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    Cold Harbor as CSA

    I am guessing that is what happened.. Anyway, in the long run the Union was thumped. (BG level); great mod you guys put out, the game is still challenging, but proper tactics will win the day now.
  2. BCH

    Cold Harbor as CSA

    The timer is a bit funky.. I thought I had taken and held the Northernmost VP before the timer ran out and still lost.. but it was close, perhaps time had run out.
  3. BCH

    Cold Harbor as CSA

    Looks like one needs to take Magnolia Woods and hold it to get past the first left flank.
  4. BCH

    Cold Harbor as CSA

    Just replayed the game.. defended the right flank and did not take Old Cold Harbor purposely. The game moves to the left flank battle; apparently the game is not giving me credit for holding the left flank on the first battle there. I did not take (nor attempt to take) the two Union VP locations. The after battle report shows the left flank as not being successfully defended despite not losing the CSA VP location. I don't remember needing to take and hold the Union VP locations to move to the next phase after the first left flank battle.
  5. BCH

    Cold Harbor as CSA

    "If you haven't captured old cold harbor, still control the central breastworks, and haven't taken too many casualties when the timer hits 0 the battle should move to the left flank. Assuming you don't capture victory points early and don't take too many loses the battle should keep switching between the left and right flank and extend to 3 days. " Just took two losses (game over type) with the first left flank battle; took almost no casualties, and while still holding the central breastworks, etc. If anything, the battle met the draw requirements. Any ideas?
  6. ..and with the ability now to give those skirmisher units higher end rifles.. you essentially have created a unit like the period British Rifle Battalion (60th Rifles, etc.) Give them perks that allow them to move quickly and fire accurately and even a 500 man unit can significantly impact your battles.
  7. My experimentation with it indicates not much of an issue in regards to balance; it does seem to mean that when dismounted, they stay put. Quite able to defend when dismounted; one can imagine a round of pistol shot at close range, and then sabre and pistol butts to drive back attackers.
  8. going to find out tonight how they do dismounted with pistol and sabre
  9. Standard Palmetto M1842 Pistol and Sabre
  10. {Cavalry is actually very ineffective against other brigades in melee.} Most likely depends upon the time period.. here is a quote from a French Officer who ran afoul of the Scots Greys at Waterloo Colonel Duthilt, leading a regiment in Marcognet's Division wrote this: 'Just as I was pushing one of my men back into the ranks I saw him fall at my feet from a sabre slash. I turned round instantly to see English cavalry forcing their way into our midst and hacking us to pieces. Just as it is difficult, if not impossible, for the best cavalry to break into infantry who are formed into squares and who defend themselves with coolness and daring, so it is true that once the ranks have been penetrated, then resistance is useless and nothing remains for the cavalry to do but to slaughter at almost no risk to themselves....And so we found ourselves defenceless against a relentless enemy who, in the intoxication of battle, sabred even our drummers and fifers without mercy.' of course the subsequent attack on French guns, while successful in that they took the guns, resulted in their horses and riders being too exhausted to extricate themselves and required aid from light cavalry.. anyway I digress {The skirmisher/cavalry retreat logic is somewhat tied to the units effective and spotting ranges. I've played around with it a bit, but the system is complex enough that the only noticeable results I've gotten are units flee from everything or never run from anything. } That accounts for cavalry's actions if it is tied to effective and spotting range. I did note last night during day 1 of Chancellorsville, that Melee cavalry can dismount; has that always been a feature or is it part of the mod?
  11. {Cavalry could probably use a very soft boost. It works as-is, but needs a lot of micro. } A lot of micro is putting it mildly... I am not sure it is possible, but I would like to see the following for cavalry: 1. Road formation as in a column; with less fatigue while in column (Horses will out walk grunts any day). (some sources have estimated civil war cavalry at 4 miles and hour (walk)as an average). 2. Ability to detach "skirmishers" (true scouts); 1-2% of total troop 3. Slightly increased Melee defense against infantry in the open; horses have a great sense of self preservation, if they see you coming and perceive you to be a threat, you will be literally launched. I am not suggesting that CW cavalry was as specifically trained as in Europe. 4. Slightly increased view range in wooded sections; sitting on a horse puts you above the under brush. 5. Reduce the 'self preservation' of cavalry; I put you on that ridge for a reason, I do not need you to move just because you spotted the enemy. Overall, the Rebalance Mod is great. Just held the farm at Chancellorsville on the first day as the Union, II Corp of 30k held outnumbered 3 to 1 against a strong CSA attack (lots of CSA 3k Brigades) to the left middle and left flank of my lines. Survived by pulling every other brigade from the right flank area, and sending them to the far left flank as the CSA tried to enfilade that flank. Thanks J & P for your hard work.