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  1. BuckleUpBones

    PvP Heat Map

    Heat map would be great to know where not to be. 😎
  2. BuckleUpBones

    Development plans for the H2 2018

    I get the feeling that vets want to populate the PvP server with PvE players... "for their content !!!" Personally I don’t think mainstream PvE players playing in a PvP server is ever going to work, vs environment content in a PvP server is ok, so merging servers/closing down PvE server would see more players leave, unretained, best to keep us happy and wait for some of us to move into the PvP world, at our leisure. 100+ PvE server players weekends and it’s about 1/3 of PvP weekend count, so I disagree about it being a waste.
  3. BuckleUpBones

    Development plans for the H2 2018

    Chatting with PvE server players, some of them think there/our server will be close down, mainly due to 18 month trial period ending. With extra PvE content it is not clear if it is designated for PvP/PvE server or for both, “both” meaning that the PvE server will stay live and supported on release.
  4. BuckleUpBones

    Development plans for the H2 2018

    I’ve reached Real Admiral, crafted 1st rates and played 300+ hours. But now I find myself going to port to port trying to find something to do. Since the last patch it seems that there is even fewer NPCs. Going to wait for the UI/next content update. PvE Feedback.
  5. BuckleUpBones

    Patrol Mission BR Limit

    Well that the thing, no other limits noted. Also I took a Ingermanland into a patrol and scored damage. Developers, since no one knows or haven’t responded then the patrol description must be incorrect. Patrols missions don’t show the ship rate limit and/or the BR limit is noted wrongly.
  6. BuckleUpBones

    Confused about “griefing”

    For Crusty, one citizen to another... Well I understand all the jargon having played games since Doom and Red Alert, all types of MMOs, genre and meta. Where most are happy with the victory, some dwellers are in it for the infliction, that defines “griefers” for me. For them you have to have a somewhat “Thick Skin” approach. For developers, Crusty is quite right in bring this subject to light for I can see parallels with another game, Conan Exiles, similar meta, forum, griefers have what they need. I’ve just canvas CE forums, the playerbase is GONE! oh dear.
  7. BuckleUpBones

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    I am too following and have a query... You’ve mention “funnel” placement and "hull shapes", could or would this be related to machinery placement? like opening up the hulls for placement. E.g. coal furnace’s, oil burners, engines, to spec horse power generation, speeds, turret turn rate etc, etc, etc… or totally aesthetic? if a ship building RTS genre then maybe internal structures would be interesting and/or applicable to the genre, same for fuel, fuel capacity, etc oil tanks, coal bays. Machinery layouts influence ship arrangements/armaments, funnels were practical (ha obviously), in-game practicality would make some sense too.
  8. BuckleUpBones

    Patrol Mission BR Limit

    A few times I’ve taken a Bucentaure into patrol missions, missions with 4000 BR limit, but no damage was scored. Is Bucentaure bugged in regards to scoring damage? Or should the mission BR limit actually be noted as 400?
  9. BuckleUpBones

    Best New Player Support Idea Yet! +1 -1 rank limit.

    That’s the current system, a division in the forum says it’s not working. I don’t think stopping ganking is the point, populating PvP server by letting new players get a foothold is. At commodore it’s all open slaughter anyway, +1 -1.
  10. BuckleUpBones


    Happens all the time, another dirty tick is they to invite you into a clan, take all your stuff and boot you out, all hard lessons.
  11. BuckleUpBones

    Realm versus Realm (RvR) on PvE server - it's possible with this concept

    Unfortunately I have to agree, as a PvE player I do feel the bias. However I don’t believe this is indicative of GameLabs, I have seen somewhere a statement to the effect that the PvE server(s) will not be shutdown, but alias not much else encouragement. People do play both PvE and PvP you all know!
  12. BuckleUpBones

    Best New Player Support Idea Yet! +1 -1 rank limit.

    Not really, won't be risk free travel since players would be attacked by their peers. The forum is complaining about player retention, there may have to be concessions, somewhere, as it stands, tormenting by vets on newbies is a big problem/worry, for new players at least. "Alts aren't in the spirited of game either." its likely on release most players won't use alts. PS, not by ship rating, player rank only.
  13. I’ve been canvasing the indexes but can’t find them, they don’t seem to be very easily assessable.
  14. BuckleUpBones

    Best New Player Support Idea Yet! +1 -1 rank limit.

    To clarify, PvE has nothing to do with this thread.
  15. BuckleUpBones

    Best New Player Support Idea Yet! +1 -1 rank limit.

    Could you elaborate?