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  1. 3D Hull Modelling Tutorial /Community Build

    please, please use spoilers if you quote such huge posts. This is going to mess this thread up if not taken care to avoid "spam". Please edit your reply to get easier reading for all that come to visit this thread. Thank you and everyone else who follows in advance
  2. Admiraal de Ruyter - 1806

    the devs showed what is possible with mix decks (prince de neufchatel I am looking at you). The 90 gun config is more than predestined to get such a treatment. 12 pounders aft and carros from mid to forecastle on the upper works. If that is coming there is a private party in my head ^^ Looking at my model once more I realize that this one is already fit for the 90 gun layout if the shipyard just adds mounting points for the carronades and maybe narrow the gap on the weatherdeck to give her some sort of spar deck. Maybe also by adding gratings - I dont know. To fit the Admiraal's appearance I recon the shipwrights might have to shape the "forecastle" slightly differently. Or leave it alone since I personally love the looks of it much better on the Chattam. Afterall Ship plans are not nessecary 100% representative about the ship's appearance. Later paintings of these 80-90 gunners also show them with thick bulwarks just like the Bucentaure has. All in all those are rather easy modifications which I actually consider doing for the sake of comparisn of appearance..
  3. for those interested in high res plans: link: http://ao.sa.dk/ao/data.ashx?bid=39521475 from the danish archives
  4. Ich möchte anmerken, dass jeder, der sein Geld weg gibt damit einverstanden ist und selbst Schuld ist, wird er über den Tisch gezogen. Die devs sind hier 100% außen vor! Sonst eine interessante Idee. Viel Spaß damit.
  5. Wie kann ich NAVAL ACTION auf STEAM bewerten ?

    kann ich so nicht bestätigen. Ich habe endlos viel Stunden in das Spiel gepackt, habe an die hudnert wipes und sonstwas mit gemacht und seit sie die neuen Sounds drin haben fühl ich mich dem Spiel extrem nah, wenn ich es starte. Immersion haben die devs geschafft. Zumindest im Kampfszenario. Was OS und UI betrifft.. das is ja in Arbeit. Aber die Kämpfe sind allererste Sahne.
  6. Small Tutorial: Preparing a ship plan for 3D modelling

    It says 145ft "lang op het onder deck. Rotterdam feet
  7. Small Tutorial: Preparing a ship plan for 3D modelling

    The cannons I modeled are not representive. I merely took them from my 7provincien model which has very long guns more like culverines. might be time to do them proper I guess
  8. Small Tutorial: Preparing a ship plan for 3D modelling

    If Im not mistaken this ship design is very similar to what I modeled a while back. The 32 gun frigate Euridice. I believe had 26 long guns and 6 carronades on the quarterdeck:
  9. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    thats simple: Capturing a 1st rate is a enourmous feat. Building these monsters costs a button of money and materials. And when it comes down to building these bohemoths every nation is trying their best to design them with their most advanced methods and building with only the best materials in mind. Its not surprising in any way that 1st rates serve for a very long time. Its a logical consequence to the investment a nation does when comissioning such vessels. In regards to the 70 gunner: she was build and captured in a time of change. mid 18th century the typical 74 arose from the dockyards. Bevore this design the 70 gun vessel is more prominent as well as the 64. Late 18th century the brits became more and more picky to what foreign ships they want to take into service. Experience showed that the british vessels are superior in build quality. Reducing the cost and time spent to maintain them. Interesting thought for example: The brits captured one of the two spanish 80 gunners mid 18th century (spanish Fenix) It was discussed and surveyed if this ship design is a good investment for the own fleet. But excessive hogging of these vessels and the resulting maintenance cost required deterred the brits from building their own 80s for a long time. (foudroyand beeing I believe the first british 80 gunned design)
  10. Small Tutorial: Preparing a ship plan for 3D modelling

    this actually sounds pretty awesome. I pretty much love the idea - as you said. Even if you already know a thing or two about ship building and modeling there is always room to improve. And the same problem has different angles of approach. One word of warning however is that one should be at least familiar with a 3D modeling programm of his choice. So that ppl do not start from zero but at least know how to navigate their model and know the basics. Im not saying one needs to already know the tool by heart but if malachi has to explain how to move vertices, this tutorial might derail. Back on topic and the cool part^^: As of late there is a thread that includes loads and loads of nice little ships: What you/we could do is to open a 2nd thread to clean this one up and move all of the ship choice related posts in there. IF this approach is accepted I or any other moderator can help you with sorting this out.
  11. Die Beta ist immer nur am Wochenende spielbar. unter der Woche sind die Server offline
  12. Hilfe bitte kann den bug nicht melden

    Konntest du schon mal spielen oder ist das hier nun nach der installation? Die Fehlermeldung besagt im Grunde, dass deine Grafikkarte zu alt ist. Was für eine Grafikkarte hast du denn in deinem Computer (oder Laptop) verbaut? Das Spiel läuft leider nur auf einigermaßen aktuellen Rechnern.
  13. Small ship Plan Challenges

    looks like a trader to me, Sella22 converted?
  14. können wir hier bei Naval Action bleiben? Danke Sonst fange ich an posts zu löschen.
  15. Bomb Vessel Video

    nice 2nd life use of these vessels. Beein build very sturdy and resiliant they were the perfect vessels to go through ice. At least the best they had at the time. Reading a lot of ketches I was very surprised to see corvet plans with bombards. (dutch ships). The reason for why they used ketchs is to reduce the risk of fire to the rig. The more I wonder how they shot with corvets or even brigs..