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  1. Hemp Amore

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    @admin Happy to report FPS issue vanished... definitely not you, it was me 😂
  2. Hemp Amore

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Do go on sir...... Edit: running Nvidia GTX 860M that can do Ultra in NA... please share what worked for you! Thank you!
  3. Hemp Amore

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    @admin Have had the large frame rate drop as well: 45-60 down to 25-30....
  4. Hemp Amore

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    The devs may have hit it right on the mark with this one, very much anticipated and the new UI looks AMAZING! Kudos to the devs I’m very impressed and this makes all my concerns with crafting from the previous thread go away! This is going to be epic!
  5. @admin I love your game, you have built a wonderful little MMO that is a lot of fun and thank you for that, but it is relaxing to some to have this much depth in the game. All games are "fake clicks" if you will, but it is the immersion that allows us to escape for a short time into your little virtual reality you created and really get into the game. It makes it an epic experience vs a cheap experience. Imagine your new UI with all these items with beautiful little graphics to depict them all with the quanties right next to it. It would make you feel like you've built a stockpile you build your warships and traders from. That would make your game much more valuable and when you get to full release attract more buyers for the quality of work you put into it and the valuable product. It makes it a great experience for all, including the PVPer. `
  6. Actually I've been a little obsessed and can't play enough of it.... 411 hours, which I admit is way too much, but I'm still going to the gym everyday, full time dad, job, and do it before bed/when kids are napping/wife at the store.... So not thousands yet, but I've seen enough to say I like it. I think that reducing clicks while keeping the intermediate materials is the way to go, not destroying a really cool part of the whole MMO. There is so much depth to this game you can play any way you like. Some enjoy sinking others 24/7 and that's cool.... On the other hand some do enjoy moving cargo around, the satisfaction of avoiding the hunters with a high degree of success while carrying 2.5 million in gold into port, adds a lot of the experience from a different point of view. Then the epic experience of building a big ship and getting all your materials together like in real life to create something that is really special and yours with your screen name on the "Crafted by." It gives some of us a sense of pride. There are many ways to play the game, the more features we leave in and the more options we have, the bigger the game is as a result. And to those who are bored by "the same port, same materials, same this, same that" well guess what in real life shipping both military and civil, it's kind of the same thing, you go to the same ports over and over, do the same things, ect, I don't see what more there could be as sailing involves either militarily controlling an area or most profitably moving goods and as many of them as you can between the same ports over and over. Kind of how it works lol. As always, opinions are what they are, take what you'd like from it or not
  7. All of these issues I don’t have and I’m a level 30 crafter and have been playing the game 1.5 months. You know why? Because I play the game in a balanced fashion. Make millions trading so I can invest in outports, materials and warehouse expansion. I never run out of space, I can move things into ships if need be. To answer each point the difference: 1. It makes a difference because it takes work to craft each item and get your materials together. This increases the value of a crafted ship because if you don’t have it all together, no ship or out of hours ect It adds challenge. 2. It’s not that many materials It totals about 35-40 different types. Planks of every wood type, etc It’s really not that hard to keep track off, it’s really simple, plus we have sort tools such as “Resources” “Materials” which by gosh makes it super easy to find them. The devs must of thought of this feature for searching for materials it’s really easy. 3. Crafting does take some skill and knowledge right now. First where to get the goods and crafting the right quantities efficiently with no waste so you can maximize your daily production. By making it easy we are taking the value out of being a craftsmen and shipbuilder. Might as well not call it crafting anymore after the change to be honest. Just “ship generating.”
  8. I thought 100% PVP was going to be Naval Action Legends... can’t they get their simplification there? Why can’t we have our cake and eat it too? What if we want BOTH??
  9. Ink you are wrong. People who 100% PVP may see it as a waste of time, but those of us who play a more balanced style of PVP, trading and crafting DO enjoy the stacks of logs and intermediate materials. It’s adds a level of depth to the game that you are about to totally gut. It’s not that bad to click a few extra times. If anything just reduce SOME of the earlier processes but gutting the intermediate while may seem like a good idea to some, isn’t really a feature add or value to me. We want the intermediate materials and thousands of logs. It makes you feel like you own something. ive been dying to say this. I think this patch is misguided while good in its intention you’re about to remove an important part of the game to save a certain niche a few clicks. The point about buying NPC or precrafted ships by others if you don’t want to click whole a lot when crafting is VALID!
  10. Hemp Amore

    New player experience

    Certainly agree with that. Commerce raiding is 100% valid. I just mean specifically seal clubbing. I'm getting better, more able and as a result, I am slowly getting out of the mindset of anger when I lose a ship. They're just another commodity and I need to think that way to make the game fun. And when I can craft live oak/white oak and teak/white oak myself, plus install my modules and ship knowledge, most of my issues with PVP should vanish. As far as ROE I'm thinking specifically as it relates to actions of foreign nations shores and against other warships. There needs to be honor. If its obvious you aren't going to get a strong fight, I.E. you're in a 3rd rate and you're about to smash a 6th rate, maybe turn off and let him go. There was a ROE in the time period, where you would not fire on a smaller ship unless fired upon first. See if the smaller ship has the aggression, if he does, send him to the bottom. Honor being the key.
  11. Hemp Amore

    New player experience

    I'm totally new to the game comparatively speaking, though I am at 300 hours already because it has been addicting. I really do believe the game is in a good place now as a new person and doesn't need major changes to make it easier. This game seems difficult but its just simply learning your way around. I've been at it a month and I make $3-4 million dollar trades because I've mastered the basics, how the economy works, and I know how to find the goods that make a profit. I can finance and fund myself for months and months in the game all without my clan. Add my clan to the mix and I have resources forever. I am now into crafting and am at level 14, so it wont be long before I can build the larger warships and traders without purchasing from the NPC, allowing me one day to build the ships and take on our most famous PVPers. In addition nobody will sink me now as I have developed a method to navigate far offshore without the need for visual landmarks, all ded-reckoning. If someone finds me out that far to sea, I will gladly fight to the bitter end and feel proud. Finally the only thing that holds new people back, IMHO is the culture of certain PVPers who don't look for glorious fights, just the ones they can quickly sink and get their PVP points. I think we need a culture shift to honor and respect for the ships we sink. It should be an honor to sink a large warship and win in battle and a shame to sink weaker opponents who have not threatened you and don't have the ability to compete equipment wise. There should be ROE related specifically to PVP and the play style that many employ would start wars that would put an end to it. Case in point: the War of 1812, impress enough sailors and sink enough traders eventually the nation you're doing it to is going to get pissed and take action to stop it. We need more of that.
  12. I can see some are becoming hostile about it, it’s a good suggestion, I wish to bow out of the subject and not debate if I’m looking for safety, or an easier game, or any other nonsensical responses to a simple suggestion. If the developers use the suggestion, great, if not, I’ll keep the weather gage and sail upwind. Thanks for everyone’s time.
  13. Reading comprehension helps gentlemen. All of this “you want a safer game” blah blah blah couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact I won the battle, he punked out going after the AI traders. Maybe if he wanted PVE he shouldn’t of tagged me PVP? I also don’t think I need to have this feature, it would be a nice to have and has nothing to do with safety, in fact quite the contrary. It has to do with fairness. When the server message comes up it changes everyone’s gameplay, it’s an artificial environment at that point and some think it would be more fair to discourage attacks within the last few minutes. Just as many of you have said, “well you just want free trading at a certain time of day.” That makes no sense. I spend all that time trading during normal PVP times, so suddenly I need the last 15 minutes free? No no no. This is to stop weaker hunters who exploit the fact it’s shutting down. In fact in reverse you could say that some hunters can’t find targets without waiting until server shut downs, but we know that is not true right?
  14. I did survive as I had the weather gage and sailed up wind, so that’s why he took it out on my poor Indiamen trying to make an escape as AI traders. Long story short the whole thing shouldn’t of happened. He shouldn’t tag PVP end of night and only sink someone’s PVE ships. Maybe if he wanted live bait he should of stuck with me and not pick on my slow and unmanuverable undermanned AI ships. Clearly all who are against THE LAST 15 MINUTES BEING ATTACK FREE are those who wish for easy targets. I never said the first 15 minutes couldn’t allow it. Just the very last bit to allow everyone both trader and PVP a player a chance to exit the game without creating artificial situations that would not of existed sans maintenance.
  15. Actually more like was 3/4 of way thru sail when mx was called. Did not use it advantage or even think about it. I was rushing to port, caught in headwind tacking, and in this case he had exited a battle that was already supposed to be ending. So he just was taking advantage of his location. It’s not like I got to run, it was a port battle at the mouth of CT while MX was called and he excited the battle only to tag me 30 seconds later. That’s an exploit. He would not of actually of had the opportunity to tag me if not for that battle and him exiting 500m at my stern. It was absolutely predatory but not in the sport of the game. There is a thing as fair chase or sport. 7 mins to server shut down is not it.