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  1. Please make it its own steam entry

    I agree. It is painful to have to click buttons and download every time I want to play one or the other.
  2. Should NA Legends have friendly fire?

    yes. Wows has it.
  3. I don't think it will be bad. They were just a few initial feelings. No problem though Elite
  4. A few thoughts guys. PS4 and XBOX One sobs. I have noticed a trend back to multi platform recently. Bit bummed about this. I generally won't spend money on games that go multi platform. Because I want the PC to thrive and believe that after consoles almost killed PCs a few years back that we need to make sure that all the cutting edge stuff going on here on the PC does not get snuffed out again by the console greed. The PC can be anything any of us want. Not so with consoles which lack modding and the interfaces and control options to truly go anywhere a developer needs to for realism and need licensing. Will the game be dumbed down for console players? Free for everybody now? I was kinda hoping that everybody would have to buy naval action to get access. Thereby encouraging people who wanted more to migrate over because they then would have access to both. Still I look forward to seeing this as a success. I hope that it will sit alongside world of warships for me without all the gamey world of warships mechanics. I also hope that this new game develops new "realistic" features that are easily plugged right into the open world game. Forward unto the brave new world that awaits the age of sail.
  5. @Texas The game records how many wins and losses everyone has in pvp. It then does an additional comparison to how many of those pvp wins were against well rated pvp captains. Then the game does an additional calculation for how many of those pvp wins were recent. This gives the game a yardstick to decide how good or bad both players were matched in a battle. Determine a handicap multiplier and give more rewards for any damage done. If the player was outnumbered it could also factor more rewards for that. These stats could be separate from characters and purely based on steam Id
  6. Texas the moral of the story just seems to be that the game should give greater rewards as a handicap for going up against an experienced pvp player. Then you can sink and be happy. It's not like you cannot grind PVE to unlock knowledge and avoid the vets. In any multiplayer game you must be prepared. This game is big enough to find a quiet place and avoid or be protected by your nation. That is where the excitement and the cost of losing a ship need to be. In previous versions there was no risk. Ships are now valuable and I like it. Of course the other option for the less skilled or casual is to buy fully upgraded ships.
  7. Are the knowledge books really that powerful? The game I don't think, can offer no progress and no advantage to people. It has to allow some progress.
  8. Reduce this too much. Nobody has anything to do in six months.
  9. It could be a fertile recruiting ground for the open world.
  10. Very interesting. This is both exciting and I will be interested to see how it develops.
  11. Does this include the new boarding mechanic?
  12. I assumed so but wanted confirmation if possible before taking on what is now a significant grind. So the question is, how many more wipes and will their be a final wipe just before release?
  13. Mega Patch 10.0

    p.s. What's happening with the new boarding mechanics?
  14. Mega Patch 10.0

    With regard to UI. I have been looking forward to a good graphical UI for a really long time now. I am sooooo sick of seeing blue at sea and blue when I am in port. The last thing a sailor wants to see in port is more water! I would request that the UI reflect land in all of it's glory or at least a port scene with lots of glorious portland. If possible with some character to look at.