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  1. können wir hier bei Naval Action bleiben? Danke Sonst fange ich an posts zu löschen.
  2. Bomb Vessel Video

    nice 2nd life use of these vessels. Beein build very sturdy and resiliant they were the perfect vessels to go through ice. At least the best they had at the time. Reading a lot of ketches I was very surprised to see corvet plans with bombards. (dutch ships). The reason for why they used ketchs is to reduce the risk of fire to the rig. The more I wonder how they shot with corvets or even brigs..
  3. Small ship Plan Challenge

    May I ask where you got those kingfisher plans from? Are they even in higher res than presented here? My first contribution in here is the danish Wilmanden: armed with 18 x 6pdrs she has a broadside weight of 54 pound (danish) Her most interesting feat is beein a fully rigged ship.
  4. 6th-Rate plan challenge

    I only wrote this since to me it sounded as if you were completely satisfied with the given suggestions the reason I didnt contribute a bit for weeks now is cause I moved and didnt have stationary internet until now.. No offence intended in the first place and I apologize if it sounded like one.
  5. 6th-Rate plan challenge

    "new" challenge? Get rid of the common nations. USA, Britain, France. And start this thread "anew" with the intention to maybe get more danish, spanish, portuguese, venetian, etc.. ships Something different. Maybe have a focus at corvets. single decked vessels with three masts. Another gap to fill would be around the 12 pounder frigate. cant dig numbers but IIRC there is no real reason to sail those 12 pounder armed vessels (correct me if im wrong). Reasons other than aestetics!
  6. Hier dreht es sich im Kern immer um das selbe Problem: Zu wenig PvP Zu wenig Spieler Zu wenig PvP Zu wenig Spieler Das ist eine Abwärtsspirale, die von den Devs schon vor Ewigkeiten als solche wahrgenommen wird. Was war zuerst? Die Henne oder das Ei? Warum wenig neue Spieler bleiben ist simpel: Das Spiel ist sack schwer und hat ingame keine Tutorials oder andere Hilfen. Die meisten scheitern schon daran, die ersten NPC Gefechte zu überleben geschweige denn einen Gegner zu versenken. Noch weniger suchen sich dann tatsächlich auch Hilfe und die, die das tun sind dann das eine Prozent, das für mehr als nur zwei Wochen bleibt. Was ich anmerken möchte ist, dass eine Diskussion durch Respekt und gegenseitiger Wertschätzung funktioniert. Wenn jemand eine Meinung vertritt, so soll er das bitte sachlich begründen und nicht auf Gefühle oder Hörensagen. Behauptung <-> Fakt Was hier los ist, hat mittlerweile wenig mit Diskussion und viel mit sich gegenseitig aufheizen zu tun. Es wurde eine Idee vorgestellt und die gilt es (bei Interesse) zu erläutern. Und das möglichst objektiv. Bei Desinteresse einfach die Finger still halten.
  7. Admiraal de Ruyter - 1806

    Not sure why I didnt write it already but I did manage to get the sketchfab model to work: https://skfb.ly/6n7Kx A while ago already O_o So pardon me on the late update
  8. Work in progress: Working title.

    Working title? My suggestion: leadded seas! With the ammount of shot flying around if all the main and secodary gun batteries are going at it? dam thats gonna be crazy. And I really really like the idea of designing my own Batleship. Ive seen such a game bevore on youtube but cant possibly remember its name.. It was a really old title tho..
  9. HMS Barfleur (1768) - 3D Model

    You forgot to mirror your rudder In general your model improved a lot over time. Tiphat for that. And a tip that the devs game me once when I asked them about my own models was to flesh my galleries out with more subdivisions. Mine looked kinda similar to yours and so Id like to give you the same tip 2nd hand. I wont give much critizism cause it still appears like a WIP when looking into it deeper. But it realy comes together nicely!
  10. US Ship of the Line USS Ohio (1820)

    Dont *point* at me or other mods with stuff thats ingame. I am a volunteer helper on the forums. Not a dev. I write my personal opinion which can differ totally from the opinion of others. Mercury is ingame cause she actually fought a ship of the line and came out victoriois. Thats why. Its an incredible feet to have on your side^^ And thats all I can tell you. Other than that I cannot look into the minds of the devs
  11. US Ship of the Line USS Ohio (1820)

    "representative".. ? Sorry but the only representative ships of the american navy that we have and should have ingame are: rattle, essex and consti. US SoLs are NOT representive for the time our game is set. Rattle since these corvets harassed the brits immensly during the war. Essex cause that was more of a typical sized us vessel and consti cause.. murica^^ (first noticed big frigate with long 24s) And looking at this ship its like a Consti with an additional deck and structural additions. Another step towards the economical design of ships in general. Id like to stop bevore the spar deck became adapted. Ships launched are afloat but they lack planking everywhere but to the first wale. So the question for me is: Was she afloat like I described? Or was she finished and build up for service?
  12. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    its coming. when? soon (TM)
  13. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    There wont be any new ships added to the poll. This one is final. Everyone suggesting ships should have done that a week ago. There was a thread in which you could promote your favourite ships. By now its too late. No matter how epic you or others think the vessel you like is. Personally I am a bit sad that Temeraire is getting all the votes. In regards of french ships we do not have a shortcome. But other nations are lacking. But I am glad that Montanes and wreker are in front. Also, I hope we get a seperate poll for the smaller vessels. Cause the big ones drain the votes for the worse of the frigates.
  14. HMS Barfleur (1768) - 3D Model

    Model them. They consist of the frames and a transparent face that is the glass. This is the sternpiece of my wreker class vessel:
  15. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    Calm down This is not the final vote, this is the poll that is going to narrow the choices. Once this one is over we will have another poll with only about 10 ships left (or rather less) And its not yet decided. Ive seen polls going all over the place during their "lifetime"