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  1. Is there a slight chance, that the shallow mechanic from the battles in NA:L will or can be implemented in NA?
  2. Easy boys, Ink mentioned nothing about a wipe and I honestly can't see anything that resembles a "wipe warning". I mean, if you can redeem your xp even after the release how does that add up with a wipe? No need to stir up a panic for some people who don't read carefully but see dozens of posts about a wipe.
  3. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    The real reason Manataca was a prussian victory. I pulled the rest away from the port all by myself and died as a martyr. NAH, just kidding, I came way too late to look for something (found it) near the port and sailed almost right into the hornets' nest Died for nothing. At least they arranged something for my birthday
  4. Pre-patch quick number changes suggestions

    Very quick: Increase the turn rate during the invisibility timer.
  5. Poll on limited use of repairs in battles

    We don't know why. maybe they just hadn't enough repairs to do it more than once. Maybe they weren't as aggressive and coordinated like you want players to be. But that imo doesn't change the fact, that the repair system sometimes artificially lengthens engagements. Combined with some repair mods, which others may not have for whatever reasons makes it sometimes cancerous. I agree that it sometimes also enables a player to win a battle against all odds. And while aggressiveness is sometimes the key, I don't think that Cochrane is a good example here. Yes, he boldly approached the frigate but he pulled some good tricks (which also led to El Gamo not firing during her approach) and also denied the boarding from El Gamo three times. The major part of his aggressiveness was in the boarding action itself and another cheeky trick when they took down the spanish flag. Perhaps they would have all been slaughtered if this hadn't work, we don't know. But there were many actions in this battle which we can't do in-game. EDIT: Maybe we should limit the effects of repair on the structure
  6. Boring map

    I believe they had maps back then.
  7. [PODW] pvp1 eu "The Corsair's Revenge"

    If have the feeling that many players still don't know how deadly leaks are again since the change a few patches ago. And besides demasting Ram Dinark also is really good at inflicting those. And he does that frequently. Look at the epic twitch stream and how careless the enemy L' Ocean presented his belly to him just to sink after the broadside with a lot of HP left. That was a waste of a good ship that could have made a difference. And since we can snipe masts and leaks, players should always be aware of that and don't force their ship into such a heeling, when facing an enemy broadside. Especially if it is a broadside of 69 cannons.
  8. Thank god! Please never do that. Google says his name is Philip James de Loutherbourg. A few more of his drawings. http://www.britishmuseum.org/research/collection_online/search.aspx?people=116752&peoA=116752-2-9
  9. PvP/Ganking Issues

    Which doesn't change the fact, that it simply shouldn't matter. When I see a loading screen then I really should be in a loading screen and not already in the OW wasting valuable seconds without me even seeing it. And I think 5 seconds are fairly quickly (for the good old HDD) and doesn't justify a 11 second invisible timer.
  10. PvP/Ganking Issues

    Haha, I am lucky when I get 14 seconds invisibility. Can't even turn my ship into the direction I want in that time. I think the patch notes said 30 seconds timer. I never had that. Even if it is just 20, I never had that either. Some said it has to do with your hard drive and loading speed which make sense in a way but seriously, it shouldn't. So my loading times back into the OW are usually between 5 to 8 seconds. Bamm, 14 to 10 seconds invisibility. Then I see Moscalbs stream (just an example because I have noticed it during watching). He has comparable loading times back to OW, but he has a 17 seconds invisibility timer. That's also not the full amount. What is happening there with the calculation, that it is so inconsistent? Is it so hard to let the timer start, when you are actually in the OW and not during the loading time. Makes escaping a revenge fleet unnecessary harder. Imho this mechanic isn't working properly.
  11. Ship names...

    This would probably rule out some unique names, that aren't offensive in any way. I am quite sure that at least one name I have in mind, wouldn't be on that list.
  12. Ship names...

    Not as horrible as some character names on the server. If there would be the option to change the name after a capture everyone can solve this problem. Or sink it. A filter that gets updated from time to time sounds good. And digits can be forbidden completely.
  13. You have really talented artists. I dig the symbols at the bottom. Beautiful! The new compass looks quite good, although I bet it is not finished yet (missing wind direction and the four cardinal directions). "Enter fort" looks interesting
  14. Updated Mast Thickness/HP Values V2

    Ahhh, the poor surprise