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    Testbed - Teleport fees

    I heard that this patch should support a 'functioning economy' ? I lived as trader in the Carribean for a while, but the way I traded in the past wouldn't be possible in the future, because I didn't get DOUBLOONS as trader, so no Teleport (at least with extreme costs) ! In reality a trading company has an intelligent clerk in each outpost which decides what good to sell and what to trade by himself. The extremely limited number of contracts with absolut no possibility of configuration is no equivalent to the reality. If I couldn't play the intelligent clerk in the outposts by myself, because of the teleport fees, the tradingsystem is a rotten tomato !! I don't understand what is the benefit of the teleport fees for the game itself, but on my opinion its the end of the balance between warriors and traders. I wouldn't sail 2h from Bluefields to San Jose only to see that the good from the trader tools is long gone. I would probably sail in a foreign game instead, or is the alternative of one account in each outpost the idea behind this (pushing the sales)
  2. Yeah, but the ballance of the new prices, resources and so on, is much more critical than the UI. So I didn't understand why the devs don't let us test this before it goes live. (The problems in the UI could be fixed one by one, but balance problems must be fixed all together) Better a lot of discussion before the update, as leaving players afterwards ...
  3. Resource Crafting: Crafted Fir and Oak, and no Compass Wood dropped. Is Compass Wood part of the material wipe or was it just very bad luck ?
  4. The first are the cummulative XP since start and the second only depending the next rank (diference between M&C and Post Captain). So I like this different display
  5. Building and Crafting: In Kingston (Oak and Fir) only Fir Forest is available after clicking 'Build'in the 'Select Building'-Dialog. No 'Shipyard', no 'Forge', no 'Academy'.and no 'Oak Forest' as before. Are there any new requirements added with the patch today ?
  6. I think this game requlres a lot of knowledge (which is desired), so a little bit more for satisfying different handling approaches is a good thing !
  7. Is it possible to Nickname the owned ships. If I had several ships of the same type in the dock its toilsome to find the right.
  8. Main Ship Shortcuts: Would it be possible to spare some of the clicks to hire the crew of the mainship. - Clicking on the hat: autonatically fill the main ships crew (and fleet ships if existing) , if money needed (for hiring) a confirm dialog, but thats all. - or in the Crew Panel, a button with (hiring and filling all)
  9. Trading-Offer: Trading from overloaded ship as source is not possible. Is this intended ?
  10. Seems that the Hull Repairs Blueprint is not consistent with the ship-crafting blueprints. To craft a ship I need a few trees, for the repair of a ship I need a whole forest ? Or is only 1 Hull Repair needed for the repair of one ship ?
  11. Yeah, but the total I can command as M&C is also 280 as shown in the left top corner as Max Crew
  12. When hiring new crew, the calculation of 'Total' is curious. (It shouldn't be higher then Max Crew ?)
  13. Hold Panel: Another context menu line 'send to local warehouse' will be useful. Sparing the opening of the warehouse panel when moving goods from ship to warehouse.
  14. Production Building - Collect Panel: The calculation of 'Max' didn't take the labour hour discount of level 2 and 3 into account.
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    It said 7x 5 rate and I had thaught the Gros Ventre is a 5th rate