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  1. Hethwill the Harmless

    AFK fishing guide

    rule#15 Dont fish when raiding So... I never fish I find some bottles now and then, tucked deep inside holds.
  2. Yes. Correct. Very often the boarding was not decisive though, but let's not go that avenue ( some boarding actions lasted well over half a dozen hours and 12 attempts ) I am focused on the gamey part of boarding - preparation, engagement, resolution.
  3. just had the most stupid idea ever what IF boarding wouldn't be a "to the end" affair ? what IF boarding would last only 4 turns then "disengage" is automatic ( player can still use prep for disengage in 2 turns, 1 turn for axes ) what IF same ship couldn't be boarded by anyone during 60 seconds after the disengage i mean... pressure is on the "attacker" so he better take the enemy deck with momentum, force and fast... shrugs
  4. Hethwill the Harmless


  5. Hethwill the Harmless

    New Boarding patch

    Topics merged.
  6. Hethwill the Harmless

    Use for Gold Ore Nowadays?

    The thread or only that post ?
  7. Hethwill the Harmless

    New Boarding patch

    I understand the "outcry of friendly fire" but... Light ships stay away from the battle line... it is not your place.
  8. Hethwill the Harmless

    New Boarding patch

    Despite my reservations yesterday, before sitting and playing, i will concur that - Too easy to board. Is a no brain, really. - vector to enemy ship, ram to reduce speed difference and lower both to required max, and board. - it supressed all need to work wind, get in position, defend distance from enemy ship, etc. While I can understand the need the counter the hugging plague this is, in my opinion, not the best way to do it. I can also understand the need to counter act the "meta anchoring" of ships upwind. For hugging I would definitely go with "constant contact damage" based on tonnage. So a lighter ship side hugging a heavier one will get continuous damage based on ton difference "delta". The higher the difference the more pronounced and fast the damage build up. For the "meta anchoring" I would review the forces on the sail groups. Ship with excess square force cannot be counteracted to a almost standstill by the jibs and stays - no matter how epic the auto skipper is - , so either tacks around or falls back to the previous tack, forced by lee, etc and bows back into beam.
  9. Hethwill the Harmless

    Mortar Brigs Overhaul

    We using it for raiding whether you like it or not.
  10. Hethwill the Harmless

    International Talk Like A Pirate Day

  11. Hethwill the Harmless

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Rover tuxedo theme !? wth...
  12. There's a way... but would we like to have Morale to be a rule and eventually "strike" ?
  13. Hethwill the Harmless

    Yacht not allowed

    As of Hotfix 19th September - Yacht can now enter port battles and can be added to fleets
  14. I think the devs want to test something. Going to pain us ( i do struggle for credible authenticity and it pains me to even play with stuff you guys find fun ) but let's make the most of it. I know for certain it will not be a piece of cake anymore to rampage with the sloops of war.
  15. Hethwill the Harmless

    Yacht not allowed

    Yes jim. Every 24 hours.