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  1. NA-L PCs able to repair Hull mid battle

    And it is not one repair after another it is a constant repair till the ship is fully repaired.
  2. Legends Skill Challenge

    I don't understand this. I had a few battles in a brig against cerberus's. It is a bit a pain in the ass but in the end, the side with more (real) players always won and not the one which had one more bigger ship. I think the balancer works quite good in terms of fair matchmaking of different ships (maybe scratch that, I somehow didn't read the problem you had when you were in a cerb an one other frigate was in the queue and you got matched with ships way stronger than you). But on the other hand you can have 7 unrated ships in the queue and one lonely SOL. And that SOL will only fight AI. Even a lonely heavy frigate wouldn't be matched against Mercuries and Navy Brigs, so he would have it easier too to get more kills. If I really didn't understand your post and you already meant it that way, I apologies and I stand corrected
  3. Technical problems and bugs

    And I didn't see this. He had the same name all the time. Or do you mean just the little star in front of a name, that indicates if it is AI or not? I must admit that I didn't look for that.
  4. Technical problems and bugs

    How do you know, that he switched back and forth at will? Did he talk with you at the end? I left the battle so I didn't witness the end of it. But I told you in the battle, that this already got reported as a bug. I saw that he was afk at the start and then the AI took over which resulted in the never ending repairing. So unless you didn't speak with him or he with you, there is no indication that he switched back into his ship and did all of this on purpose. If he did and if this is even possible at all, than this bug is even more serious.
  5. Legends Skill Challenge

    the main reward is playing a game you like. If you don't, then why bother commenting with such a passive aggressive post? Jesus, do people even need an incentive to have fun nowadays?
  6. Was an answer to Lord Bomgordels "issue", READ THE THREAD
  7. [PODW] pvp1 eu "The Corsair's Revenge"

    Hm, I don't consider myself a good pvp player but those long range broadsides with random fire and unlocked sector focus 100m really triggers me . Especially at 35:43. He is in the middle but the only ships getting hit are probably both allies to his left and right.
  8. Ability to interrupt broadside

    Well, but I think no gun captain would fire his cannon if nothing is in front of it. There are some occasions where this might be useful. @Hethwill, didn't you make the suggestion once to hold down spacebar to fire your cannons and stop doing it when you release it?
  9. limited ammunition

    This was adressed so many times already and Sir Texas Sir said it again. Make chain and grape limited like double and charged shot and refill them after the battle. Of course the amount should be higher then the current amount of double shot and double charge. Maybe something like 10 - 15 broadsides of chain and grape per side (open for discussion). using chain and grape the right way should matter. You have to make sure that you hit and not fire away one broadside after the other because, well who cares, I have an unlimited supply of chain. In the process, limit repairs to one
  10. Thx Tommy, this perfectly explains that and I belive it because of my shitty old laptop :D. But isn't this somehow not how it is should work. It also perfectly fits into my problems with the very first battle of the day. My ship is already in and I am getting shot at before I am even done loading the instance. The solution to that is always attacking a bot first. But losing half of my invisible and no attack timer because I need to load the OW longer isn't really understandable nor can I accept that. If I am not done loading, than my ship shouldn't be in the OW. If it is to prevent logging out during the loading screen to escape a gank or other players, there is the option to always spawn a ship after a given time, like max 2 minutes (I don't think anybody loads this long). But I shouldn't be in a disadvantage because my loading time is 15-30 seconds longer than normal.
  11. Hm, maybe it's just me but I have a 15 seconds invisible timer and 30 seconds for cannot attack and be attacked.
  12. Santa Cecilia vs Surprise vs Pirate Frigate

    Btw, that first screen is beautiful
  13. Battle Join circles in land

    No, it's a mechanic that is somehow impossible to fix for whatever reason.
  14. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Prince: an absolute beauty in my opinion. fast and agile nice armament with bow and stern chasers and the possible mixed cannon layout could be a very good (shallow water) hunting ship L' Hermione also a beauty (love the rigging) a new 12pd frigate is always nice I have to test it further but I had the impression that it loses relatively less speed while turning than other ships. I could be wrong though, didn't have enough time in it so far I once shot my own ship while firing the bow chasers. (but this happens very rarely on other ships aswell)
  15. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Sorry for abusing your misfortune. I saw that you had both boarding skills. would have been a bit more difficult then #sorrynotsorry At least in the end I got nothing for it. So this is still a bug somehow. Your ship sank although it was almost completely intact and I wasn't able to check the "sink" box after the capture. It just went down after that giving no rewards to anybody.