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  1. Is it any use if it's not a super shallow water ship? Has anybody went up against a small 5th rate in it?
  2. The note is transferrable.
  3. I see this more as a strategy question than a mechanics problem. If you have a shallow water port with deep water nearby, then it is perfectly reasonable to see heavy Ships. If you are dealing with a shallow water port that has an enemy deep water port in the vicinity, re-think your strategy. Asking for game mechanics to change I a case like this is unreasonable.
  4. Oberon74

    World Cup (annual event)

    As long as its not the Golden Rivet. No real sailor falls for that more than once or twice!
  5. Oberon74

    World Cup (annual event)

    As I said earlier, it is not possible to use real world nations, as North Americans cant qualify for the World Cup (unless its ice hockey)
  6. Oberon74

    World Cup (annual event)

    But that will just cause arguments between the big ship boys and the small ship aficionados. "My group requires more skill so we are better"...on second thought, that is fun too.
  7. Oberon74

    World Cup (annual event)

    Not bad, but....If you want to win the title (whatever it is), shouldn't you be most proficient in all classes?
  8. Oberon74

    World Cup (annual event)

    Everybody in the same class of ship with no mods. Wood is a choice (because there are pros and cons). Snows for the group stages. Endys for the quarter finals. Connies for the semis, and Bellonas for the Final!
  9. Oberon74

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    British ships may have been considered tougher because of the difference in tactics. The French tended to favour targeting masts and rigging in an attempt to cripple an enemy, whilst the Brits aimed 'twixt wind and water'....(the hull for all of you less poetic souls).
  10. Why? Why do you have to demand that someone plays your way? So what if a Rear Admiral wants to stay safe? Its his game!
  11. Oberon74

    World Cup (annual event)

    Snows only..
  12. Oberon74

    World Cup (annual event)

    Much better as the Americans can't make the World Cup.
  13. As a player 5 months in the game, I have to agree that new players need some protection. I started a character on the PVE server and learned how to take TBrigs with my basic cutter. This gave me money and the ability to trade. Trade gave me enough money to buy better ships. I also learned what perks I want. Meanwhile I had climbed a few ranks, bigger crews, etc. Then I was bored. There is nothing worth doing on the PVE server when you have a little experience. Now I'm in OW a lot. I know how to make money and I'm getting better at fighting other players. Still can't beat the rock stars with the super mods and hard earned skills, but that's cool, as I can afford the throw away ships for the Patrol Zones. Being in a clan is a great help and i'm working up my big ship skills and cooperative fighting. My point is, I learned the game in the early stages in perfect safety and when I moved to the PVP server, we still had the heavy reinforcement in the green. I continued to learn in slightly more danger and eventually spread my operating radius. This is what a new player needs. Frankly, you could get rid of the PVE server if you protected the newbies as they grow up on the PVP.
  14. Oberon74

    Event Zone RoE

    Don't get me wrong, I think the Patrol Zones are great. I'll also give any ROE improvement a fair chance. I just think that if you've been in battle for some time and are damaged, having fresh players jump in gives a huge disadvantage to the original player. BTW Liam, I never jump in on the high side and always look to even the battle. That has bit me on the ass when the guy I "rescue" is nearly dead and the two enemies are fresh. Bad luck for me but I made the choice.