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  1. Battlefield V = Bad Company 3 :), everyone was right that this game looked little different.
  2. So, you telling me that during WW2 there were no special forces who painted their faces and could customize their weapons any way they like? There was no people with prosthetic hands that were lost during action? structures did not collapse or were torn to pieces? females soldiers did not kill 1000s of nazis? There were no blown up bridges with vehicles falling from them. BFV is unique in every possible way. I have lvl 140 in every their game and still come back for more. I did on the other hand grew up on Call Of Duty and medal of honor , they all lack what BF has. It's just me and I do not fight with anyone. We all have our own taste. It's just I got tired of shooting a house with a tank and nothing would happen with people hiding behind the paper walls that bullets could not penetrate. lol
  3. I feel holy. My purpose here is complete.
  4. Wind

    Holy Grail of Shipwrecks

    Someones bureaucratic pocket will get fat... really fat
  5. It has no destruction, it feels so old. It reminds me original Medal of Honor. It's almost 2019 outside... come on.
  6. I don't know I enjoy and adapt to them all. I realize more and more that people do not like changes, no matter if they make game better or not, they just like to stick with simple old mechanics. This is reality. You say it's casual, yes everyone can try and get their ass kicked and leave. Casuals get quick scoped or knifed all the time. When time passes professionals appear and that is where fun begins. They know tactics, weapons and game from top to bottom, your team is trying to push and suddenly you feel the resistance.
  7. Oh no, since bf1 team tactic play is on the top priority. You always will get people who just play solo, do whatever. I play with a squad/clan and we always develop tactics. It's fast paced, but requires some thinking. It's also based on server you pick. One could be a skilled team of pros steamrolling through noobs, other could be pros vs pros and that is the one you want to Mark As Favorite.
  8. It's more accurate, and that is about it. I love environment destruction in Battlefield and that is why I have been with them since 2005. I played many accurate WW2 games and they all repeat itself, it's getting boring. I need a new fresh battlefield.
  9. Trailer showed everything I needed to see. No matter if 60% of it was cinematic, it showed Frostbite capabilities to it's finest. Planes, Tanks, Mobile aa/guns, artillery strikes, super weapons, deep customization, Bad Company 2+ destruction and more. Also, random bullet spread is removed. You hit where you aim now. Not sure how many hardcore FPS players are here, but I dominated Battlefield since BF2 came out. This one is looking good so far. Also, you can now show females how it's done lol. I already can see myself dominating skies in Messerschmitt and rolling around in my Tiger.
  10. I think they did a really good job (looks at Tiger Tank), take a look at these early details. World War II setting. New cooperative mode. New approaches to progression and personalization. No more premium pass. 1. Build up your base Fortifications are a thing now! Every soldier hits the battlefield with a tool kit in hand. You can use that tool kit in set locations — especially around capture points — to build resupply stations, sandbag walls, barbed wire fences, tank deterrents, foxholes... you name it. 2. Stick with your squad Squads are elevated to a whole new level of importance in Battlefield V. You've always had the ability to respawn on squadmates, but now you can go a step further and actually see where they are and what they're doing from an over-the-shoulder perspective before you spawn back in. You know how you used to spawn in on a squadmate only to be gunned down seconds later? That should happen a whole lot less in Battlefield V. 3. Anyone can revive now, sort of Medics are still very much the go-to soldier class for players that like to heal. They can revive any downed soldier quickly, bringing them back to full health and ready to fight in no time. But medics aren't the only way to escape death. Squadmates also have the ability to revive one another, regardless of class. It'll take longer to do the revive than a proper medic, and your buddy won't come back with all their health. But it's something. Especially since.... 4. You can drag downed teammates to safety Great news for medics and helpful squadmates alike: When you see a teammate bleeding out on the ground, you can lend a hand and drag them off to a safe location before you get to work on reviving them. It's especially helpful for squadmate revives, since those take longer (unless you're a medic). But everyone should benefit from not being caught in a situation where you're gunned down immediately after being revived. 5. Squad leaders can do cool stuff if they lead well It's not new that Battlefield's squad leaders get some measure of control over their squaddies: When you're the leader, you can issue non-verbal orders that highlight a particular capture/defend point or some other objective. Battlefield V takes that leadership a step further by giving every squad leader a radio. As your squaddies follow orders and complete objectives, you earn points. Earn enough points and you can spend them, via the radio, on all sorts of bonuses: Supply drops, smoke screen barrages, heavy weapons and tanks, and even rocket strikes. 6. Stationary weapons are stationary no more Fixed weapon emplacements like anti-air or anti-tank turrets are no longer locked in one location. In Battlefield V you're able to connect them to an assortment of vehicles and drag them around, trailer-style. 7. Soldier classes can be further specialized Battlefield's four core classes — Assault, Support, Medic, and Recon — are all back in Battlefield V, but that's only where your customization begins. New archetypes allow you to tailor your preferred class for different types of battle conditions. DICE didn't go too heavily into the specifics here, but these archetypes come with skill trees that look like they offer a significant amount of control over how you progress. Game Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7ZpQadiyqs
  11. Old suggestion should be in their notebook
  12. Wind

    World Cup (annual event)

    All are waiting on Patch actually, but Cup is always welcome.
  13. Wind

    Game Reviews on Steam

    I know, crypto is killing it and consoles are taking over big time. I mean think this, I already can use mouse and keyboard on PS4 in FPS shooters and that console is so affordable compared to a colapsed Video Card market where you have to pay $1000 just for the video card just to have good fps. If they don't bring video card prices down, we will see console market booming.
  14. Wind

    Game Reviews on Steam

    In past there were few incidents that created ripples. That ripple effect is still active until these days. As I said before NA is a very challenging case, but can be easily fixed with content people are asking for(ex. Tutorial was a success, so much can be built off that foundation) Take for example Patrick OBrian stories, use imagination and create Missions Campaign (Storyline) with rewards. Easy.
  15. Wind

    Game Reviews on Steam

    Well 20 hour a week was part of the game design and I do not think we can do anything about it. If developer knew game world would be so massive then developer surely has content for that big world and all player bases. I feel we will see more content as final pre release phase is approaching. They actually listened to very old suggestions (ex. make World map same as Ultimate general) which indicates one thing they are going through their big book of notes and suggestions. I am personally expecting a ninja move where they will out of nowhere drop a whole bunch of their long term work.