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  1. Polish players

    All clans and captains who join our side are more than welcome to our TS: deadecho.pl:9988 - We set up channels for yours clans.
  2. @qw569 Can you make bot mishka avatar more fit to the times? Robot not fit at all. Here is example. And thx for your hard work on this. Or this:
  3. PvP - opisy walk

    Rubli zlapalo zlapane przez ochotnikow ktorzy chcieli screenowac dla nas. Bylismy zdziwieni ze tyle osob bylo chetnych prawdopodobnie z powodu ze dla Rubli screenowali BF-y - stawilo sie okolo 10 szwedow, 9 holendrow (niestety max w 4 klasach) i my zdolalismy wyslac na screening kilku kapitanow. Niestety Rubli gladko wygrali starcie z powodow komunikacji (3 ts-y) oraz przewagi jakosciwej okretow. Niemniej stracili paru w tej bitwie. A port zostal przejety bez walki przez nasze glowne sily.
  4. Polish players

    That good news captain! Thank you.
  5. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth PvP EU

    Good news! PFK will send few officers and sailors for free dental service to avoid scurvy. Our medics recommend using of sauerkraut same time. Meantime some more marines arrived from Poland:
  6. As far we know few global players will join (or at least consider it) Poland! We waiting for you people!
  7. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth PvP EU

    Polish embassy is HOT place tonight according to coming BF, Rubli and WTF activity before Barahona PB. There was queue at our Embassy doors a while ago
  8. Caribbean Invasion News

    Yup was good fight indeed! We shouldn`t lose so many ships tho but hey - we learning
  9. Caribbean Invasion News

    Polish heavy fleet launched attack on Barahona. Bloody fight took place SW of Azua port. Pirates from Rubli send defensive fleet trying to sunk as many polish ships as they can but our commanders ordered tactical retreat close to port fortifications and after long fight we sunk few pirate line ships loosing same time few more. In results there will be port battle - Friday 15 th of December.
  10. PvP - opisy walk

    Rubli weszli nam do hostility - pociagnelismy ich pod forty i tam podjelismy walke. Nie poszlo nam tak zle bo tym razem udalo utopic sie 3 z nich. Kilka naszych bledow i tracimy wiecej okretow. Braklo nam czasami wyczucia kiedy jednak odejsc sie naprawic albo zlamac sie pod wiatr aby uchronic uszkodzeone burty. Niemniej bylo tez kilka pozytywow z tej bitwy. Rubli posiadaja skilla i narzedzia w postaci dobrze upgradowanych okretow. GF
  11. Polish players

    We welcome all new players and clans in our small nation. Currently there is one main clan PFK and few lone players. Don`t by shy most of us speak english and we fight till end! With coming merge we hope see some population boost. If you like real challenge, PvP, RvR in tuff conditions your place is here. You can find us on ts: deadecho.pl:9988 Hope to hear you soon!
  12. Regarding port battles

    Have option 1 with current game mechanics (you can do 4 missions same time and insta flip port) as proposal looking very bad. To try this we need tweak hostility generation somehow - limit to one mission on port at same time or similar. Maybe instead hostility we need raid a port first and after (next day) have proper port battle. Raid can be done with half BR of port for example. There is no word as well about nation balance - community despite how good is can`t just do this as we know prolly.
  13. Guys please read this carefully. Answers is here.