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  1. You fixed the docks, but what about the rest? How it should be Hope it helps.
  2. Wind

    Please fix Naval Action Perspective

    Only one guy cares. Please don't be like this guy on the picture... If you build something you build it right.
  3. Wind

    Please fix Naval Action Perspective

    They got inverted perspective or Giants live in the town right now and shrink as they get on a ship. lol
  4. Wind

    Please fix Naval Action Perspective

    In test bed, you are forced to look into the town. lol I wish I could.
  5. Wind

    Please fix Naval Action Perspective

    Looks clear to me, glad you see it now.
  6. Wind

    Comparing 2 games

    Log in into Black Desert online and log in into Naval Action and compare. BD Online login Rewards Daily Activities Seasonal Content Sales Seasonal Quests Boosters Activity trackers Notifications Market Alerts War alerts Naval Action login Active chat Need more content asap!
  7. Here is a video, watch it closely and analyze details. What Naval Action could use from this video? https://youtu.be/916oD5U_vEc My list: 1. Spotter who notifies you and let's you know what type of ship is spotted. (already in suggestions) 2. Sail colors 3. Better wind on sails physics. 4. More realistic damage effects and water splatter (more splash and more planks flying) 5. Better textures on land. Hi quality Vegetation in front and more rock. Hide distant details. Slightly boost green and blue saturation to bring life. Instead of planting 100s of low res trees, plant 50 his res trees and spread them around rock. More sand around beaches, Forts and Islands. Less palms more hi res sand will make wonders. 6. Fog around islands 7. Fake flags and sails (make enemy NPCs hostile, wearing fake flag will enable safety inside hostile waters vs NPCs only). 8. Instead of swords over battle have 2 ships broadside to broadside with smoke cloud raising high in the skies. 9. Better skies with clouds system. 10. Storm on the horizon. Rain on screen animation instead of rain drops following the ship. Naval Action has tons of potential.
  8. Wind

    Becoming a Game Developer

    Management Business Programming Art Finances I would teach your kid Art and 3d model first. Later down the road programming and then Business and Finance school. If you have all this you can be a solo game developer. I know few guys who are very talented and do all this by themselves. Design, draw , 3d model, program etc...
  9. Wind

    Make Hachiroku Moderator

  10. Wind

    POTBS game Closure

    What a ride! I wish the same to Naval Action one day. 10 years of epic glory. PORTALUS GAMES CLOSURE August 31, 2018 / Fodderboy Being that this may be the most important announcement I have ever made regarding Pirates of the Burning Sea I will come directly to the purpose of this announcement before we lose any readers to explanation or verbosity. Portalus Games will cease operation of Pirates of the Burning Sea on September 30, 2018. I wish I could say this decision was a difficult one but the truth is that it is the best decision that can be made at this time regarding the game's future. Hamled has decided to leave Portalus Games. Since Hamled is the only code writer associated with Portalus Games the company is no longer capable of maintaining the game. Without someone possessing the necessary code writing skills the game runs the risk of unexpected and unannounced shut down due to server software failures. This is a situation we find unacceptable as we have always been dedicated to a minimum of 30 days notice for our game community if the game was going to close. Rather than run the risk of all the issues that would come from a server software failure and an unannounced closure we have decided to commit to a specific closure date for Portalus Games that would allow proper advanced notice to our game community. I would like to stress that the closure of Portalus Games does not have to result in the closure of Pirates of the Burning Sea. The game has a stable core community that has for the past 5 years been able to maintain the game servers and it is conceivable that this community could maintain the game for another 5 years or longer but it would need to be operated by a company better structured and better staffed than Portalus Games to do so. I came to this conclusion after receiving the news that Hamled would be leaving Portalus and then spending some time evaluating the possibility of continuing to maintain the game as a solo operator. While I have been able to maintain the current status and even resolve a couple of server hardware issues I am unable to resolve issues that result from software failures and given the scope of everything else involved in maintaining the game I am fully aware that I cannot realistically maintain this game alone. For Pirates of the Burning Sea to continue it needs to transition from the hands of Portalus Games to a company better able to maintain it to succeed. Once I came to this conclusion I began inquiry and negotiations with all the third parties involved with the operation of the game to determine if this transition was possible. Overall the responses were positive and I have agreement in principle to allow the license to operate the game to be transferred from Portalus Games to an acceptable business entity capable of operating the game if one can be found. This will be my focus moving forward as it is my hope that not only can another operator for the game be found but that it may also be possible to avoid an actual shut down of the game at the end of this coming September. I believe the first possible replacement for Portalus Games as operator should be with the game community itself. Over the years we have often had community members volunteer to assist with the game only to have to turn them away due to the company's structure and the legal requirements for compensation that the game could not afford. If a new company were formed as a non-profit corporation representing the game community it would allow for volunteers to contribute to game operation and open the possibility of a much brighter future for the game than can be found with Portalus. To this end we will begin immediately on efforts to organize a new management group. I would encourage those community members interested in joining the effort to form a new company to operate Pirates of the Burning Sea to join the community discussion regarding the subject on the community forum found here: forums.burningsea.com/ . Updates regarding this effort and/or the search for a new game operator will be provided here when adequate information becomes available. I would like to thank the community for its support to date in keeping the game available for play and for any support provided during Portalus final month of operation. I would encourage community at this time to pull together and take this opportunity to determine the future of your game. The game has proven to be more durable than the companies that have operated it in the past due to the strength of the game community. It is my hope that Portalus will simply be another chapter in a long history for Pirates of the Burning Sea and I believe that the strength of this game community has the power to make it happen. The forum is the best place to participate in the ongoing community discussions and to engage Portalus with questions/concerns/ideas/resources you'd like to add to the conversations. If you haven't registered with the new forum here is a link: http://forums.burningsea.com/ You can also contact customerservice@portalusgames.com
  11. Wind

    POTBS game Closure

    We do not want to let it die, so we are taking over & kickstarting 14k and buying new servers to let it live More info will come soon! There is even talk about new game remake kickstart under fresh team. Update: I do not think potbs will die any time soon. Same game new owners with 2 programmers and new future plans.
  12. Wind

    POTBS game Closure

    Delete offensive posts not harmless threads. Wtf? Radio plays the music you don’t like, so you go and burn down the station?
  13. Wind

    Key to sucsess

    New Casual player (Steam Review): ---Great game with beautiful graphics and fantastic audio. A lot of fun when you play with friends and form fleets. Probably should wait to buy it on sale like I did but it is a great game. The game can be harsh for new players but you can recover from that, especially if you group up with other players. I posted many times that Fleets should be the first thing in the game where new guys learn to fight and find friends. Group finder was another suggestion that I proposed a long time ago. More loot variety to keep new guys interested and let them feel rewarded. This is just one of many reviews that show group and fleets are keeping players happy, so expand content in this area. I hope you listen now. P.S. I played many mmo games where you open chat and see LFG Dungeon, FLG Fleets etc... in NA this is not existent. Think about it. Good luck.
  14. Wind

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    My version is Windows Paint Version or 1 minute example... lol , it's clearly off center and not tricky at all. Another ugly problem is loading screen images, they have same eraser brush used to make image blend in into the black and if you look closer you will find problems there as well.
  15. Ship that fought USS Constitution. Looking for plans of French origin. Guerrière was a 38-gun frigate of the French Navy, designed by Forfait. The British captured her and recommissioned her as HMS Guerriere. She is most famous for her fight against USS Constitution. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGc01rae3eE
  16. Wind

    Would you buy a HMS Pickle dlc?

    Only spending $$$ on American ship DLC (including 1st rate uss pennsylvania 1837, 3rd rates and frigates)
  17. Book is free and can be downloaded here: https://archive.org/stream/sailingshipsofne00robirich#page/n5/mode/2up Beautiful old illustrations and ships. Enjoy.
  18. Wind

    Mission changes

    How good are those Rewards that is the question, question that can quickly dictate the future of this content. Based on previous rewards from events everyone abandoned them due to a lack of rare items, paints and ships. After all it's nice to see a fresh wind blowing towards us.
  19. Wind

    How is Damage Calculated?

    The smaller the gun the closer you have to be to the enemy to penetrate. Small ships must almost touch enemys hull to be effective.
  20. Wind

    Hugging exploit

    I said open decks. Pavel is no exception. Crew must be divided by decks and not by guns visible.
  21. Make sure you give early prediction warning. Blindly changing wind is a joke. ex. Ahoy Captain! Wind might change to NW in the next 10 mins. Now I know soon wind will shift and I have to move my line accordingly. Planing ahead of time is what we need, random surprise wind change is bad.
  22. Wind

    Hugging exploit

    not if one disables your stern, 1 sails and other pushing you. Let's not go into details on who we hunt and what skill they have.
  23. Wind

    Hugging exploit

    I would make it simple to start with. Open deck crew % is all you can kill if you are within 0-10m, if ship only has one deck you can kill up to 70%. If ship is 1st rate you and you are in a small boat: a. damage to crew is reduced (see my chart) b. open deck boat - your guys have nowhere to hide and will loose up to 70% c. take range and stop the crew loss (disable musket fire) d. his crew damage output is much greater e. you can try to damage his top deck crew only, but he will always be faster ex. Bellona vs Bellona @5m range using Musket Fire. Both will loose top deck crew (some %/ All crew) will get their Grape timer triggered and will only be able to board, demast or use ball. Sailing to 11m range will disable Musket fire. Could use Brace, but will put all other ammo on timer. These are just ideas that need work .
  24. Wind

    Hugging exploit

    0-10m, designed to repel hull campers and hull pushers. Sail to 11m and it's disabled to both parties. It will help repel small ships camping blind spots on large ships, causing damage to it's hulls, turning into the wind and other useless actions. This promotes ranged and tactical sailing and gunnery. Musket Disable/Enable Range can be tuned. Doesn't matter much on large ships and you can do the same with grape, ball or Musket fire. Note, Musket fire puts timer on Grape when used. So, if you are touching other ship hull and using Musket fire and then he takes range you will have no grape for some time. Musket fire only works on Open decks and does not touch crew who are hidden when Grape can go through damaged planks and kill guys on all decks.