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  1. Ok did my first test in an Essex against AI traders snow. I sent him into rigging shock with one chain broadside and closed the gap with battle sails at 7.9 knots. As my bow reached his stern I could initiate the boarding. During the 15 seconds timer until the first boarding game round my ship passed him completely and came to a stop roughly 20 meters away from him. If I say that my bow pointed at 12 o'clock then his bow was pointing at 10 o'clock. I don't know how I really feel about this yet. Maybe lower the range at which you can board, so that high speed boardings will often fail due to not stopping in time?
  2. Yes, if both sail in the same direction but one moves forward the other backwards. The direction vectors are the same then but it was like this before given the relatively slow speeds most ships can sail backwards and at those speeds you won't feel much difference in boarding mechanics I think.
  3. Cecil Selous

    Retag griefing

    Or simply taking over the last heading from the instance into the OW EDIT: well nvm, wouldn't work for someone, who wants to escape
  4. Cecil Selous

    Retag griefing

    Would be the easiest solution imho. But I vaguely remember admin said something about difficulties with the differentiation between land and sea and the problem with putting ships right onto Cuba instead of next to it for example
  5. Cecil Selous

    Retag griefing

    Won't solve the problem when I have a slightly faster ship and sneak up on a trader during my 1 minute invisibility timer (If we still agree on a longer timer )out of a npc battle. Even after I become visible he has just a small chance to escape, no matter if the no attack timer is longer for me. I simply follow him. If I wouldn't be invisible, then he could see and evade me and his chance to get away is higher. Of course not when I pop out right next to him. But this is the gamble part. Sneaking up during invisibility is just unfair. The attack timer makes the gamble part for the invisible ship slightly safer in respect to the unlucky case that you sail right into an enemy fleet without knowing.
  6. Cecil Selous

    Retag griefing

    Right, it is a game of chance. But your invisibility timer is longer and you don't have to care about the wind. We have a group of players who don't want a free escape at all and we have a group who wants to escape once and for all if they did it in in the battle. So it is somehow a trade-off. If we get a much longer timer and can see during it, then I can imagine that it is possible that we get problems back from early 2016. Getting attacked out of nowhere.
  7. Cecil Selous

    Retag griefing

    If the invisibility timer gets increased it should also work both ways. You can't be seen and you see nothing. You will have a bigger chance to get away, as you certainly earned it during the instance but you can also run into others if you are unlucky. And of course we can't position ourselves during the invisibility to jump onto the next poor fella if we don't see them. Maybe we also have to think about roe's for traders that differ from warship only encounters.
  8. Turning the whole thing around. Can he board me too by just sailing behind me. For example the one who is trailing me and stern camps me with his bow chasers. We both sail in the same direction, I am the lighter ship, he is a bit faster and hugs my stern with his bow (even losing his bowsprit in the process). Can he initiate the boarding and basically stop me from behind while I sail with 10 kn?
  9. Cecil Selous

    OW Flags and "Ruse de Guerres"

    Ships should always have to fly a flag. May it be the right one or a false one Is decided by the player. To completely identify himself a ship has to give the true secret flag signals of that nation as a response to the one who hailed him. This is the part where the ship who tried to fool his enemy has to truely identify himself. To make it possible to successfully fool the enemy I would say that it should be possible that one of the lootable objects could be the nations codebook. It would be very rare loot and might only be valid for a short amount of time (a few days?). The codebooks and signal system would work in the background so that no actual signals or codes are displayed to the player thus preventing trading or selling of the codebook or simply making a screenshot. It would also prevent problems with alts. The player simply has to click a button that says "return secret flag signal" for example. It will get complicated if both fly a false flag and neither has the secret signal though This would make it possible for traders and warships to sail safe through enemy territory if others are simply to lazy to hail everybody and makes it even more safe if they got the rare codebooks. Additionally this would also mean, that we can't see the names of fellow nation players otherwise the whole thing wouldn't work. EDIT: Also no tagging while in disguise. You have to reveal yourself first.
  10. Cecil Selous

    Reuse the old Connie model USS Chesapeake.

    Ew, not many would want to sail her then . If wiki can be trusted, then Shannon was build before the other ships of the Cydnus variant.
  11. Cecil Selous

    Reuse the old Connie model USS Chesapeake.

    President and United States were the sister ships of the Constitution. Like Lieste said, the Chesapeake was a smaller 38 gun frigate. Speaking of the Leda class. We could actually use the Trincomalee, alter her a bit (don't actually know which cosmetic changes) and name her HMS Shannon.
  12. Cecil Selous

    Boarding and DD Adjustment

    I think it would be a start if pulling range and pulling power would be lower. Right now it sometimes happens that you are out of a tack and already gain forward speed and momentum but suddenly your enemy, who sits roughly 20 m away starts pulling and instantly reverses your ship and pulls it towards him. There must be some very strong bastards on that ship, wouldn't want to fight them in a boarding. Maybe boarding axes (the disengage feature can be kept) and DD could be more useful for that instead of the artificial boarding deny. DD atm works perfectly to prevent situations like I described above but unfortunately also prevents boarding when the conditions for it are perfect. A change is needed imho. Longer pulling time? maybe worth a try.
  13. Cecil Selous

    Wonderful ship maker

    Really outstanding work! And judging by his artstation profile the next DLC will be a MQ-1 Predator
  14. Cecil Selous

    Damage and sinking

    You sound like a sulky child. It will be craftable, but yeah, bye.