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  1. Does this include the new boarding mechanic?
  2. I assumed so but wanted confirmation if possible before taking on what is now a significant grind. So the question is, how many more wipes and will their be a final wipe just before release?
  3. Mega Patch 10.0

    p.s. What's happening with the new boarding mechanics?
  4. Mega Patch 10.0

    With regard to UI. I have been looking forward to a good graphical UI for a really long time now. I am sooooo sick of seeing blue at sea and blue when I am in port. The last thing a sailor wants to see in port is more water! I would request that the UI reflect land in all of it's glory or at least a port scene with lots of glorious portland. If possible with some character to look at.
  5. I can confirm I tried last night in a cutter and in two midshipman missions, first got a snow, then in the second one a brig vs my basic cutter. This was on eu1 pvp.
  6. Any chance of getting some sort of scale or distance measure on a ruler as well as a speed calculator to use with the protractor? Also the ablity to plot more than one leg of a journey and add or delete plots at will? Also a marker so that we can put a ship icon on the map where we think we are now? Degrees on protractor?
  7. Mega Patch 10.0

    I was hoping that XP would be synced so I could play on both servers. Nobody is going to leave the EU server to play on Global if they have already maxed EU. I can see now I have the choice of only one or the other server for my XP.
  8. Mega Patch 10.0

    Is there a way I can find out before committing? Your saying I should have full XP (I was top level for crafting and rank XP) on both servers no matter what I do? I did log into both servers before the wipe but am not sure I synced anything. Has the Global Server got a population? It has better ping for me. But I doubt the factions will fill out as well as they do on the European server. Would be great to be able to play on either depending on the time of day.
  9. Mega Patch 10.0

    Question about servers. Will my XP be on all of the servers? I am in Australia and considering changing to Global because the ping is better. But want to have my XP and am worried about not being able to return to EU server (with my XP) if the population is no good in global?
  10. Mega Patch 10.0

    There is still a final wipe to come, yes?
  11. I still think if you want people to sail in the open world you NEED a huge time compression system. Otherwise unlike most games. It's just so time consuming that 99% of people don't have the time. When out of sight of any human ships time compression (no matter how silly it looks) should be a player selected option, perhaps with a 10minute count when you have been in sight of an enemy ship but now out of sight? Out of sight = time compression and if people cannot catch people by keeping them in sight so be it, they are gone. This is my most sincere suggestion for making the game popular even among die hard fans who don't have the time to waste on the open ocean. At least try it in a testbed? But perhaps it's just too much dev time for what the PVP crowd consider a redundant option.
  12. Hot fix - battle entry times

    Sure you cannot vary the maint time? I am worried about US and EU getting priority and leaving AU with maint smack bang in the middle of our prime time?
  13. Jolly Rogers there will be safe zones.
  14. Testbed: Content patch - 9.98 deployed

    Have you looked at the testbed shop?