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    Nerf all Mods to promote NA

    Squeezing ship upgrades and skill books to a point where they become negligible and immaterial, effectively eliminates one of the games' core ladder components. This I suspect is the case on the PVE server. Naval Action's limited content is not going to be served well if you reduce part of this content to a level where it becomes pointless to achieve.
  2. Ortac

    Sealed Bottle Cargo

    Hmmm, but you can't select individual items in each shipwreck hull to salvage. It's an all-or-nothing business.
  3. Ortac


    I've owned Naval Action for the best part of two years, and I still don't know what bonus(es) Marines actually provide in the boarding mini-game. - Morale? - Muskets and Pistols damage bonus? - Defense damage limitation bonus? - Anything else? Advices would be welcome. Cheers.
  4. I had exactly the same problem with Firefox. Switched to a simpler browser "Pale Moon", and problem was solved.
  5. Ortac

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    All in all, the new UI is a big step up from the old one. Just one observation - Can no longer see which county I am sailing in, which in the event of long haul or low visibility or sailing well offshore and unable to identify navigation marks, can make traversing the map a lot more "Hit and Miss".
  6. Ortac

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    I'm UK. Also got booted in middle of battle. I'll be very unhappy if I lose my ship.