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  1. Thanks for the big up. We enjoy mixing it up with the big boys in our small ships. Hopefully the US can grow again and that's better for all of us and the game. 😁
  2. Crow

    Reduce the crew numbers on the indiaman

    That's a 4th rate.
  3. Crow

    login battle exploit

    Whole server went down tonight. What we can't fight for x amount of minutes because of cheats. Report them. Screeshots video etc. If I log on after working all day I want to fight. Not wait to fight because of cheats. This game is ruled by cheating exploiting Bstatds and all good ideas get poo pooed because of possible abuse. Pathetic.
  4. Crow

    Prussia and Pirate Peace Dealings

    Deal! @Ferrus Pugnum would take very good care of Deadman's and that's very nice of you. But we still cant accept your surrender, we simply don't have the dock space for all your ships. 😁 ^ pirate humour.
  5. Crow

    Prussia and Pirate Peace Dealings

    Well, speaking for BLACK, we don't want any ports. Don't need them. We will continue to hunt all over the map regardless of any 'pirate nation' deal. We are pirates, tis what we do. Any private cease fire deals we enter into as a clan, will remain....private.
  6. its a good read Efendi. 😁
  7. Was a good fight and nice to see a privateer handled so well. If ever you wish to hoist the black, your more than welcome.
  8. Crow

    predator of the requin needed

    This post made me laugh too. Jack, don't bother, you can't help some people. @Captain Reverse said this was the weakest ship in his opinion a while back. The nerfed Requin is only a threat if you don't know how to counter it and some people just don't like it no matter how bad it is.
  9. Crow

    Using basic cutters to deny opponent PVP Marks

    Yep. Sink them all. To many ALTS to know if they are new players or not.
  10. Yeah I like this idea. it has been suggested before but people keep harking back to the days when ai could attack players but done correctly this could be good for immersion.
  11. Crow

    Bring back Outlaw Battles!

    I think the incredible amount of ALTS in the game and name changing DLC unfortunately rules out outlaw battles now. All that would happen is nationals would have a pirate alt and would just constantly attack other pirates for cheap PvP with no comeback or consequences. You can't police it if players can change their names after an attack.
  12. Crow

    [PvP] Post battle XP rewards

    You should get PvP and gold depending on damage dealt not whether you win or lose. That would be an incentive for PvP.
  13. Crow

    Naval Action Repair Calculator

    This is awesome. Well done mate ! 😀
  14. Crow

    Bring back Outlaw Battles!

    Several people in game have mentioned to me that pirate ALTS would be a free for all on pirates. I can see now that could be a huge game abuse. Attacking other pirates for easy kills rather than grudges etc would be pretty crappy really.