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  1. might Insuggest the tutorial is optional but the game does bug you to do it at login if you have not done so. Because sometimes you just want to get right in with friends who can teach you. Total war arena makes you do a compulsory tutorial and it bugs the hell out of my mates when they login to play with a group for the first time on voice.
  2. PVP servers merge

    Odol. I wonder if that population will double when the game is finished and progression means something to all of the new players. I hope so. I really love the idea of the new sailing mechanics and their realism. Get's me excited. AFter not haveing played in a while AND not knowing all the detail of the new patches over the last little while intimately: I was talking to a gent last night in game who was of the opinion that if he worked hard for a good ship then he is entitled to gank small defenseless players all he wants. He was happy to tell the upset merchant that he was a cry baby and should go to the PVE server instead of offering any encouragement or solution. I told him I was of the opinion that even though you should be allowed to do that the reward should be based on a handicap and therefore discourage ganking. Ganking still seems to be a problem for the game. The elite population preying on the every day players. Some say that you need to join a clan right away to prevent this from happening. I say there should be a clear system for new players to follow or be aware of in order to know that they will be treated fairly when "necessarily" jumped on by larger forces. I don't think AI escorts are the answer either as this just means dealing with an AI "buffer" constantly meaning that both the attacker and defending person get much less action personally. But hey, I played last night for an hour, travelled from one side of Jamaica to the other for 20mins in order to test the sailing mechanics in a combat mission with a yacht. Which is why I had so much time to talk. So anyways. My original point is that the game still seems (according to the chat) to have a huge sailing time sink that could easily be interceded with an overwhelming gank for a merchant? I look forward to testing some more. I did enjoy the sail. If naval action legends gets this realistic sailing overhaul it may be worth playing that more, I am torn. Legends has more balance (artificially though) and puts you right in the action. What you earn you keep. But it has a very samish progression tree and battles will get repetitive. Naval Action Open World has loads of character, politics and even though the progression tree is still samish it is the varied fleets and their make up as well as the chases that make the game have more character than legends. You want to be part of the world. I like both really. But ganking even though it should be allowed for strategic faction reasons should not be encouraged in financial rewards. Thus making it less likely to happen when more even fights are available. Trade raiding should be possible and strategic but not the staple of the game basically. Trader vs Raider is never going to be a rewarding fight for the trader. Whether it be the AI escort that fights for the trader or that the trader simply gets blotted out by the Raider who is usually much better armed and faster. P.S. Any word on the new boarding mechanics or final interface prettiness? I think that would be the final touches yes? I should look at the latest roadmap Are the short storms, weather events and other open world game changes like varied and unpredicatable (or predicatable) winds back in game?
  3. PVP servers merge

    300 normally with no other internet drain in AU. This is why I really hope for better boarding mechanics. I can anticipate delay in firing but not when I must register a click at the last second for boarding. Because I have to lead by 3 seconds to change a boarding tactic.
  4. PVP servers merge

    Just checked 337ms for Australia. 326ms on the ocean. Will check when my son stops playing "war of rights" on the other PC
  5. PVP servers merge

    How is the ping for those not in Europe? We need a new boarding system to ensure no problems for people with 200 or more ping.
  6. This all sounds amazing. Will this model be applied to naval action legends as well?
  7. Holdfast: Nations at War

    I just got war of rights and agree it is much better. But wish it was napoleonic. Holdfast will do for now for an arcady napoleonic FPS with a lot of mates who are happy with it however. It's still a lot of fun. But the community is really immature compared to war of rights. Got in on a little event at around 10.30am sat morning (AU EST +10). Only about 8 men per side on an 80 person server. But wow this game is great fun. Why? Because actual re-enactors who take it seriously are on. Drilling us to the front. What's more. Because it's not really that popular yet, the troops actually properly follow commands. The game is also great in that it has the actual animations for the correct moves. For instance their is a button to shoulder arms. Then to go to double quick which preserves stamina, you first have to change shoulder with Shift-x (rather than x which is shoulder) then press C to switch to double quick march. Then of course we right, left and oblique faced. We tried firing by lines as well, which means the person to the right fires first and as his musket\rifle butt hits the ground to reload you then fire and so on until the whole line has fired. I wish holdfast was more like this. I can tell you also that these american civil war weapons are deadly accurate. We also fixed bayonets and charged using drill commands from the re-enactors. Once across I was told to cover a man while he reloaded. Really good stuff and great for learning how these guys operate without having to go over to the US. Over all I love this game so far. It did however crash me to desktop half way through a battle. But quick to load back up again and apart from that, as you can see. The graphics are many times better than holdfast. The mechanics more realistic and the reload animation much more detailed just for starters.Combat seems to revolve around capturing objectives.I actually wish holdfast was like this as I do like the napoleonic period better.The game is still missing artillery and cavalry from what I can see and apparently there has been no update to the game for some time. The servers are only populated on the weekend from what I am told
  8. Article on Trireme Commander & Mare Nostrum

    I got trireme commander. Very happy with it as a simulation and such a niche subject.
  9. Jeheil I feel you. I have complained about the same thing. Hopefully after release it will be more like a 15min outage (blind hope)? That won't bother us too much. In prime time AU EST I have to forget it as well during the week.
  10. Do we still need a wipe?

    I am one of those that plays occasionally but is really waiting for more major features (like a new boarding system) to test before committing any time to grinding.
  11. Article on Trireme Commander & Mare Nostrum

    I am not interested in fake abstracted games sorry. Interested in the how galley warfare really worked. Because we know so little about it. I don't roll dice to drive a car, I get in and do it.
  12. Holdfast: Nations at War

    Good game for land combat at least. Although spoiled to a point by all the young ratbags goofing off in it.
  13. Article on Trireme Commander & Mare Nostrum

    I was a bit disappointed by the game mare nostrum because it's a board game replica rather than a galley simulation. I want something that sates my curiosity about galley warfare and how it works rather than something like mare nostrum which is just dice rolls and a lot of the time abstract mechanics that take control from the player rather than physics and player decisions. I would prefer Trireme Commander because it is at least attempting simulation.
  14. I just found out about this and am just doing a little research. The only historic fleet here is Russia? The Prussians had no interest in a navy but did have armed merchants. THe Polish\Lithuanian Commonwealth had Courlands navy? Which is probably way out of timeframe? http://3decks.pbworks.com/w/page/913374/Courland https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prussian_Navy#The_19th_century My only real problem though would be if we started seeing made up ships to try to bolster the navies that did not have any historically. The new factions would simply have to use other factions historical ships.
  15. Shallows text should appear sooner

    problem is their is no way to depth sound in game.