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  1. Its good to have an ability to say to the fleet ships exactly where to go and what to do, in battle. Often i had a situation, where my fleet ships, despite being told to escape, turn to the enemy and against the wind! Its so frustrating. Maybe an ability to give fleet ships directions on the map where to go exaxtly would fix this.
  2. when rediii joined russia, people where sure, that Navoc would attack here and there and then switch to the enemy. Now Navoc is GB, so dont see the quote above as a joke Oh rediii, you dishonest small battle genius.
  3. Poryv

    NPC Fleets Dependencies

    Thanks Those, which spawn at nation capitals, do they go straight route, or from port to port or from region capials to region capitals?
  4. Poryv

    NPC Fleets Dependencies

    Hello everyone, how to figure out, where big NPC fleets with high BR spawn more often? What does it depend on?
  5. Poryv

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    I present to you the ZERG Map by Horatio Hornblower
  6. Might you please provide a proper evidence, that NW and Anolytic are liars? I am in a russian nation and i carefully read the forums: I dont see your point. Maybe you can do a separate post about it somewhere in forums, so we dont spam it here. When you only reply like this: "hahahahaha, see yourself" its seem just, that you dont have any arguments.
  7. Poryv

    Naval Action Meme collection

  8. Poryv

    Naval Action Meme collection

  9. Poryv

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    Russia still has no alliances, but spanish clan 7UP and russian clan BETEP are still good friends and helping each other. pls read this: http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26893-enemy-players-taking-up-spots-on-defending-side-of-hostility-mission/?tab=comments#comment-581092 http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26893-enemy-players-taking-up-spots-on-defending-side-of-hostility-mission/?tab=comments#comment-581060
  10. anyway, thank you for you help in russian nation, BETEP enjoyed sailing and communicating with you. I wish you good luck with the brits. Its good to see able commanders make britain strong again.
  11. oh, Navoc is leaving russia?
  12. Is this a Navoc bashing post? If not: We were pinned down by pruss 2 days ago near La Tortue. Asked Navoc for help. They did not asked how many the enemies are but where. 30 sec later they jumped out of La Tortue on 1st rates. 10/10 clan, would take them to russia again.
  13. Poryv

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Fate whispers to the french: "There's a storm coming for you" At Roseau