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  1. Santa Cecilia vs Surprise vs Pirate Frigate

    Btw, that first screen is beautiful
  2. Battle Join circles in land

    No, it's a mechanic that is somehow impossible to fix for whatever reason.
  3. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Prince: an absolute beauty in my opinion. fast and agile nice armament with bow and stern chasers and the possible mixed cannon layout could be a very good (shallow water) hunting ship L' Hermione also a beauty (love the rigging) a new 12pd frigate is always nice I have to test it further but I had the impression that it loses relatively less speed while turning than other ships. I could be wrong though, didn't have enough time in it so far I once shot my own ship while firing the bow chasers. (but this happens very rarely on other ships aswell)
  4. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Sorry for abusing your misfortune. I saw that you had both boarding skills. would have been a bit more difficult then #sorrynotsorry At least in the end I got nothing for it. So this is still a bug somehow. Your ship sank although it was almost completely intact and I wasn't able to check the "sink" box after the capture. It just went down after that giving no rewards to anybody.
  5. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    I boarded a Victory in my Victory. The other player seemed to be afk or disconnected during the boarding as he did nothing. After I captured it I wasn't able to sink the ship (check the box). So I left it and although I couldn't give the order to sink it it sank after a while. This can't be due to damage cause he had almost 60 to 70% hull and more than 70% structure left. So I believe the sink command somehow got registered. The kill (or assist) though wasn't. There was also no message of another player in the battle who maybe got the kill. I reported it in the game via F11 too.
  6. A perfect ambush!

    Those sneaky bastards! The best usage of that "mod" I saw was an AI LGV taking the beeline from Cartagena de Indias to TolĂș. That's almost 100% through the jungle. He didn't even think about leaving the bay
  7. ROE

    I agree. If you sail your ship in battle and are actively fighting then you should get xp for it. No matter the outcome. Maybe only deny xp if you sink. Would be another small incentive to surrender and keeping at least the gained experience/ship knowledge.
  8. Lost my Indefatigable

    Vernon is right though. Calm down, let some steem off somewhere else and wait for a response from the devs. Your reaction to a simple remark doesn't make a good impression.
  9. CREW became stale or latent when reloading

    I often see that too, that 1 crew member is missing on sailing or gunnery while there are plenty on the greyed out boarding station. If you dissable another one the missing sailor usually appears from somewhere. Crew failing to reload cannons although I have enough to do the job happens very rarely to me but it does happen.
  10. Thx guys. So it's confirmed it is just my shitty hard drive. I also try to always tag AI for my first battle but sometimes you can't choose.
  11. Shallows

    This would be a real game changer. I always envision the battle of grand port and the problems which shallows and reefs caused for the british when I think about this subject. Maybe in NA 2
  12. I start this topic to see if anybody else experiences the same issues or can help me to find an explanation. Everytime when I join the OW for the first time after starting the game It usually took ages to load and I mostly get disconnected druing the process. I have to start at the login screen again and then the OW loads very fast. I encounter almost the same problem when I join the first battle after starting the game. It sometimes loads for minutes and the battle is already going when I finally finished loading. This isn't a real problem against AI but if your enemy is a player he can already position himself to have an advantage. If it takes very long I also already received some broadsides. All battles after that, start in a reasonable time and I usually finish loading before the battle timer starts. I can imagine that it has something to do with my HDD (cheap notebook) but could it also be something else?
  13. Rum and repairs

    Just encountered the crew replenishing during boarding for the first time. Boy is this effective if your enemy (in this case this was me :D) hello kittys up big time (for example causing the unwanted boarding himself because of stupidity and pressing the wrong keys and desperately trying to do an emergency repair instead of using the surgeon too ) Man I so deserved this embarrassing defeat. I don't know if many players, especially the new ones and the ones who doen't read the forums, know that you can repair your ship or heal your crew during boarding but if this is a wanted feature than the ui should at least show it correctly to avoid confusion. Personally I think you shoudln't be able to do this during boarding. I wouldn't call it unfair because everybody can do this but it is implausible that your crew repairs the ship while there is a bloody melee going on. Also I am with Prater and a few others. Only a percentage of the casualties should be healed so that you can't get your whole crew back as if nobody was mortally wounded. Some should stay dead. The fact that we use rum is just a gimmick imho. Devs can also call it bandages or whatever. The mechanics of the feature itself are good. It wasn't uncommon that lightly wounded sailors went under deck, got patched up and returned to the battle. But this also includes that little Jimmy who got cut in half by a cannonball shouldn't be able to do the same.
  14. Repair timers need attention

    The thing is that in an extreme case you can repair your ship to a point where it is almost as good as a shiny new one. Lets say you lose a mast. It shouldn't be possible to replace it with an exact copy of the old one which has the same performance like the original mast. It should be a workaround which helps to stay at least somehow maneuverable to not lay completely dead in the water. The same goes for hull repairs. You patch some holes in the heat of the battle as good as you can but the hull shouldn't be as resistent as it was before. And you should only be able to do it once or at least with an increased timer.
  15. Constitution vs Endymion

    Which is also a good argument for 2 minute timers or insta closed battles