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  1. Ok thanks for the information.
  2. Hi Johnny, I am a little confused..... I have installed the first version on the mod and it works great... Now I am trying to installed the perks, but somehow, it seems I am doing something wrong or it is just not copying correctly as I do not see any new perks. On my current game, I have a cdr that I can promote, but the perks are just the same old one, not new ones as it showns on your pictures. Do I need to start a new game? I overwrote the assets file as you instructed, then downloaded the second. Now the new version has a (1) next to the file. I copied just like that, no change... I removed both files, installed the first version and then the second via overwrite still no new perks. Thanks
  3. I am also waiting for the mod ... currently playing as the CSA with this version w/o the perks..... want to wait for the weapons balance and the perks to update again.... thanks
  4. Pandakraut, you are correct, I am using the first iteration of the mod, and looking forward to installed the perks as soon as the weapons are balanced. I am actually considering investing my points into economy and medicine. On my previous play through for the CSA, max medicine is important for the same thing you said. thanks.
  5. This mod your mod makes, make an addictive game more even more so. I opted to start a new campaign as CSA on BG level. I am anout to start the 2nd bull run and most say, in the past for the CSA, the issue has always been manpower; having enough manpower to fill out the complete divisions. Now, I have almost 7K men left in the pool and two complete corps and starting on my third, but the problem is the money.... there is not enough. I have the politics max out at 10, trained replacement at 7 and still there is no enough money. Just wanted to share on what I am seeing. Great work.
  6. i64man


    I second the comments of CPT JLP. This game is simply addictive. I have played both sides CSA & Union at Colonel, BG and working my way through MG as the CSA (using Johnny 13 mod) and I can't get enough of this game.
  7. This MOD looks great. I have finished the campaigns for both the Union and the CSA at Colonel and Brigader level..... currently making my way through as the Union on MG level... but after finding this, I will restart the campaign to give this mod a try. Excellent!
  8. i64man

    Cold Harbor as CSA

    I am going to start by saying something everyone here already knows, the game is awesome and addicted. I completed the whole campaing for both the CSA and the Union at Colonel level and currently playing as CSA in Brigadier General. I have been reading the forum constantly and seeing what people say about scaling but I thought it couldn't be that bad, until I beat the Union at Gettysburg on day 1. So you have an idea how I have done so far on the major battles only starting after the 2nd Bull Run: Battle Union Infantry Losses CSA Infantry Losses 2nd Bull Run 29,842 8,448 Fredericksburg 45,288 12,902 Stones River 41,415 23,759 Chancerllorsville 24,602 11541 Gettysburg 17,023 6,701 After this battle, I see their strength increase to something between 122K to 127K before the Chikamugua (sorry for the spelling) battles. After the battle: Chickamugua 52,570 25739 Now, I am getting ready to start CH and notice that their strength increase again to somewhere in the neighborhood of 152 - 157K. I only have 3 corps with around 31 - 33K troops total. Any suggestions on how to tackle CH once I finish the ancilliary battles will be appreciated.
  9. Major Grigg, I agree wholeheartly with you, but even an announcement for the new game, it would only increase our collective "guidiness" about the new game.
  10. i64man

    UG Civil War’s Future

    On the subject of the UG topic, does anyone would know or have an idea when the announcement on which is the next game would be made?
  11. I suggest to only use veterans on your high end units, 2 or 3 stars, and the rest go with rookies. that way you will have enough money to refit all or most of your units. Also, ensure that your 2 or 3 start units you have enough rifles to cover the refit, otherwise it will be very expensive. You can alleviate the hit on those units by putting career points into training (reduces the cost of veteran replaces by up to 25%) and medicine (which in the later fights is key for your core units)
  12. As the Conf you have to watch your manpower as in the later stages of the game the Union will have more men available.
  13. Hi Mukreim, I live in Germany and love this game as well.... how to tackle Antietam as a Conf, on the opening moves, I moved my army to the trees around the Church. Set up a good defensive line with artillery behind and a second line of fresh troops to move in and replace the troops in the trees. Keep an eye for Union cavalry on the left side as they will sneak behind you. Once the timer expire and the second mission goal open up, move at least 3 bde's of infantry supported by artillery to the bridge on the right and ambush the Union forces. Keep an eye for their reinforcements moving from the top of the map. When the last objective open, there is another bridge that the Union will use, place some troops on the high ground with Artillery support. Keep an eye on the previous ambush site and the Union reinforcement..... watch your troops on the church and if you have a good defense, you should win.... the key is the ambush on the bridge as you can wipe out a good chunk of that second corp. As for the 2nd Bull run, pretty much the same, move all your troops from the stone walls and into the trees... form a defensive line with artillery support and let the union come to you.
  14. i64man

    UG Civil War’s Future

    UG Napoleon, would be most interesting. Not to mention the wealth of battles starting from the Italian and African campaigns, the Russian invasion, and just all the battles across Europe and then there is the naval component that goes with UG Napoleon.
  15. i64man

    UG Civil War’s Future

    And just like CSX4451 said, I couldn't agree more. Excellent game, in depth, strategic and fun. I would pay for more content hands down. But since for the Devs the game is finished and it seems that they are going to focus on the next game, whether is a sequel or a complete different era all together, I am sure we all will be looking and waiting. But, just out of curiosity, does anyone have an idea on what the next game will be?
  16. i64man

    2nd Bull Run Campaign Questions

    One strategy I used before is to sneak a unit of scrimishers with sniper rifles on the right side of the map across the river and snipe them from there while pounding the unit at that position with artillery. Once they break, rush 2 bde forward and take over their position and wait for their counter attack. Once I have their attention I move another couple of units next to the first two and expand the front. Once they break, I swing two more from behind my line into the woods and sweep right to left.
  17. i64man

    CSA Recruitment

    Just like Capt Hutch says cover is key... I have 3x corps with 4 division and 6 brigades each... each corps is around 33K plus each and starting my 4 corp for the Washington campaing as the CSA. One thing to consider in your initial setup, for my CSA campaign, I concentrated in Politics, Medicine and logistic and putting points into Army management until I got to 2K men brigades. Max medicine works wonder when you pass Malvern Hill and start the bigger battles and logistic ensure that you have plenty of ammo for you cannons and infantry. Te rest is conserve your manpower and utilize cover. By the way, I am playing on Brigadier General.
  18. i64man

    UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Two new battles.... and Gettysburg day 1 a whole lot of a bigger map. I just finished this battle on my CSA campaing, I guess is time to start that fight again
  19. i64man

    UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Hjalfnar, thanks a lot for the clarification.
  20. i64man

    UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Hi guys, one quick question, maybe reading the prior post in this threat might had me somewhat confuse... are the what if battles for Washington and Richmond after Cold Harbor still part of the game right?
  21. i64man

    Questions about weapons and supplies

    Alucardpg, I have been playing the game for a while and although by no means I am an expert, I am also no a rookie. I will share my two cents worth on your questions. 1. I have seen that weapons do carry over from battle/campaign to the next. The question is for how long. On my first campaign as CSA, I had the option to by 150 Withword Sniper rifles, I didn't and don't remember how long after that, the option disappeared. So, if you can buy a weapon, buy it and it is on your armory for when you need it. 2. I think so; going back to the sniper rifle, In another campaign, I saw them, bought them and use then. I was able to fill a whole Skrimisher unit of 500 with those weapons 3. I disagree in the same that it does make sense capturing the enemy supply wagons, because you can use them during your battle. What I do is, as soon as I start a battle, I place my supply wagon on do not issue mode and save it for when it is needed. As soon as I capture an enemy wagon, I start using their supplies ensuring that my units do not run out of ammo at critical moments.
  22. i64man

    Lander's Road - Ultimate General: Civil WAAR

    This guide is very well thought and prepared. Are you also planing one for the CSA?
  23. i64man

    UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    It will auto update
  24. i64man

    UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Awesome work Nick.
  25. I only use my cavalry to attack artillery and steal supply