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  1. Bart Smith

    Not turning up to Port Battles

    Win above fun. Simples. Btw - what the point to have Cartagena if all have alts and gather tar there?
  2. Bart Smith

    Not turning up to Port Battles

    Zero - why they should risk ships and sacrifice time in the name of what? Game few times was in similar shape - just two side conflict anyway.
  3. Bart Smith

    Not turning up to Port Battles

    Yup but tell me who will still play when your 15 captains fleet will be screened out few times by 50-70 first rates? Nobody.
  4. Bart Smith

    Not turning up to Port Battles

    Kind of. Whole screening thing favor high populated nation so small ones have low chances even close to PB - means half of people lost interest in any RvR at all. Even old PotBS lobby PB system works more fun than this. Current promote zerg, hiding in battles and all kind of unwanted actions - in result we losing more and more players. Half of PFK went to other game since we can`t do anything against zergs with 15 people. Sad to say but huge part of population in NA just picked "easy win" mode by joining top populated nations.
  5. Bart Smith

    Not turning up to Port Battles

    Follow this logic maybe penalize those who not show up to prevent a port flip? Come on.
  6. Bart Smith

    [Caribbean Server] Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

    New types of firearms for polish marines arrived from Europe and training will be given soon: Meantime in quiet walls of Les Cayes fortress first naval tactics lessons took place. Hope for next one more captains willing improve their sea fight skills will arrive. Commonwealth of Poland Admirality calling all able captains to join our ranks ! https://www.commonwealthofpoland.pl/
  7. Bart Smith

    Hotfix for patch 14.

    Problem with ships is: still only few are used as a meta - rest are obsolete. Why we got so many nice ships in game but current balance favor only few?
  8. Bart Smith

    lost my Ocean instantly on contact with santi

    Hey i writing in name of Santi captain - srodkowy paleC (PFK) He have problem with registration on forums. His Santi was Teak/White Oak. @Ink please check his log as well. Thank You.
  9. Bart Smith

    [Caribbean Server] Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

    I have to pick one of websites to care of. So i pick nation one instead my small guild one. If i find more time for collecting woods i may start shipbuilding. Now it`s kind of limited by lack of the time.
  10. Bart Smith

    PvP Marks and victory marks

    Alts may be limited to same nation that main account but i`m not sure is doable by technical reasons. All have to agree that current mechanics promote mark farming and port swapping for victory marks - in one word promote abusing.
  11. Bart Smith

    Hotfix for patch 14.

    Well additional info what exactly changed would be nice. @admin can we get specific info about wood changes?
  12. Bart Smith

    Hotfix for patch 14.

    Are this fleet practice room is kind of duel room?
  13. Bart Smith

    [Caribbean Server] Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

    @Davos Seasworth to be honest Poland was never suitable for everyone. Only captains looking for challenge and showing some teamwork skills are fit into our nation. Different when you play for Poland than other big nation is you. You as a captain are more important because with so low population every single player mean a lot. So like @Davos Seasworth mentioned you can have feeling that it may be easier contribute to the nation when you choose play for Commonwealth. The past - we can`t change it now and next step is go forward. P.S - nation website after rework have new domain: https://www.commonwealthofpoland.pl/ Join Commonwealth of Poland today! You can find us directly on our nation TS: deadecho.pl:9988 or Discord: https://discord.gg/XWUwXUp
  14. Bart Smith

    [Caribbean Server] Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

    Nation website was re-done: https://www.commonwealthofpoland.pl/ Commonwealth need captains!
  15. Bart Smith

    Port ownership

    They will be neutral.