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  1. Old Crusty

    Mission changes

    I know I am fairly new to the forums but I haven’t seen a threat that states problems with the patrol zones and how to fix them. Must not be talked about much.
  2. Old Crusty

    Mission changes

    I am looking forward to trying these changes. They look very promising.
  3. Old Crusty

    Deliveries between your own outposts.

    This is my first mmo besides World of Tanks
  4. Old Crusty

    Deliveries between your own outposts.

    You call attacking trade ships a PvP fight? Maybe that is all you can win against? The problem with this is the player thT gets his trader sunk or taken gets no PvP reward.
  5. Old Crusty

    Deliveries between your own outposts.

    I think this all has merit. I would add that the player should be able to select the Nation flag of the trader, or have an option of available traders. Then I would allow for the hire of escort ships that would be in the traders fleet. I spend 2 and a half hours on one trip from Charleston on a weekly basis. It is to much to spend just sailing. It has no “fun” value that encourages me to want to play the game. I believe that we lose some of our player base for this very reason.
  6. Old Crusty

    Little things you'd like to see

    I am sorry if this has been covered before. Clan docks. I should be able to build ships for other clan members and have a way to give it to them without us both being in game at the same time. A clan dock would allow that.
  7. Old Crusty

    Gallant Points

    And how long do you think it will be before there is a DLC ship of every rate? DLC ships will ruin this game. I agree that the labor hour timer needs work, but since you can buy labor hours with combat marks already, there should not be another combat “coin” for labor hours. Instead any addition to labor hours should come from crafting and trading.
  8. Old Crusty

    Cut PB Timer cost

    You may not realize this, but this is not World of Tanks, World of Warships, or even Warthunder. This game is so much deeper than sail your ship into battle and when the battle is over , do it again. In the other games the ONLY way to make gold is in battle or buy it with real money. ALL there is to these other games is combat. That is it. PvP is all that these other games have. If that is all that you want out of a game then there are plenty of them out there. Most of the rest of us want a much deeper experience in the game. In order to have that we cannot be out PvPing all the time. We need to sail trader ship and run from the mind numbing people that have no clue that there is more than PvP in this game. If you like the combat in this game then help figure out how to get and keep more players in the game.
  9. Old Crusty

    Cut PB Timer cost

    I am fairly new to port battles but I do believe that any lowering in the cost of the timer should have an equal effect on the length of the timer. The less you pay, the longer the port battle window is. Old Crusty
  10. Old Crusty

    Grief Fleets

    Very well said and is the sentiment of many players. If you are going to farm PvP marks by jumping into people’s battles or simply picking on smaller ships, you should be aware that there is a price to be paid when you are caught. If that price is your valuable time then so be it. You always have the option to turn and fight to your death or to surrender.
  11. Old Crusty

    Little things you'd like to see

    Capturing of trader vessels was not dishonorable as long as you soared the life of the crew. It was considered part of war. I am referring to conduct of fairness in battle that has been around for centuries in a lot of cultures. Start here. I learned most of what I know from text books in school and reading history books. Unfortunately I am not as familiar with internet use as younger people. Here is a place to start. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chivalry
  12. Old Crusty

    Little things you'd like to see

    You really should know something about Warfare in this era before you say these things. Protecting your honor and that of your Nation was just as important as winning. This attitude started to slowly change after Napoleon.
  13. Old Crusty

    Little things you'd like to see

    In the age of sail, Honor, personal and national, was an extremely huge thing. The Captain of a ship of war that attacked and defeated a ship that they clearly outmatched was not looked upon favorably by anyone including captains and politicians of their own country. Same went for the commander of a squadron of ships that attacked a much smaller squadron. PvP rewards should reflect this even to the point of taking away PvP rewards for attacking enemy ship while grossly out numbering them. If 5 British Frigates chased down a single French Frigate, the Captain ( or Admiral ) of the British Squadron would choose a single ship to fight the French. That was honorable. The Captain of a Frigate constantly hunting Brigs would be looked down upon. Captains PvP rewards should reflect their honor. A Captain with a high honor rating would get better rewards ( this is very realistic if you look at prestige and job offers Captains got at home because of reflecting well upon the Nation ) and Captains that have a low honor rating would get less. And finally a Captain with a negative honor rating would lose things from their Captains chest and face the possibility of being ejected from the County. old Crusty
  14. Old Crusty

    "Sandbox" Training Room

    A training room will help a great deal training people to sail and cooperate together in battle. It will also help train new battle callers. I already know the gankers and Devs response. That is what fleet battles are for. Of course the problem with that is enemy players jumping into your battle.
  15. Old Crusty

    Hercules ship feedback

    So you have a deceptive and false BR so it can get into port battles? I’m sorry but really? How lazy is that? Simple fix is change criteria for entering deep and shallow PB. Give the Hurc a 6th rate rating and allow 6th rates and lower in shallow water battles.