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  1. @Sunleader You are correct regarding the AI. 100% But you see, best AI behavior coding, and most "bang for the buck", is to replace the NPCs with Human Players. That way the NPCs become unpredictable, do have to work the wind, etc etc etc Oh wait...
  2. No worries. I find it confusing myself. When bots are challenging - it is too hard! - if they are too easy - it is boring! - what kind of pve indeed. And no, there's nothing beyond combat against bots and trading with "bot" markets. That's been established. PvE server -and- PvP server ( with pve option but always open to pvp). Make yer choice, sir.
  3. Hethwill

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    If you are the server you might. Oh wait, you are not. Maybe a tenth of that then, just the visuals. Let's stop trolling shall we ?
  4. What sails are damaged ? It is not linear...
  5. ??? Subject was more PvE activity... why is there PvP in the mix other than personal choice of playing in PvP server... *sigh* ?
  6. Hethwill

    Hugging exploit

    If it makes you feel better, whatever you want. Even an Archimedes death ray. Do it man, you'll feel much better and accomplished when you press "submit reply". That will teach them !
  7. Hethwill

    Hugging exploit

    You bring a lot of non used options - most especially the greek fire and the hot oil - can't recall these even being used in Lepanto let alone in the 18th century and up to to 1820. But I know that stink grenades and glass grenades were used by sea rover types. Stink clay grenades being the primitive precursors of tear gas and resulting in the exact same effects. Perfect to capture the prize without bloodshed In game there's the option of using only the lower most deck and heel as much as possible. BUT... but... But truth is the lower deck would be swept by musket and swivel and grenade fire. It does invalidate a successful BOARDING of bigger ships as reported in history but it all ended in the bigger ship being taken by boarding. But I digress. The hugging is not a exploit but a mechanics gap that may or may be not possible to enhance the credible simulation of reality. We have others, being the most "unspoken" one the variable wind strength which was used, in reality, by many small ships to gain advantage over big targets in winds where their own rigs performed admirably but the big hulks were almost just floating islands.
  8. Hethwill

    DLC ships

    You confuse analysis of "what is" with preference of "what if". I like a good old Sheldon approach to these matters. No sarcasm.
  9. Hethwill

    Nerf all Mods to promote NA

    Most upgrades in games range in effect from 0,01% to 1% for best epiczorz versions.
  10. I hope you are right ( for a pve server that is )... ... but hearing a ton of players saying that fighting 1 to 2 odds against NPC is too difficult ( final exam ) I come to wonder what type of pve do we want... always a boring steamroll the NPCs ?... ... and I still wonder why players chose PvP server... ... be honest.
  11. Before the speed cap me and monkey could do it at 39% sail. Was infuriating for the coast guard.
  12. Hethwill

    Hugging exploit

    This is no exploit. Just a mechanic, maybe, which results in limitations of the simulation of reality. I speak against myself when I say this should be looked upon for a better simulation. I totally wish a more credible code is developed to handle the broadside to broadside rubbing - I don't know the english term for it but in portuguese is "à matraca" - in which BOTH ships and depending on their structural strength will get damage at various levels - from entire runs of planking being shattered to little seams opening. We did test the ship to ship contact before and the result was a massive "exploit" fest of ramming. If you have a simplistic design to accomplish this, please share. The best I can think of is the calculations of broadside to broadside damage depending on the pitch. Regarding head on rams we must thread carefully, as this is a game and all captains will sacrifice ships for goofy moments.
  13. All maritime reports are full of sudden unpredictable wind change in direction and force with resulting influence on the waves and the man made floating thingies. From the age of sail ( and antiquity ) throughout the world wars until today.
  14. Hethwill


    Do use the multitude of threads about the same subject existent in both discussions and suggestions. The amount of threads about the same exact subject is HIGH volume and often written by the same users. http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26151-safe-zones-and-newbies http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/24366-safe-zones-a-better-way http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/23353-safe-zones-op/ http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/23158-hunting-in-safe-zones-reinforcements http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/22989-remove-safe-zones-for-higher-ranking-players etc etc etc