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  1. Cecil Selous

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    I agree. Besides my previous post I also think that there should be a penalty to hugging bigger ships. This tactic should not pay off.
  2. Cecil Selous

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    Well, while you are right that the Leda-class frigates or any other frigates weren't designend for the purpose of sinking/capturing first rates, I still think that you miss the point. Besides sinking an enemy in a battle wasn't common either and not even the goal. Of course they could penetrate first rates and do significant damage. They simply didn't do it because no sane man would start such a battle and happily deal with the consequences. And that was mainly the effects of more and heavier cannons of the first rate. Not the thickness of their hull. A full broadside of a first rates means heavy damage to hull or rigging and heavy casualties. And all this back then when most battles were decided because of heavy crew losses and/or an inmobile ship. They didn't fought till their deaths and if losing was inevitable, surrendering wasn't a shame. Possibly one or two broadsides on target would be enough to shatter every will to fight. A frigate wouldn't be able to sustain such an exchange of broadsides to do enough damage. Maybe in theory if everybody on board the frigate would be a crazy suicidal mofo and the line ship crew is completely unaware and drunk as they can be, I can imagine that even a frigate can batter a line ship into surrender. But this is absolutely unrealistic. What I want to say is, that the main reason that single frigates didn't fight single fully capable first rates, wasn't because of their hull thickness. And that's the whole point of Hachi. Sure, you can't really translate this into the game. Because we are suicidal mofos (and I bet some are drunk too sometimes). We fight to the death. Our ships sink when a imaginary HP and structure bar is empty (and only then grant you magically gold and marks) and last but not least we give a flying fuck about our crew and thus surrender grants us nothing. This means, that many good frigate players will sometimes attack single first rates. Maybe they are lucky, maybe they die. Consequences for them are relatively low. Of course their chances to win should be low too. I agree that first rates should always have the upper hand due to firepower and crew advantage and I believe this is still the case in game. But it shouldn't be impossible to penetrate a first rate. A single frigate that penetrates them shouldn't be a problem at all. If the frigate has the opportunity to get off a broadside the line ship should have one too I assume. The real danger are rakes as many already mentioned and not broadside to broadside battles with a frigate. A first rate wouldn't lose a broadside exchange. But to give them an even greater advantage because of ridiculous mods and their stacking isn't good. No wonder so many sail around in 3rds and higher.
  3. It will also make the number at the top right of my screen even smaller Not good for my psyche.
  4. Cecil Selous

    Chain shot feedback

    In honestly think adjusting repairs would be a better way to reduce running. Besides I also see no shame in running, if the odds are heavily against you or you see you will lose a fight or you sank one and heavily damaged the other but decide to escape now. There are so many example and situations were running/escaping is viable. I also see no shame in surrender if a loss is inevitable but there are no real benefits or content for that right now but this is another topic. Also now it is almost impossible to run if you encounter a good organised fleet. I hate ganks with a passion but I must give it to some guys who ganked me last week that they pulled it off perfectly. Spread out over a large area, they were coming from all sides. I could avoid some but eventually got tagged. And with the new small tag circle they were all over me and even the stragglers spawned al around and next to me. No need for me to turn around and fight like a lion, besides fighting like a lion won't matter at all in this case. I fought the frigate that tagged me and 3 broadsides were enough to almost completely destroy his on side (fir/fir gank boat i assume) but in the meantime he and the bellonas around me chained me to death. This is a extreme case because nothing would have helped me there (like lower chain dmg, better repairs etc.) But to prevent running, less effective repairs and less repairs in general could achieve the same, without the instant frustration of one chain broadside right at the start that sends you into rigging shock. Great incentive for me to "turn" and fight like a lion if I know that another broadside or the broadsides of the others will cripple me even further and the battle is lost after one minute. So I am up for limited chain but increase the shots per cannon. Lower the damage chain does (heavily). The distance fall off is a good idea but could also be achieved by simply making chain extremely inaccurate at longer distances. At the same time nerf repairs heavily. Number of repairs and how much they repair (stacking of mods). I don't like sails getting shredded in seconds. Running shouldn't be easy but it also shouldn't be impossible. giving a buff to battle sails sounds good, let's se how it will work I would love if we make the whole sailing experience a bit more complex. Variable wind strength, simulated rigging (even dmg through chain) and the stresses on the masts due to the set canvas/destroyed rigging. In general an expanded manual management of the sails and trim to give an advantage to the better sailor who knows his ship and what in can endure. With ships that aren't always at their max performance at a given point of sail we wouldn't need those unrealistically high chain damage to compensate for the insane speeds of ships which constantly result in faster separation and distance. Of course this would need other adjustments too like cannon accuracy and a more difficult boarding initiation but I already lost the thread of the conversation. Pardon me.
  5. Cecil Selous

    WTT for Trinco

    I am happy when I have 1 million you capitalist fucks .
  6. Cecil Selous

    Can't leave port :D

    Why was I able to leave Lorimers in an Agamemnon today? The port is pirate since a few days and I sail for good old Prussia. Is it different when you have an outpost in the port?
  7. Cecil Selous

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    Just for understanding. If I press depower, than stay sails and square sails are both depowered like before. If I use W / S after that then I can lower or raise my square sails without raising the stay sails too, but will my square sails still be depowered? So I can't separately depower stay and square sails.
  8. Cecil Selous

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Three Indiaman are a perfectly fine and juicy target. It doesn't matter what you are sailing. How should they know that they are empty? You could tell every story and swear by your life that they are empty, I wouldn't believe it. There is no way to check if you are telling the truth without capturing them. Something could and maybe should be done to change that and give more possibilities to check traders/give them back etc.
  9. Cecil Selous

    Tutorial feedback 2

    Finally did it. But I played it very safe. I chained one and started to sail away. Then I started operation demast but because I was too scared to get too close to the first one following me I mostly was too far away to penetrate their masts . What I really learned again is that our cannons are too accurate - In the end I had about 230 mast hits. after I got the hang of the Cerb I managed to get 4 to 5 hits every broadside (from a rather long distance). So my main tactic was to destroy one mast while I kited them and then I reduced the distance to use single shot for the remaining masts. The next step was to grape the hulks down a bit and board them. I captured the second one with 10 min left on the clock. I used all repairs and a lot of rum, since you lose a lot of men to simple hull hits. If you don't play it like a pussy as I did, you can surely demast them very quick in close quarters or even rake them repeatedly. But I just wanted to be sure to pass the exam. My conclusion is somewhat similar to others. You don't really learn to fight but kiting and avoiding the enemy. I find this exam is more a pain in the ass and kinda annoying. In my first try I sunk while both of them were demasted but they still kind of covered each other. Bad for me and after one hour you not really want to do it again immediately. I get it that to uphold the final exam character it has to be difficult but I don't know if this is the right way. I noticed something during the endurance challenge: You get a tool tip that tells you about angling to avoid damage. I had the feeling that angling in this case, with brig vs brig often doesn't help. Maybe change the ships to the cerberus (player and AI) with better angling characteristics.
  10. Like crazy was a little exaggeration. It is just the combination of having marines, always boarding prep but still maintain the same reload speed as you in the same ship who has to care that your crew is on the right station. And I said, this doesn't bother me. It just feels not right when I compare it to myself and maybe it is my subjective perception that fools me. But the stern chaser thing is strange.
  11. does this explain stern chasers firing at almost 90 degrees to the side? Also this was always a thing. Even before NAL was "released"
  12. Of course it does. Reloading like crazy, being always on boarding prep (+marines) and sniping my stern and modules from various ranges etc. But I accept that, since without some "cheats" AI would be absolutely no challenge and simply needs some advantages. What I don't get is that there are still many occasions were the firing sector of AI ships is far larger than mine. I noticed it in the endurance challenge in the tutorial again. I am a bit shifted to his port side and also a bit behind him, but not much, my bow is still next to his ship. And boom, I get hit by his two stern chasers. The same applies sometimes to his broadside. You get hit at angles, were you as a player never ever could aim your cannons. If is not an intended buff to the AI than it is a bug.
  13. Why not introduce some kind of recognition/identification chart? The nice ship illustrations we had in NAL would be enough for people to learn all ships or look them up if they are not sure. Or an additional tutorial about ship identification. What to look for? How many masts, gun ports, distinctive features.
  14. Cecil Selous

    Identities in the OW: A more realistic approach

    Yeah I thought about that too. But you would always have to reveal your identity first in order to tag someone. Considering false flags, I thought about some very rare loot (and I mean very rare) that you come by and which consist of the code books of a nation. So you can set the flag of that nation and give the right signal in return to fool a ship of the same nation that is hailing your ship. The process of the return signal is automated and runs in the background so that the real signal is never presented to the player. With that the devs don't have to design or implement some kind of flag mechanic (although nation flags in OW would be really nice ) and no one really knows what they look like and thus it prevents the miss use by alts. Additionally the signal is changed every few days.
  15. Can we not just disable joining missions of other players. I don't need that to be honest. Groups should still be able to join them together but we would have less griefing and ganking of new players in missions if the enemy can't. And people can also do missions outside the zones risk free (well, ok the way to the mission can be risky).