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  1. Destraex

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Which version? The 16hr one? You know a sequel is coming right?
  2. Excellent stuff. Very glad that we are getting closer to release... I am hoping to spend a lot of time on this game when that release happens and wipes are off the table It's all looking very good from what I see. I login after each patch to check out what is going on. I own the two DLC ships ... Looking forward to trying them.
  3. Destraex

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    In ww1 iirc warships launched aircraft as spotters. Seaplane carriers also operated to launch strikes at land targets such as zeppelin bases. Which brings me to zeppelins which may have sometimes used as spotters at sea iirc???? It also brings me to ww1 and before using flags and radio sets that were very unreliable and caused constant confusion. Will command and control be simulated? My opinion is that you could however fairly safely do up to the end of ww1 without aircraft. But ww2 would seem a little silly without aircraft. Especially since a significant part of a warships armament in late ww2 was Devoted to AA. This of course presents a problem. Because most games either do aircraft and not ships well or ships and not aircraft well. Why? Because aircraft carriers and land based airfields are really strategic assets that cover massive distances and therefore are really tricky to include because this distance challenge requires a whole new game module. Separate from the B.B. lines firing at each other. It means that aircraft would be launched from a strategy map and may even find the enemy during a shore support engagement or even a ship to ship engagement. World of warships of course does them poorly because they are launching aircraft from battleship main fun range. Missing the whole point of aircraft carriers. Although carriers did get caught in the open a few times as up in norway by German cruisers or as with that escort carrier in the pacific. Also bringing in Ww2 means bringing in submarines at least on the strategic map. Ww2 Atlantic is not as bad but ww2 pacific means turning the whole game into a carrier strategy game. Once both sides have carriers the game changes completely or risks looking silly like world of tanks... operating tanks in a vacuum like dodgem cars.
  4. Destraex

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Looking good. Very exciting. I just posted these updates in a wargaming group I post in. Because it seems this one may be closing on the business end of things.
  5. Is there a way to tether the compass to the spyglass? The camera resets the angle when I let shift go and I have no idea where I was looking?
  6. Destraex

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Loving this new patch. Have not played in a while and this patch is giving the game a great new feel. Love the map graphics as well. The tutorials I am especially enjoying. It does make a huge difference to the game to be able to know you have the basic skill set before proceeding out into the open world.
  7. Damn. Would have liked to test this one but did not get in. In time. Very nice looking ship. Very curious about how this sails. Must be completely and utterly different to the square riggers. Does it allow either square or triangular rigs to be deployed? Like the one in patick o'briens series.
  8. Destraex

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    DeRuyter... I am getting older (over 40 now) and do prefer combat mission to steel division. However I play steel division a fair bit because the interface is better, the zooming and range tools are great and easy to use. But primarily because I can play with all of my friends (up to 10 per side). Combat Mission will no doubt never achieve this. It will remain a lonely game where 1 v 1 over email is the most common form of play. As for mare nostrum. I have played it and get really excited about ancient galley games. But found trireme commander to be more my style. Mare Nostrum did a number of things I did not like. It did not show boarding actions and had no real system to show them. Boarding actions were EXTREMELY important in the ancient era and mare nostrum was a simple dice roll vs marine strength factor. Also boarding happened from many sides and the game did not allow that iirc. Add to that the raking mechanic is random with no player control and mare nostrum becomes an exersize in futility. Add to this that the graphics do not really add much atmosphere to the game at all. They could be a lot more enjoyable to look at. Half the point of naval warfare games is to look at the beautiful ships. But what can you expect from such a niche. I think the problem with mare nostrum was that it basically follow a tabletop set of rules to the letter. Where a game like battletech did this and I could not stop playing it right through until the end of the story.
  9. Destraex

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Thanks Nick. I loved ultimate general but because of it's scope and that their was not enough detail for me. I did not play it much When Ultimate General Civil War came out I grabbed it in alpha and played it a fair bit due to the persistent elements. But I wanted a multiplayer element. Overall though the terrain and the fact their were really no micro elements kind of limited the longevity of the game. Don't get me wrong. They were great games but I think they needed better terrain, the terrain felt like a flat map on a dining table and a lot more for the human to do when it came to formations (depth of line etc) and tactics. But the civil war was fairly limited in that regard anyways. Ideally what you wanted WAS Steel Division (one of my favourite RTS games) in your era. Which means 10 player multiplayer with decks and as much action and historical authenticity as possible. Steel Division though, still falls down by way of being more about real time micro at the expense of other units you cannot look at and control on the other side of the field as they die. A very common RTS problem. WEGO such as in the combat mission games fixes this problem if you want a really huge scope. But when it comes to ship games, the problem of time becomes the opposite... i.e. you have more time than you need and can relax. I am looking forward to that in your new game. Another great realistic RTS I am looking forward too is close combat 3D bloody first.
  10. Destraex

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    I would not say those games (Jutland and Steam&Iron) are too complex. Just that the interfaces\GUI have not made the games intuitive or accessible, the interface makes sense to the developer but is not obvious to the player. Which means it is very frustrating for the player even though all the right ingredients are there. Combine this with the fact that Jutland especially could just play itself with no player input. Because the player generally does not need to do much really. You then are left with what is basically an computer game pretending to be a movie of history rather than a game. Just without the drama a movie would have. You do not get to know what is going on because their is no good interface feedback and so everything seems random. Still they are good games when I am in the mood for managing a historical movie. What I am trying to say is, please don't skimp on the historical accuracy and detail in your game because you think the player cannot handle it. Rather make your interface provide the correct and tangible feedback?
  11. Destraex

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    I guess as well as well as wondering if you have played the above games (their is a demo for both SES Jutland and NWS steam and iron), whether these are the kind of games your game may be?
  12. Destraex

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Also have you ever played SES eagle studios Jutland: It's all real time. This has a huge strategic campaign and realistic physics. It just did not really have much to do in it. I keep meaning to to play this game and just don't get motivated to do it due to all the multiplayer games I have. The interface is also very very clumsy. Which is another main reason I do not get around to playing it.
  13. Destraex

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    That sounds good. I recommend having a look at the nws steam and iron demo if you have never seen that before. This would be amazing with a proper engine. This game looks like nothing but has the ability to zoom in and out of the entire globe while allowing you to move your ships and zoom in all in real time. It's problem is looks, no strategy layer and no physics engine as far as I know. It's all real time. http://www.navalwarfare.net/steam&iron.html Have a look at this at 2:30 or so to see the world map zooming in. Although he does not soom in all the way:
  14. Destraex

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Nick that really does sound amazing. Is this the sort of game where we control large numbers of vessels or is it more like naval action where we control one? Is the game going to be like an FPS game or a RTS game? I have one friend who always complains when we play world of warships because it really gets under his skin that he is not experiencing anything that would have been a possibility in history but more a childs action game with pretty historically based ship models. We are looking at your project VERY keenly to see if you can come up with a game that is both fun and engaging at the same time as being realistic enough to peak ones intellectual interest in these periods. A game that allows us ship geeks to get excited and use the knowledge we have from our books and other research. It is VERY hard to strike a balance in this regard. But I believe it can be done. Naval Action is pretty close to it right now. I cannot wait for that game to release.
  15. Destraex

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Will the focus be on realism.... unlike WOWs? I would really love that. I wonder if your ultimate general team will combine with the naval action team for this project?