well and not be transferred. This would be the ultimate option IMO.
  10. Say you trace a protractor beam from Coquibacoa to Les Cayes and you religiously follow it. The end position will be aproximately 4º off. The longer the more aproximate the deviation. Leeway in battle, that's what we getting now
  11. In battle !? I am pretty sure it is in battle. In OW you already get 4º declination on a dead reckoning btw.
  12. I see fights becoming less linear. I would imagine with less wind on sails the leeway becomes less hence less need to continuous tap ( tap will rudder, effectively changing course vector )
  13. Not sure. Why we would have leeway implemented if then we would have 1 single key to nullify the mechanic ? Also, to naval fellows, how was lee countered best in the timeline, if at all ?
  14. You will be changing course to hold position. Given the start and end position is relative to course and ship speed, well...
  15. No. Ship attitude remains unchanged. Just course position "slides" downwind.