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  1. Dear developpers, I think you were write the crafting needs a refactoring, but on my opinion this is the wrong direction. For people who want to sail a ship after a 3 clicks - therefore their is a shop ! The huge richness of details belonging to ship crafting was the charme of this game and makes it comfortable not only for doom- but also for anno-players. If you remove the intermediate materials there is no longer any challenge in managing the crafting and every 7-year-old midshipman could handle crafting a Victory. When I walk through the shipyard I could smell the teak planks and see the reflection of my petroleum lamp in the gold of the furnishings. I fear in the future I only smell the the plastic of my keypad and my mouse. A pity, just another software whith a bunch of missed chances. What will be next, a 'Kill-Button' which appears after 1 minute of NPC-battles to decrease the mouse-clicks at sea ?
  2. Schwabbel

    New "Special" Trims

    Dear Developers, why don't you create the same mechanisms with ship experience for crafting as for battle. For each type of ship crafting XPs enable book based knowledge of advanced crafting abilities (for example trim types). So the 20th Bellona will be better than the first because of the gained experience. This would lead to a specialisation of the crafters on 'their' types of ship (as in reality, noone built trader brigs and first rates at the same level) If you use the same mechanisms as for battling (knowledge, books) you could reuse code structures. In a second step built-in upgrdes coud be integrated via special books in this mechansims also.