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  1. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    More like fixed Wasa (causing crashes). Wasa causes randomly crashes in battle and now should be fixed.
  2. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Painting may be redone in future. Better focus on characteristics in game now chaps.
  3. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    i report it already.
  4. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    R9 290X 4GB - no issues so far. Noticed 10-15% increase in FPS on both OW and battle. Reported bug with sails on Wasa - enemy shoot my sails (took about 3-4%) but my ship look like ghost ship and all sail were shredded - F11 it ofc. More testing later.
  5. Aktualnosci

    Nowe okrety na serwerze testowym: Prince de Neufchatel: L`Hermione: Wasa:
  6. Naval Action - Polska Flota Kaperska

    Dolaczajcie do naszego "klubu" na forum :
  7. Naval Action - Polska Flota Kaperska

    Obrona Nassau - 5 z PFK:
  8. All who bought game will get key - devs will post info.
  9. Well will be follow NAL development with hope than this boost up developing of NA at some point instead slow it down. Admin mentioned - all income of NAL will help develop NA which i fully support. But after Sea Trials simple don`t want enter same river beside im not fan of lobby based games. Finish NA is what i expecting as primary
  10. Server Health is a Game Design Issue

    Tell your GF to buy NA then:P
  11. Server Health is a Game Design Issue

    First when i heard about Naval Action Legends i was quite sceptic - this will take a good bunch of players of NA. But now i change my opinion a bit. Everybody expect (besides Admins - low your expectation) a lot of both games (maybe because there is not real competition or similar games) same time everybody want game look to suit own game style. Its hard to develop all our expectations in one game as we can see here on forum and in reviews. So i risk opinion (even with low population) that two games was good idea at the end. I personally don`t like lobby kind of games even i had less time for playing now. My expectations of Naval Action since 2013 when i first heard and same day register on this forum not changes a lot. I want - open world, vibrant live good mmo game with healthy RvR system, player driven economy and pvp. Hope you can do it at some point dear devs. That`s why i spend so much time in game, made website about it, advertise a game and try gather part of polish community in one place.
  12. Clan Docks

    Slots for ships in this clan docks can be upgrade by gold like clan warehouse.
  13. Planowo jutro maja otworzyc test bed na Unity5 i jednym (a moze wiecej okretami do testow)