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    Android/IOS NA-app

    I can advise a good free service https://ukareacodes.org/ for reverse phone look up. I hope this helps you.
  2. Taetm26

    Combat tutorial feedback

    In general, a linguistic ability is my weak side. Therefore, my knowledge of language localization is rather superficial too. However, I needed to implement it. Thanks to the company, which deals with game localization I had a successful experience in it.
  3. Taetm26

    The issue related to localization

    oh, you are right
  4. Taetm26

    The issue related to localization

  5. Taetm26

    The issue related to localization

    This website specializes on professional online translation https://alconost.com/en/services/technical-translation. They offer to translate any of your products into more than 60 languages.Does any company use their services?
  6. попробуй поискать еще на Флибусте. Боюсь ссылку вставлять, еще подумают что спам)
  7. тоже вспомнилось продолжение этой истории, но уже ее упомянули, спасибо. Далеко не все знают этот материал)
  8. не помню где, но недавно где то читал о том что заработная плата судостроителей во времена Петра 1 зависила от колличества вооружения на корабле
  9. Taetm26

    Battle Coms simplified

    definitely agree with you