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  1. This would explain why I have not traditionally felt Shilo to be as hard as others have described. I have always gone with "# of units first, then fill" attitude, so this would benefit me a lot compared to someone who used a smaller number of units
  2. The spotting bonus from recon is beneficial and can ease many battles with more time for positioning. Just 4 points makes a large difference in the big picture. Also knowing when the perfect time to counter attack is one less guess to make. In addition every once in a while you get a free volley because you are aware of the enemy presence and they are not. It would seem one would need to invest in either 2-4 recon or skirmishers (of literally any kind) to get the most common bonus spotting range of 1000 totalish. Dedicated micro and money can get you more stars for your skirmishers so they can get a little more kills for the unit slot they occupy. Or you can burn a career point and have everyone see 50 more. Some strategies benefit much more for more extensive spotting then others but all benefit to at least an extra 200 bonus range I think.
  3. Excellent to hear on many fronts. Within a few weeks there will be great refinement on what was already a great start.
  4. Yes i think cav are better then skirmishers right now. Another knock against them is that due to how the weapon stats are set up now skirmishers tire while firing, while infantry hold steady or even ever so slightly can condition while firing (due to how firing occurs and units get larger). However with a bit a of irony i see myself getting a group eventually, those hunter rifles in my armory are free, and it is still rifle range...which meana by the last battle i can have one two star skirmisher group. Ha.
  5. I took a stab at trying to make a shilo video but video software playing for almost 2 hours but after the fact I learned didn't cooperate. But it was fun learning the ropes with a new playstyle. In this case I played with no saves, no pausing, just raw Real Time Strategy. I know it is not the mod's fault but the placement of units in Shilo is very, very counter intuitive. You would think that the first few units of each corp would start on their respective sides but if you follow this logic you could all the strong units on one side and all the weak units on another. Only trial and error would allow any degree of control on how reinforcements come out. On the other hand, isn't the point of Shilo as the Union is that your corps are a mess and you are just buying time as they all organize together? Skirmishers really sank in my eyes playing the battle non stop, warts and all. They hogged a lot of micro to get maybe 130 kills with 30 deaths. At the end, hunting for one unit of ranged cav along with the rest of the army (they were not isolated), they managed to get themselves ambushed and thus ended up with a 1:1 ratio with very expensive guns with very intense micro. The greenhorns with cheap muskets just out perform in every way. I will be restarting my campaign and have my single specialist unit be melee cav rather then skirmishing, they would get a lot more mileage.
  6. I intend to add cav into one of my two corps down the road. Having them mop up after the big blob drops the hammer should allow each charge an extra few hundred casualties. Right now i simply lack the space. Traditionally id use skirmishers but after elaborating myself here i see i really should just triple down and go all in on devastating charges. I have no doubt that 2 star skimishers can cause damage but 0 star cav can do the same with what i already got and while micro heavy in the charge they are safe left alone until needed. I will look forward to what they can do with two stars.
  7. One thing to note about guns is that logistics play a large role in keeping good stocks. I made it a point to have 3 in logistics at the start as union to ensure i have enough springfields, and even then for shilo i was still using about every gun i could field (such as the basic farmer and rebored muskets). Dealing with large enemy brigades is large. Which brings up a thing that the Union can do at least at BG. Double down ;). Throwing a green 4k counter charge with muskets led by general from front will stop even 2 stars with rifles if they cant bring in at least 3k. If the enemy is less then 1.5k then even exhausted 3k troops will fend them off as long as morale holds. I have my shilo game with lots of pictures in the works, but i may even make a video if someone experienced with making videos can point me in the direction of what program to get. Big brigrades are whittled away because maintaining condition is a big challenge. But i find a 3k melee blob with 1k rifle support is more effective then 2 2k groups who dont specialize in anything. They take casualities but at worst they come out even in k/d and their sheer mass can lead to 4:1 ratios against smaller groups. After their first battle they become monsters: one 2.7k group for shilo had one star yet 80 melee! Again, this is all BG. When i hear about the MG woes i become intimadated and a bit sad that it seems a more narrow range of tactics is used. Over time i hope that MG, being the bridge between BG and legendary, leans more towars BG so there isnt such a gulf between difficulty. All in all im having a blast. I should be set to play a lot this weekend and if i can get direction for a video i might whip one up.
  8. Yes I was referring to the second day with the train. I first did it in on Colonel in the traditional fashion of wiping every unit off the map and having the battle ending automatically similar to how on Shilo as Union if you can wipe out all the enemy units before the end of the day the match just ends rather then proceeding to the second day. The second time with BG I had the enemy have about one last infantry at about 50% strength and one last skirmishing group, so about 700 soldiers total left. I was surprised to see the game greet me with the post battle screen after holding the city for about 5 minutes (because if I waited much the game would boot me to game over), but I figured it was a bonus. New tactics are occurring and I hope to go into more detail on my next extended posts. If the readers here are interested I'll even put up pictures and make a mini AAR of sorts for a battle or two showcasing these tactics. I'm willing to put in the effort if there is an audience which would enjoy / benefit from it.
  9. I have played twice as Union up to just after Shilo, once with Colonel and once as BG. I am no where near as experienced as the players here, so thought I'd represent the more casual audience group. Colonel is right where you would want it to be. For someone who is able to do fairly well on BG vanhilla, Colonel is almost like a sandbox mode in that I can experiment with different combinations and the game is forgiving enough that I don't have to mash restart as I learn the new quirks. This also allowed me to learn new things, such as Battle of Philippi being able to skip the second day if you can manage to wipe out the enemy. Playing on BG, I am facing much more of a challenge and without the lessons taught from the Col campaign I'd have been in a world of hurt. It is this mode I'll focus my thoughts on since it is more toward what you want to balance to. I do want to point out though that while I know the campaign is going to be altered in the future, the relative difficulty for Col should not change. There are plenty of players not as skilled as I am and for them the level of difficulty will give them plenty of challenge. To put it another way: While the difficulty was forgiving for me I still had to learn lessons and never felt insulted by its ease. Even for more advanced players having a sandbox mode to try new tactics and such is valuable. Regarding BG, I was still able to do Philippi in one day. However, it took a lot more trial and error. The timer is not accurate and can cause a game over if the point isn't contested around 1700. After a reload I made sure to do so with about 80% of the enemy KIA or MIA. To my surprise the game decided victory was assured and the battle was over. Again it took a lot of trail and error to ensure I didn't accidentally take the city. Distress call, even with my reduced casualties due skipping the second day, was quite the challenge. I had to start by sending my two player groups with enhanced speed straight to the east bridge to cut off the forces there: If I sent forces without the speed perks they wouldn't make it in time. The two groups were able to lock down and annihilate the groups but it took 2 - 3 hours of combat combined with the leadership of the general to maintain high morale. That left the remaining forces to desperately skirmish with forces 3 times their size. It required a lot of skirmishing and otherwise tying up the forces to ensure that both forts were not taken before the reinforcements could arrive in good condition to fight. I still had to retreat from the northern fort and eventually take it back. It was a steep challenge. Bull Run was easier but would have been very punishing had I not developed new tactics unlike to this mod. To start, I had to move two of the three infantry groups far north and cross the river there. There was no way to dislodge the infantry guarding the closer river group and I just left a detachment of skirmishers to hold it so the enemy cavalry was kept in check but they did not engage. By the time the infantry crossed the river and was about 600 units away from the enemy I had them hold since they had >70% condition. By that point my own forces entered the field. I had them cross the river but did not have them immediately approach the treeline near the hill; doing so invited charges from 2 star groups who could trounce me in melee. Instead I used my horse artillery to draw and tire enemy forces and got 6 groups of infantry lined up to support each other, with further reinforcements going south to extend the front. Through a combination of stretching the lines and good counter charging + fire support I was able to grind and push out the forces there. By the time that effort was done Sherman was ready to move across the river so I had him and my two supporting groups push out the infantry along the river crossing and threaten the second objective. The enemy pulled back from the tentative position and overall it was much tamer, by the time the second phase of the battle started I had artillery and troops along the river and ready to push unto the second point. At this point of the match I had a 5:3 advantage and through superior firepower could push out the enemy for the rest of the match. It was very important I kept the infantry in pairs so one could counter charge as necessary and then have a fresher unit protect the exhausted unit. Isolated units the AI did a great job in pouncing on. I was able to push the AI into a corner and then grind them out to their annihilation. Time is short so I gotta run, but I'll tell more these coming days.
  10. One feature that I will be keeping an eye out as I proceed through this is the cost of new recruits. Guns of a similar era have been somewhat more balanced so that there are less examples of having a superior guns available in significant quantities. As a result the impact of money in acquiring "better" Guns is reduced. In addition, due to buffed perks there is a lot more opportunity cost in not getting veterans. The result is that while money is still important to squire Guns, If there ever is a choice between guns and veterans veterans would seem to win out until the two star range at least. This is a less interesting choice then in vanilla were sometimes you would keep a group at one star rather then two so you could buy very expensive weapons for the crack units. This is theory so far, so as I play I may change my mind in mid campaign but for now that is what I'll be being a lot of attention to.
  11. Gotcha, what would you recommend to give them experience? They are very fragile and yet they need combat to gain experience. Use them in minor battles?
  12. As someone who used skirmishers extensively in vanilla, what I would like to see most from skirmishers is to focus on their strengths: To harass the enemy. To this end, I feel like their condition should be top notch, able to run and fire for far longer then even specialized infantry battalions. They also need to be fast, which is entirely why they would use carbines over standard weapons. In deep forest there should not be anyone who can catch them sans other dedicated skirmishers. Other features would be cover boosts, since skirmishers would be able to take much greater advantage of small amounts of cover then standard lines. I am unsure how to approach their equipment. Using carbines has always made me feel like skirmishers were poor man's cavalry which had superior speed and could dismount when necessary for a more extended fighting anyway. Inevitably I would only use the carbine until they ranked up and then transitioned them to long range weaponry. Given the larger troop amounts standard infantry now have, trying to engage with the short ranges of carbines is just too risky, one volley can wreck them. With such fragility I would just stick to cavalry. I guess for a start I would make any carbine aside from the earliest model have a range of 350 so as to at least give them an opportunity to fire.
  13. A very enjoyable mod, I just started and will follow your work with great interest. You have taken a great game and made it even better.