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  1. Hethwill the Harmless

    What Quality of Life Features do Merchants Want?

    You don't. Not with how it is at the moment - per ship in command. It would be possible to do when we had the Officers.
  2. Hethwill the Harmless

    Testbed - econ/crafting changes

    Guys, word of advice, stop rationalising marks into currency Marks will cease to be. End of. Only currency rewards. Money. Coin. Only V. Marks will remain on their own for a bit.
  3. Hethwill the Harmless


    Not a negative, just leave me out. There's plenty of casuals that did build many of the nations in the past, when there were no teleports, when there were no buildings and only contracts and you had to sail to pick up what you needed. When crafters were worth gold and "revered" and people were happy giving them, GIVING them the hours! Casuals are not brainless.
  4. Hethwill the Harmless


    What did i do ? Again this talk.... I give up. "My dude", i played all types of styles along the thousands of hours across a lot of nations, from being a noob, to sailing big ships and doing a decent amount of conquest, to operating nice ow defense frigate guard to being a raider. I do not need to present you my CV since i started testing NA. You think you know but you have little idea. But let me tell you this: - 1 account - no handouts - i wipe my account every single major update Now, please leave me out of your personal concerns.
  5. Hethwill the Harmless

    Clarification needed on Tribunal vs Ingame Chat Report

    A game under development that has no chat nor voip and is hardcore pvp - uses only emotes - has a undisclosed million players daily, with audience peaks at 60k in the major streamers. Do not for a moment think that everyone rides the same ego wagon. NA is even a more interesting historical game subject which attracts way more mature audience, but if they have to endure pubescent "middle.age adult teenager" outtakes I bet you they will rather go play with a healthy community some other game. Bad behaviour is contagious and to consider it normal is not normal. Trolling can be done without any cuss vocabulary.
  6. Hethwill the Harmless

    Questions from potential buyer

    ... 18 months after Release.
  7. Hethwill the Harmless

    Limit 18 ships; including with activated Admiralty Connections DLC

    Full dock expansions will allow 20(+1) if i'm not mistaken. ( +1 being the ship that is active ) DLC will add ten more.
  8. Hethwill the Harmless


    We don't have all the details. Reckon the "frontlines" thingy is well related to this AI spread.
  9. Hethwill the Harmless

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    Information is key. Angus and Barbancourt really present one important aspect - the ability to see the details of the ships we have stationed anywhere at any time. Captain would have his own records. Same with warehouse inventory lists accessible for consult from anywhere. Updated once per day after maintenance. The remote control real-time of an agent might be a odd one, but i like the idea of sending messages to the agent. Maybe the orders sent to them - basically only contract orders - could work after the next maintenance as well. Similar system to the port tax/status/timer delay, taking effect the next day. I don't have a clear opinion on the teleport cost. I play games where fast travel is always paid for, so it is not a novelty but the same way I play games where there's no teleports at all due to their intended experience. Also play others where I am teleporting all the time, simply because that's how it was designed. I simply want a age of sail experience multiplayer game.
  10. Hethwill the Harmless

    Repair Balancing

    That's a tiny part of the Vic fore topsail. Covering an area of 3,618 ft, it was the second largest sail on board HMS Victory and would have been one of the main targets for French and Spanish guns as HMS Victory approached the enemy line. It is battle-scarred and pock-marked by some 90 shot holes. link
  11. Hethwill the Harmless

    Repair Balancing

    Sure, i don't even contest that approach. But, look at the game design, the repairs are a %%, not parts.
  12. Hethwill the Harmless


    Question: Nation controlled areas will see more own Nation NPC sailing round and less enemy ? I ask this because they are a nice to have safety measure, a indirect escort if needed be. They always were in past at some point ( we still didn't have the forts and ppl would actually sail with the NPCs many times for safety during parts of the journey )
  13. Hethwill the Harmless


    Thank you for the numbers.
  14. Hethwill the Harmless


    Also IIRC from some posts of the devs there should be 2500 NPC sailing around the map at any given time, something like that. Meaning there's always NPCs to hunt anywhere.
  15. Hethwill the Harmless


    I think the AI population roaming a region ( and regions can be fairly vast, some of them ) might be related to the amount of players active in that region. Example, Belize. You can have 50 players sitting in port and the entire Region ( not only belize port area, it is the entire region ! ) is full of AI. This is just unconfirmed observations throughout the years.