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    OW Disconnect problem

    I asked them again, and my 3 clan mates were close to the brits´ white circles, actually able to attack in a matter of seconds, or a minute at worst, so definitely not out of visual range... They also wrote a bug report, but that´s probably no evidence whatsoever ^^
  2. Gott365

    OW Disconnect problem

    I´m sorry I have no hard evidence, but my clan mate was close enough for them to not get out of visual range... anyway they haven´t been around for the first time, so it´s likely we get a chance to bring evidence next time
  3. Gott365

    OW Disconnect problem

    Hey there, we had an issue with two british guys from FIRST clan, MassimoSud and Pedro Cabral: They hunted some spanish traders in the Vera Cruz area, which is fine, and sank some as well, but when some spanish gathered and started hunting them in fast ships, they turned around, ran and disappeared right on the spot (in sight of the spanish, both at the same time and with full sails)... I think there was a safety measure to prevent getting attacked in OW when you get disconnected from the internet, and I´m pretty sure those two used that to prevent getting hunted and eventually sunk, which is not only really sad, but should be bannable from my understanding. kind regards Gott365