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  1. Wind

    Would you buy a HMS Pickle dlc?

    Only spending $$$ on American ship DLC (including 1st rate uss pennsylvania 1837, 3rd rates and frigates)
  2. Wind

    Mission changes

    How good are those Rewards that is the question, question that can quickly dictate the future of this content. Based on previous rewards from events everyone abandoned them due to a lack of rare items, paints and ships. After all it's nice to see a fresh wind blowing towards us.
  3. Wind

    How is Damage Calculated?

    The smaller the gun the closer you have to be to the enemy to penetrate. Small ships must almost touch enemys hull to be effective.
  4. Wind

    Hugging exploit

    I said open decks. Pavel is no exception. Crew must be divided by decks and not by guns visible.
  5. Make sure you give early prediction warning. Blindly changing wind is a joke. ex. Ahoy Captain! Wind might change to NW in the next 10 mins. Now I know soon wind will shift and I have to move my line accordingly. Planing ahead of time is what we need, random surprise wind change is bad.
  6. Wind

    Hugging exploit

    not if one disables your stern, 1 sails and other pushing you. Let's not go into details on who we hunt and what skill they have.
  7. Wind

    Hugging exploit

    I would make it simple to start with. Open deck crew % is all you can kill if you are within 0-10m, if ship only has one deck you can kill up to 70%. If ship is 1st rate you and you are in a small boat: a. damage to crew is reduced (see my chart) b. open deck boat - your guys have nowhere to hide and will loose up to 70% c. take range and stop the crew loss (disable musket fire) d. his crew damage output is much greater e. you can try to damage his top deck crew only, but he will always be faster ex. Bellona vs Bellona @5m range using Musket Fire. Both will loose top deck crew (some %/ All crew) will get their Grape timer triggered and will only be able to board, demast or use ball. Sailing to 11m range will disable Musket fire. Could use Brace, but will put all other ammo on timer. These are just ideas that need work .
  8. Wind

    Hugging exploit

    0-10m, designed to repel hull campers and hull pushers. Sail to 11m and it's disabled to both parties. It will help repel small ships camping blind spots on large ships, causing damage to it's hulls, turning into the wind and other useless actions. This promotes ranged and tactical sailing and gunnery. Musket Disable/Enable Range can be tuned. Doesn't matter much on large ships and you can do the same with grape, ball or Musket fire. Note, Musket fire puts timer on Grape when used. So, if you are touching other ship hull and using Musket fire and then he takes range you will have no grape for some time. Musket fire only works on Open decks and does not touch crew who are hidden when Grape can go through damaged planks and kill guys on all decks.
  9. Wind

    Hugging exploit

    Not by 2 or 3 skilled sailors. You will loose. No matter how many guns you carry or how big is your ship.
  10. Wind

    Hugging exploit

    I understand, but a frigate can do the same to Bellona with grape in your stern. Or Use musket fire to wipe your top deck and board you. Remember it only works if you are very close to a ship or touching (0-10m or could be less) Opponent could use guns to eat through your armor while you work on his top deck crew. Constitution for example will eat your hull while you try to kill top deck crew. Get it? This gives a perfect reason to run in all caro fit on some frigates. If tuned right it can add so much combat flavor.
  11. Wind

    Hugging exploit

    I want to see 1st rate catching a fast tiny boat. Also, it should work similar to grape but kill crew only on top decks. All can be nicely tuned in the right hands. You can not kill all crew on 2 decker( they are hidden), but can kill all on a (top deck) single open deck brig. This is designed only vs tiny and small ships (are very fast). 1st rate vs 1st rate = each kill (open deck) top deck crew only. 1st rate vs frigate = each can kill/damage open deck only. Clearly as with grape there should be a limiter.
  12. Wind

    Hugging exploit

    Negative, small ship can brace, loose some crew and use rum to recover and continue the problem. 25 second reload with constant crew damaging fire is a must. To escape from it attacker is to sail away and take distance. Works like a charm. Simply do not come close unless you are boarding and enemy is de crewed.
  13. Wind

    Hugging exploit

    Bottom deck can cause damage even to the most maneuverable ships use 100m +T, but chilling in a blind spot and causing damage must be fixed. Having musket fire option will fix blind spot camping. Any Captain could send Marines to the blind spot and evaporate the attackers crew from the higher ground. This game is realistic and it should be fixed. If I know a raft camping my bow and shooting my hull I will take my sailors and we will take care of the problem. Simple.
  14. Wind

    Hugging exploit

    First of all whoever rated this post with 1 star should be shot multiple timers. It is an empty spot that needs to be filled. Marines could simply come to the deck sides and shoot the attacker from higher ground inside tiny boats. Bastards would have no chance to survive. In addition they could throw granadoes on the attacker deck causing devastating damage to crew. So, here we are thinking how to pug this hole. What can be done? @admin @Ink ALL NUMBERS ARE MADE UP FOR EXAMPLE PURPOSES -Add a button for such close encounters. If ship is touching other ships hull or in close proximity(0-10m) then a button (Musket Fire) should highlight. Musket fire is a close range crew killer with a realistic timer (25 seconds reload). Musket fire damage and accuracy is increased if Marines are installed. -Damage only caused to top deck (open deck). Crew damage limit must be set. -Using musket fire will put timer on Grape. -Attacker can use brace to reduce crew damage, trigger reload penalty for both guns and muskets. -The taller the ship( higher ground) the more crew damage it can cause to a much smaller vessel who is camping the hull. -This can also provide slight defense against boarding. When de crewed and demased. (Last stand). Fire whatever you got before you are boarded. -Allows new perks. Granadoes, Stinky pots and smoke that could increase crew kill efficiency. Example - Tiny boat touching Huge boat hull or in close proximity (1st rate) Tiny boat starting musket damage % = 0.01 Huge ship starting musket damage % = 0.1 (higher hulls, better kill rate) In this case tiny boat can use (Musket fire) , but it will be ineffective due to upright fire. 1st rate has much better kill rate due to a much higher ground and crew number. It simply means 1st rate is killing crew much faster compared to a tiny boat, but only on top deck(open deck). In our case tiny boat has only one open deck and will suffer a massive crew damage. Crew numbers Every 100 sailors adds +.005 to Musket kill rate. So, L,Ocean 1100 crew (+.055) + Huge ship (+.1) = +.155 crew damage when touching hull/ close proximity. Niagara - 155 crew (+.005) + Small ship (.01) = +.015 crew damage when touching hull/ close proximity. Ship Size and Musket Damage Chart - %(musket damage when touching hull or close proximity) -Tiny - % -Small - %% -Medium - %%% -Large - %%%% -Huge - %%%%% ------------------------------- *Damage must only be limited to open decks. ex. 2 decker will only loose people who are on top deck vs most of the crew on open brig or Niagara. This is designed to cause significant damage to small boats who are camping too close. Musket fire is disabled when ship takes range. Ask this guy how well it works when you shoot scum from the higher ground.