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  1. Have anyone here has any news on the next Ultimate " ###### " game would be? I have seen two different guys posting in YouTube making reference to Ultimate Admiral ... an apparent naval game covering early 20th century conflicts
  2. i64man

    J&P Rebalance + Surrender mod

    pandakraut, has this mod and your other mod (customization) have been combine with the rebalance mod
  3. i64man

    Cold Harbor as CSA

    I am going to start by saying something everyone here already knows, the game is awesome and addicted. I completed the whole campaing for both the CSA and the Union at Colonel level and currently playing as CSA in Brigadier General. I have been reading the forum constantly and seeing what people say about scaling but I thought it couldn't be that bad, until I beat the Union at Gettysburg on day 1. So you have an idea how I have done so far on the major battles only starting after the 2nd Bull Run: Battle Union Infantry Losses CSA Infantry Losses 2nd Bull Run 29,842 8,448 Fredericksburg 45,288 12,902 Stones River 41,415 23,759 Chancerllorsville 24,602 11541 Gettysburg 17,023 6,701 After this battle, I see their strength increase to something between 122K to 127K before the Chikamugua (sorry for the spelling) battles. After the battle: Chickamugua 52,570 25739 Now, I am getting ready to start CH and notice that their strength increase again to somewhere in the neighborhood of 152 - 157K. I only have 3 corps with around 31 - 33K troops total. Any suggestions on how to tackle CH once I finish the ancilliary battles will be appreciated.
  4. i64man

    UI and AI Customizations Mod V1.4

    Is this mod separate from the rebalance mod? can it be installed at the same time
  5. You were correct, Steam auto-updated the game, the infantry size is 1500.
  6. I just finished Shiloh as the CSA, and after the fight, I went to refill my army only to find it with all units locked at the current strength level. I have not uploaded the fix from the game. Could it be that the fix was automatically installed and as a result my strength is locked as it?
  7. Just read the same thing and was going to ask the same thing.....should we update before or after you fix the mod
  8. I had experimented something along the lines of Killjoy1941 with the melee cav and skrimisher .... I search the artillery, which is normally either a single battery or two close by, I sneak the cav behind and charge them .... once I have them turn, I have my skrimishers with the sniper rifle start taking popshots at the arty....
  9. If these two are playing battletech, they are not alone.....I am also playing it, but must say, I am just addicted to this game and your mod, just made it more appealing. Just finished 1st Bull Run as the CSA and have less than 2.5K losses against over 13K on the Union side.
  10. To anyone knowledge, are there anyone here playing the game with the mod and posting videos? I started both campaings simultaneously to see how each side fairs at the major battles, but I am curious to see if anyone is making or posting videos to see how they do.
  11. I have not enjoyed yet having a battery of Whitworth cannons yet, but reading some of the coments, I guess must have to have a look. One thing do, on previous play through both as the Union and the CSA, there was many times in which I had more than enough money and not enough men... now, I have more than enough men, but not enough money ..... I am just about to start Shiloh so that might be why.....
  12. Pandakraut, thanks for the explanation.... I loved the game before, and now with your mod, I love it even more .... thanks for the excellent job you and Jonny have done
  13. I installed the mod and just finished playing through the first bull run..... it is awesome, but somethings i missed. For example at the Phillipi the union is missing the cavalary unit, I think it was replaced by a line infantry? can that be? also, on the perks, I saw an earlier posting from JonnyH13 in which there were a lot of different icons for perks. So far, the perks I have seen are the same as the base game although they seem more robust in some of the bonuses. I am correct? Also, I noticed that excess capture weapons have a $0.00 value, meaning I cannot sell them. Is that right?
  14. Hey Pandakraut, do you have to follow the steps you listed above, or if you know where the files are store you can manually go there and replace the files by copy/paste? Because that is what I did.... although I have not tried a new campaign yet.
  15. Thanks Johnny, I will do just that ...excellent.
  16. Excellent! Great job and thanks for your hard work. One question, would you suggest starting a new campaign? Currently at Gettysburg as the CSA.
  17. i64man

    JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (Defunct!)

    Ok thanks for the information.
  18. i64man

    JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (Defunct!)

    Hi Johnny, I am a little confused..... I have installed the first version on the mod and it works great... Now I am trying to installed the perks, but somehow, it seems I am doing something wrong or it is just not copying correctly as I do not see any new perks. On my current game, I have a cdr that I can promote, but the perks are just the same old one, not new ones as it showns on your pictures. Do I need to start a new game? I overwrote the assets file as you instructed, then downloaded the second. Now the new version has a (1) next to the file. I copied just like that, no change... I removed both files, installed the first version and then the second via overwrite still no new perks. Thanks
  19. i64man

    JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (Defunct!)

    I am also waiting for the mod ... currently playing as the CSA with this version w/o the perks..... want to wait for the weapons balance and the perks to update again.... thanks
  20. i64man

    JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (Defunct!)

    Pandakraut, you are correct, I am using the first iteration of the mod, and looking forward to installed the perks as soon as the weapons are balanced. I am actually considering investing my points into economy and medicine. On my previous play through for the CSA, max medicine is important for the same thing you said. thanks.
  21. i64man

    JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (Defunct!)

    This mod your mod makes, make an addictive game more even more so. I opted to start a new campaign as CSA on BG level. I am anout to start the 2nd bull run and most say, in the past for the CSA, the issue has always been manpower; having enough manpower to fill out the complete divisions. Now, I have almost 7K men left in the pool and two complete corps and starting on my third, but the problem is the money.... there is not enough. I have the politics max out at 10, trained replacement at 7 and still there is no enough money. Just wanted to share on what I am seeing. Great work.
  22. i64man


    I second the comments of CPT JLP. This game is simply addictive. I have played both sides CSA & Union at Colonel, BG and working my way through MG as the CSA (using Johnny 13 mod) and I can't get enough of this game.
  23. i64man

    JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (Defunct!)

    This MOD looks great. I have finished the campaigns for both the Union and the CSA at Colonel and Brigader level..... currently making my way through as the Union on MG level... but after finding this, I will restart the campaign to give this mod a try. Excellent!
  24. Major Grigg, I agree wholeheartly with you, but even an announcement for the new game, it would only increase our collective "guidiness" about the new game.
  25. i64man

    UG Civil War’s Future

    On the subject of the UG topic, does anyone would know or have an idea when the announcement on which is the next game would be made?