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  1. Article on Trireme Commander & Mare Nostrum

    I got trireme commander. Very happy with it as a simulation and such a niche subject.
  2. Jeheil I feel you. I have complained about the same thing. Hopefully after release it will be more like a 15min outage (blind hope)? That won't bother us too much. In prime time AU EST I have to forget it as well during the week.
  3. Do we still need a wipe?

    I am one of those that plays occasionally but is really waiting for more major features (like a new boarding system) to test before committing any time to grinding.
  4. Article on Trireme Commander & Mare Nostrum

    I am not interested in fake abstracted games sorry. Interested in the how galley warfare really worked. Because we know so little about it. I don't roll dice to drive a car, I get in and do it.
  5. Holdfast: Nations at War

    Good game for land combat at least. Although spoiled to a point by all the young ratbags goofing off in it.
  6. Article on Trireme Commander & Mare Nostrum

    I was a bit disappointed by the game mare nostrum because it's a board game replica rather than a galley simulation. I want something that sates my curiosity about galley warfare and how it works rather than something like mare nostrum which is just dice rolls and a lot of the time abstract mechanics that take control from the player rather than physics and player decisions. I would prefer Trireme Commander because it is at least attempting simulation.
  7. I just found out about this and am just doing a little research. The only historic fleet here is Russia? The Prussians had no interest in a navy but did have armed merchants. THe Polish\Lithuanian Commonwealth had Courlands navy? Which is probably way out of timeframe? http://3decks.pbworks.com/w/page/913374/Courland https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prussian_Navy#The_19th_century My only real problem though would be if we started seeing made up ships to try to bolster the navies that did not have any historically. The new factions would simply have to use other factions historical ships.
  8. Shallows text should appear sooner

    problem is their is no way to depth sound in game.
  9. I think the reason most Australians end up on US servers is because it is the best mix of reasonable ping and a community that is both less abrasive while speaking our language well. What is left in Asian servers tends to be a lot of immature jokers and non-english speakers that are very hard to work with I am told. I personally have not looked into this though as I naturally just followed my friends to the US WOWs servers and with naval action their was no choice. West Coast if it gave us better ping would be great. What would be even better would be some tech to have separate servers that joined somehow to unite the population.
  10. Work in progress: Working title.

    If we are going to be allowed to design our own BBs. I suggest that a stability model is needed. At the battle of Tsushima I remember that the Russian ships had some sort of stability problem because of the way their ships were designed. However I am not sure how you show this in a game that is not open world. Because most of the problems happen during moderate or heavy seas rather than in the clear conditions battles usually happen in. It would also be interesting to have the washington treaty implimented. This treaty forced nations to change their designs radically to fit within the constraints of the treaties weight limits. It resulted in ships like the Nelson, Rodney and Dunkerque. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Tsushima
  11. Work in progress: Working title.

    I think you may have been able to do it in navy field?
  12. Unfortunately Oceanic servers rarely do well for Australians. Most of us end up on the US servers because the population in the region. EU if their is no other choice.
  13. Balticsailor. Great idea. I think I have mentioned that before. But yeah. Their could be an objective that needs the smaller ships. Like a shallow harbour.
  14. Well the way mechwarrior online avoided too many of the same class of mech was by showing players how many of each class was in the queue and making the matchmaker drop with only the right mix. So players know if their were no lights in the mix somebody has to switch or the queue will go forever. As long as the game instance is structured around a scenario where each ship class is useful it should not be a problem. Another way I can think of which could work is what world of warships does. In their vs AI missions they lock your ship for 30 minutes after each battle to ensure you pay to play with it again, which cannot go forever, or you take another ship... if you don't have many it will be a different class. WOWs also has a different unlock line for each ship class and each nation.
  15. I actually think that without ship variety in battles the game will be fairly boring. I think that like BB,CL,DD,CV classes in World Of Warships, Naval Action needs BB (ships of the line), CL (lighter or older ships of the line), Another class for (FFL) light, (FF) medium frigates and then super frigates, (K) Corvettes, DD (small ships like cutters and unrated ships for various tasks such as objective capture and landing marines) and CV (troop transports and merchants, mortar brigs). The matchmaker bringing some of each to each mission. Then you split them by ERA, early 17c ships, 18c ships and finally the 19c ships. I do not want to play 10 snows vs 10 snows every match. Or even worse 10 santis vs 10 santis. I don't know exactly how to make the smaller ships useful in this game other than as scouts and cappers or being used with small boarding partys. Even as fire ships? I don't want unrealistic spotting mechanics like WOWs had though.