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  1. Oberon74

    Little things you'd like to see

    From Carl von Clausewitz...."The first and most important rule to observe...is to use our entire forces with the utmost energy. The second is to concentrate our power as much as possible against that section where the chief blows are to be delivered and to incur disadvantages elsewhere, so that our chances of success may increase at the decisive point. The third rule is to never waste time. Finally, the fourth rule is to follow up our successes with the utmost energy. Only pursuit of the beaten enemy gives the fruits of victory".
  2. Oberon74

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    What is your build and mods on your Herc, if I may ask?
  3. Oberon74

    Little things you'd like to see

    That's simply not true. Are you reading romance novels? In wartime, all is (and was) fair. Outnumbering your enemy was a desirable goal and warships attacking trade was highly rewarded. Certainly more honour was gained in winning against odds, but the job was to defeat the enemy, not joust for a lady's handkerchief.
  4. Oberon74

    Grief Fleets

    Its not a slower ship. This thread is about fast ships raiding and then being harassed as they try to escape. The chase ships keep them in battle by firing ball and hitting sails...long and boring. If they get out of that battle instance, there are others waiting to re-tag them. A long chase in a battle instance is quite realistic IMO, but the whole re-tagging thing should be fixed. I agree with previous posts that longer invisibility (and yes, fix the dam turn rate) is a good answer. Defence fleets should still have a chance to kill a Raider (he deserves to die!), but it shouldn't be this tedious.
  5. Oberon74

    Grief Fleets

    Turn and fight...or stay home. If you attack players in their home waters, you should expect to get mobbed.
  6. Oberon74

    Naval Action Meme collection

  7. Oberon74

    Level Up Crafting

    Just build ships.
  8. Oberon74

    Herc and the Boarding mini-game

    I see. Very strange when the Herc is in fact the smaller ship...but that makes sense. Thanks. @admin, that seems a bit buggy. Smaller ship but 3 decks has this impact.
  9. Oberon74

    Herc and the Boarding mini-game

    Nah, I can board an AI LGV with my herc at 100 prep and the "Fire Deck Guns" option stays black for the whole boarding. I still win but it's odd
  10. I don't seem to be able to "Fire Deck Guns" in the boarding mini-game with my Herc. Is this something im doing wrong? It works with other ships I use to board.
  11. Oberon74

    Proposal to change encyclopedias

    I'm hoping some of the perks (Fleet 1 and prepared) will be automatic (so that we can choose others). This would have a greater impact on which mods you choose.
  12. Oberon74

    DLC ships

    I would say yes with the Herc (haven't tried the Xebec).. I can do fifth rate missions with it and murder the AI opponents as it maneuvers like a snow. I got jumped by a player in a heavy Rattler yesterday and barely got scratched...my 18pdrs dismantled him and again, I was more maneuverable (3/5 Teak/WO with basic mods). Its a 5th rate that turns like a snow.
  13. Oberon74

    Zevene Proven 1723

    The thing about Dutch merchies from the era was that they were always available to the navy as auxiliary war vessels and often fought in the line with the purpose built warships. You can see how heavily gunned she is and she can be easily mistaken for a SOL. About the only difference would be strength of hull. I wouldn't want to tackle this "Trader" with a Frigate!
  14. Oberon74

    Protect newbs from themselves

    Have them start on the PVE server for their first three ranks.
  15. Oberon74

    Happy almost 4th! (With Pictures)

    St Andrew's Day, St Patrick's Day, Guy Fawkes Day...