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  1. Каждый хочет ощущать себя самураем побеждая в сложных боях Понятно что дрон проиграет против 5 москалей (например) Вопрос который мне кажется не был правильно акцентирован это - как заставить игроков не боятся воевать в меньшинстве и не боятся нападать в меньшинстве и не бежать в меньшинстве.
  2. Unequal battles

    To Everyone! Avoid off topic Stay on topic and answer the questions. If you wish to ask a new question or make a statement unrelated to questions asked do it in a separate topic If you think combat is ok just say so. To you comment you are right - 5 Hachis will sink 1 Hachi in any circumstance. 25 Rediis will sink 5 Rediis with any ship setup or mods.
  3. Капитан В патчноутах надо обсуждать патч. Оффтопик в патчноутах запрещен правилами форума Бан 7 дней
  4. OW speed is (i have heard 170 times faster than instance speed). This turns 7% into... I am not good at math.
  5. Уважаемый Амихай. Бутерброды с навозом тут не читают, да и вообще люди невосприимчивы к бутербродам с навозом. Нерабочая схема бутерброда Вы говно __________ Мои советы. Рабочая схема бутерброда Мой опыт _____________ Мои советы Гарантирую ваш труд даже не читали; после первого предложения ясно что это shitburger
  6. This is a forum, and multiple opinions and viewpoints exist on any matter; people are free to express them and raging about something you do not like is counter productive as it clouds your judgement. Most importantly: can you post the quote where @admin said that he expects an average player to win 1v6? If you misquote people's genuine posts and attempts to talk to you honestly and directly, you might come up as an troll or an asshole and if you check the updated forum rules, there is no place for assholes here. You have broken rules 1, 2 and 17 (shitpost formatting). Please rephrase your post or it will be removed.
  7. please start a new topic or move this conversation to upgrade or combat discussions. some upgrades could be unbalanced and its a known fact to everyone including devs. this topic is about loot pickup please do not hijack it.
  8. Всем просьба воздержаться от рекламы в игровых топиках. Обсуждение других игр разрешено в тавернах
  9. WASA why so over powered?

    Wasa is a third rate, developers class it as 4th because they use the British system of classing by number of guns. https://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=10981 It is not overpowered for a third rate. Third rates were queens of the sea.
  10. WASA why so over powered?

    Moderation team tells it straight too You have broken multiple rules in this post. Minor things Calling new year experimental cannons gifted to a new year (unicorn guns/licorne guns) Russian upgrades? Claiming things that do not exit - hidden parameters: players see everything and there are no hidden parameters Everyone knows that its professional players that get excellent results in PVP not only the russians. Your bias is racist and racism is against the rules of this forum and against steam eula too. Here you claim that developers said : old can die and its not the issue; completely rephrasing the words and twisting their meaning. Developers did not say what you posted. They said that old players of course will be upset of removal of things they got used to, new players . In the future quote the phrase and do not rely on TS or private discussions to quote if you really want to quote. Major rules broken Developers never bragged on cheaters. Not good Personal attack and discussion of real life situations Lack of respect Trolling Shitposting Off topic Discussion of moderation or developers
  11. Fog in the battle?

    there is fog in battles. attack someone in the heavy rain or storm
  12. когда ввели прицеливание через мушки в шутанах все только радовались не радоваться реалистичному боковому сносу и инерции поворота могут только береговые крысы
  13. Remove the damn contract limit!

    Steam page was not changed - that description was there. You mixed it up with the website. Hundreds of bugs of the economy were fixed in the last 6 months. New resources were introduced and cannon crafting and repair crafting added. More trading opportunities were added. Your post is a pure lie shit post or as they say colloquially "a brain fart" Please stop shit posting about things you made up. This is a place for discussion - not shitposting.
  14. Remove the damn contract limit!

    please post economy posts in the economy section
  15. AI killing potential sales

    please take your time in the future and find the right section for your post. For example economy posts should go to economy section