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    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    I've put Elite Pirate Refit and Art of Ship Handling knowledge. Making 15.5kn against the wind top speed (more than the top speed showing at the dock: 14.5kn), this ship is also accelerating insanely fast! Try with the 32 pd Carron guys, excellent for stern haking, I've also fought a Connie with them today, really good punch against its side plating. Tried manual sailing micro management, which can be quite complex, but I could sort of control the speed better with this and keep the ship at 10kn, instead of 15kn, this allowed me to go side to side with the enemy when I needed (mostly traders). Still wish we get half or battle sails option. Yes, you do need to be close with Carrons, but since the ship is so fast you can aproach and evade from the enemy really quick. Note: Didn't know the Niagara and Herc could run with 32d Carron, in this case this ship will have good competition in shallow. Thanks for letting me know, do appreciate.
  2. Jim Tiberius

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Tried the ship twice in battle. Takes some time to get use with manual sailing, and it would be nice to have half or battle sails configuration. I do understand not having many sails options in battle due to its construction, but only stop and full is quite problematic as it accelerates really fast (I'm sailing Teak/Bermuda Cedar ship). First fight with long 9pd against a Cherubim Frigate: Interesting fight, 9pd longs were no match for the Frigate side plating, ended up having to board it as the Requin had only 13%/0% armor left in its sides and 24% structure (ship wasn't making water even badly damaged, shouldn't it?). The crew of the ship really helped, even without hammocks or any other skill such as marines or 5 rings. Second fight with 32 pd Carron against a 3rd: This was getting really fun, but the 3rd rate did run to the shore so I had to leave it to another ship to sink as the Carronades didn't have penetration due to the distance. Note: why is the AI always running to shore, even when they are in bigger number? Is it an issue, or are they just dumb? 2pd chasers look to have limited use, if any at all. Overall, looks a good ship. I'm not sure about having it against 6th rates in shallow water as the 32pd Carron might be too much for a 6th rate to go against.
  3. For craft to be really challenging and require skill, it would have first to allow one to chose wood and alloy for several ship part. Second it would need to include a risk factor. Depending on the components one chooses, the chances of getting higher grade ship (with good trims and more permanent slots) would increase with a good risk of scrapping the ship attached to it. In simple works, you can take the risk and increase the chance of getting a purple/gold grade ship, but if you are not luck you get nothing and still spend the material. If this could be done, then we are in the path for a good crafting system. Note: A good crafter chooses wisely the ship's permanent modules to match with the chosen wood and achieve the desirable result, so this is also part of the crafting system, as most people might not realize it.
  4. Not an easy discussion for sure. I've seen the other day some guys saying "let's not use 1st rates in patrol zones please", so we got be careful as sky is the limit here. Might be a topic to explore better later.
  5. Sorry for the late response in this one. There is a game mechanic which can be used, up to the players to say if they would like or not off course. If the ammo you are carrying ends you still could fire cannons, but at a much, much higher reload time. I've seen this somewhere, just don't recall right now. This way one doesn't become "dead in the water" when ammo ends.
  6. Consider this: I have three 1st rates and the capability of building an additional two. If I decided to spend half of my money I will be able to buy an additional three 1st rates, making a total of eight ships. This was accomplished in 800 hours gameplay, without the help of a clan. To me it looks a lot, and the means of achieving it is in the game for anyone playing today. I totally understand your concern about losing more players, this is something no one wants, but lets also consider the use of a 1st rate ship. This is not a ship you can take out for a spin and do some pvp or hunt AI fleets in open world casually. I'm not a port battle player, can't sail well in a fleet. I've been in hostility missions sailing 1st rate, and found odd to have full fleets of 1st rates in both sides firing at each other from distance.
  7. You do realize I made the growing in trees comment because I couldn't resist right
  8. I wish 1st rates crafting gets really difficult for everyone, regardless of being a big or small clan. We are talking about fleet capital ships and these don't grow in trees.
  9. We will have to agree to disagree in this one. Historically, not all ships were the same, neither were they doing the same thing, so I find it hard to believe even back then there was no cargo hold optimizaton for the task at hand and everyone sailed overloaded as you said. Ships used to have ammo for continuous day of fight, yes probably, but not shotting like crazy as people do in this game.
  10. Any game which has infinite ammo is either for kids or casual players who don't have time to work their skills. Ask anyone, from any gaming platform, and you will get the same answer. This is a noob's feature. Also, I thought hardcore players were up for challanges. Attacking traders is so easy that it's not even worth the time. Isn't the game all about high quality pvp?
  11. About the developers, there is something we need to consider. There isn't much else they can do in terms of sailing mechanics, it looks to me it's as realistic as it gets. In the battle side there are some stuff which can be improved, but again not that much. So then what? Job is done after the new UI is finished and everyone go do something else? This might be the right time to talk about content to make this a great game. A suggestion to improve trading: Any trader under smuggler flag will not show its nation in open world. It will be seen as smuggler and if anyone wants to investigate will need to tag and get into the battle mode to discover the captain's nation and inquire him about it's intention. This could be annoying as trader might be tagged and inquired by captains from their own nation, and it will be time consuming, but puts "everyone in the same basket" and would be more realistic. To the players who call themselves hardcore: This game is hardly hardcore. To get there, first you need to remove the unlimited ammo and then put a 30%-40% risk of the crewman dying when using rum to recover crew (rum is not a resurrecting device). Ammo, repairs, rum and crew should all have their weight and make you slower if you load your ship with too much of any of these.
  12. Jim Tiberius

    Reinforcements update

    Careful on what you wish for. In the end of the day a game is a product, and if it's not viable anymore it will end. I'm sure most of the players here had experience with games shutting down, and it's a shame when a game dies before it's time. It's very common now to see developers lost with lack of consensus in the player base, and games going thru development hell hole. You might get what you want, the ultimate hardcore game, but it will probably not last.
  13. My personal opinion is that we should buy and load the ship with ammo and repairs/rum. All will have their own weight and its up to the captains choose how better prepare his ship to battle. One can overload the ship with everything and will be sailing a turtle. Don't need to limit the amount of repair or shots as a game mechanic, let the weight of the ammo and repairs do it. This mechanic is already in game, just need to be better worked out.
  14. I've been playing this game for around six months. Let me try to give you my perspective. The game looks to have a fixed player base which is hardcore and quite pvp-centric. Names which can easily be recognized in the global chat and became reference of great pvp players to the community. The other part of the player base looks to be casual, with great rotation in the users. Like a pipe with some people coming in in one side, other people going out in the other side, and a good few people kind of lost in between. The amount of players during the day at peak is around 600 players, never seen reaching 700, even in the weekends. Removing the magic wallet looks a good idea to balance pvp outside the patrol zones, by adding risk to the attackers. I do support this change. Right now the game can be fun for pvp and port battles, but no other roles are significant or viable, like trading. Ask yourself, how many traders do you know? Crafting has improved a little due to the random features one can get in the ships, but they are so hard to get and it's only in the ships, nothing else. If the player base dies, the game dies, and keeping possibilities in terms of player role is key to keep the player base health IMHO. Cheers Captains and good winds!