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  1. Lets make it fun again. I hereby call upon the new fir/fir-4th-rate-fireship-meta! Oh, and btw: Can we maybe get to give our fleet ships separate commands?
  2. Depends on how much slack the ropes have, but you´re right nonetheless. It´s a game after all
  3. Thing is, as Banished mentioned, last (split) second changing options is way too unrealistic. Maybe changing options in the last 3 seconds should be impossible, so that one can prepare for the next round. Or maybe the last second change should be punished even heavier, speaking of 90 prep for an attack in the last second, whereas defend should stay at the 20 it is atm. For realism/immersion, as defender you can see the attackers coming, and prepare for another 1 or 2 seconds. Same goes for Musket salvo etc.: All the offensive ranged attacks can be set to around 60-70 prep, whereas Brace mainly is ducking when you see the enemie´s musket barrels, so staying at about 10 prep. Or you overthrow this alltogether and make it a RTS minigame
  4. I still think the idea of changing the boarding was fine, because until there are no muskets in battle apart from boarding, you can´t keep someone from hugging, if he wants to. My idea would be to make boarding possible for two separate cases: 1. At speed up to say 8-10kn, but only with a difference of say 1-1.5kn, and maybe only at certain angles (broadside-broadside would be the ideal showcase). This way huggers could be punished, without losing realism, because a speed difference of 4kn or higher in real life would have just caused the ropes to snap, or the brackets to break when the ships moved on (bc they would not take down sails in an instant). But when your relative speed is quite close, boarding may actually be possible. 2. Rules as they are now: At low speed of about 3.5kn, but with a larger difference in speed allowed. The other changes are fine to me, bc Requinn was just massively overcrewed for its unlimited range on OW. Still, moving it to 5th rates would´ve been fine with me aswell... Another issue I have is with determined defender: Either you make it useful, as it was with 30% crew difference, and maybe nerf it down to 15-20%, if that´s necessary (which it wasn´t imo), or you delete it as a whole, but the way it is now, it´s just useless. Determined defender should protect you from getting boarded, and it did effectively, but this efficiency got removed entirely. Balancing with a fourty ton truck instead of a slight push becomes annoying at times...
  5. Gott365

    Tremendously stupid AI

    DISCLAIMER: OFF TOPIC :) Best example would be @Thonys idea, I guess. Apart from that you could see the spanish Galleons as predecessor of the Indiamans (what is the correct plural on that lol), and since Wapen and Inger are rather "old" ships, maybe we could get one of those later built and trade-fitted Galleons aswell, e.g. later Manila-Galleons. Now that I searched for some time, it´s actually rather difficult to find ships like these...but I found some: HMS Madras (1795, 56gun armed transport, originally built as East Indiaman with 1400ish tonnage), HMS Weymouth (1795, same story as above, 28x18pdrs, 28x32pdr carros) and some more ships like these. I mainly found those british ships, but I guess there are some more of different nations aswell... hope that´s enough at a first glance to satisfy your curiosity :D
  6. Gott365

    Tremendously stupid AI

    That aswell, but my point firstly was to fix the AI ^^ Buffing Indiaman and LGV would be nice, though. I mean, the Indiamen were supposed to sail from Europe to the West Indies or to the Caribbean and back. They therefore were actually well armed and armoured, so that they single handedly could fight off attacks. The ingame traders are far away from that, only matching the numbers in crew.
  7. Gott365

    Tremendously stupid AI

    So, I got ganked by pirates, LGV Refit and Requinn, all fine with that. Had good upwind position, Requinn had to join later, no problem. Had three traders, one at my left side a little behind me, two at my right, a little infront. I ordered my traders to demast and chained the Refit in my Inger to about 70%. After that, I ordered them to follow me, since I wanted to escape with the wind. The two traders at my right would just set sail and more or less keep their relative position, the one on the left made something that stupid, that it caused me to write this. My Inger was downwind from the AI´s perspective, so no excuses. And when I gave the "follow me" order, we sailed side by side, about 200m away, the Refit behind enough to not get in the way. It turned *away* from me, *through* the wind, and *to* the Refit, which would then get close and cut the trader off of me. I think this is what AI thought: "Noone has ever done that, noone has EVER done that in the history of NA!" Or simply: "yolo." This is just another evidence of the insanely stupid AI, and you have to admit that. I think we can agree on that: Either the devs need to make the AI much more intelligent (fixing targeting and pathing logic e.g.) or give the players something a little more solid to command the AI. For the later, I´d suggest something like a "Move there" option for the in fight map menu, so that AI just goes there. No what´s, no if´s, just simply moves the bowsprit in the direction, and sets sail, disregarding wind and obstacles all along. *Maybe* it should try to dodge something in its way, but from what I saw, better don´t give the AI any room to think itself. I know that NA is more or less supposed to be a simulation, but a guy, with a long pole and a pennant attached onto it waving to a direction, should be easy enough to imagine. As always, good winds gentlemen, o7
  8. Gott365

    Forts still shoot green on green

    Wasn´t meant to be adressing you Heth, but rather the devs ^^
  9. Gott365

    Forts still shoot green on green

    Excuse me, but why am I even allowed to pick a nation I want to assist in the fight, then? If you want the forts to behave that way, you should stop making it a 1v1 of nations, but rather a battle "free for all", where everyone keeps their nationality. I see a lot of reports on the tribunal regarding green on green; if you want to keep the current system, forts should be bound to this just as players are. I guess if you can implement the option to disable the fort at all, you can also simply fix the targeting AI, so it stops FF. I´d rather have the fort not shooting at all, than a fort trying to shoot the enemy, but hitting me instead. Forts firstly are there for the protection of their nation, and I think they just lose their purpose, when they sink more friendlies than enemies. And for fights infront of a third nation fort: Why not just disable the fort at all, like in PVE against AI fleets?
  10. So I wanted to help a US player against several French in a Snow infront of a US owned port. US player managed to get to his square fort, with a French ship chasing him and me stern camping the French guy. All went well, at first, but then the fort startet shooting at me. Guess how many volleys the fort needed to obliterate me? @Developers, cmon guys, is it that hard to fix this? My solution for targeting AI would be something like that: GET: target-flag IF: target = friendly THEN: do not fire IF: target = enemy THEN: do fire And while we are at it, and because I experienced it myself: GET: line of fire IF: friendly = in line of fire THEN: do not shoot IF: friendly = not in line of fire THEN: do shoot Also made bug reports about these events, but got no answer yet (I know not all of them are answered, but I´d like to get that feedback...). Good winds, gentlemen, o7
  11. Gott365

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Maybe you should try reading my posts before again. Maybe you then will get my point. But from this reaction I know, that you did not get it yet, or are simply trying to undermine it. I´ll refrain from giving my opinion on that.
  12. Gott365

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Just had another proof of exactly this: A lonely pirate player in a Herc tried to attack me and my clan mate. Now that´s nothing of importance, right? Well, the fact we both had a fleet of 3 medium ships with us (he couldn´t know it was 3 armed Indiamen each), and were in Bellona and Constitution respectively, might be of importance. What I´m trying to say is: The fact, that he was in a Herc, gave this guy the confidence to get into a battle, which he could not possibly win (and I guess, we all agree on that). He didn´t get to attack us, bc of the BR difference, but he tried several times, and followed us for a couple of minutes. Now if that guy hadn´t nothing to lose, but much to win, would anyone think he would´ve done that? Tried to solo 8 ships at once? I guess nobody would, apart from some madmen who, again, would not care about losing their ship. I guess that´s enough to clearly state and strengthen my point, that I mentioned earlier.
  13. Gott365

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Excuse me? I haven´t asked for that...check your PMs @admin ^^
  14. Gott365

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    You may guess what you like, but no. I only lost 1 trader (Indiaman), and not bc of the herc, but bc a square fort kept shooting at me, while I was boarding the Herc, but I was between fort and Herc. And since then I only go trading with a battle ship as main, mostly Connie, but Frigates and Bellona aswell. And most of them weren´t lo/wo...