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  1. Angus MacDuff

    Testbed - econ/crafting changes

    ^^^ This should be the priority list for Devs.
  2. Angus MacDuff

    Testbed - econ/crafting changes

    1. The new money will be judged on it's relative value. If 1 Doubloon is worth what 1 PVP mark was worth, then it's buying power must match. If it is much lower, then we should receive more Doubloons as rewards, etc. 2. Love the "less clicks" crafting. 3. The mission rewards has a lot of potential. The test bed gave us chests with some really good rewards and I am aware that devs said they were artificially high. The fact remains that a better ability to get the really good loot (rare books and mods) will help level the PVP playing field. Elite PVP'ers will not be the only ones with elite mods. 4. Lineships costing a ton.....I dunno about this. I've always said 1st rates should be more rare, but if the eventual cost is anything like what it is on the test bed, does that mean that only the big clans will be able to use them? A lot of players are in this game so that they can sail the big boys (even though they are big targets when they sail out proudly and alone in their brand new undercrewed Vic). 5. There are a bunch of minor irritations that have been well documented on production buildings that I hope the Devs will correct, and I wish that labour hours went further. I recall that it was one labour hour for each item we produced in a building and for me, that is too much. Realism is one thing, but if the purpose of the game is to have us out sailing, lets make it easy to produce and build. Cut down the amount of labour it takes to harvest materials. This will improve game play.
  3. Angus MacDuff

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    There are missions that give over 100 Doubloons, but they are pretty tough. If you go by an average of 10 Doubloons for a PVP kill (I think I got that for a Herc), it would take a long time to get a substantial number. Navy Loodsman was going for 300 Doubloons on the test bed. Keep in mind, @admin stated that prices on the test bed were not set. We are doing a lot of negative speculation here.
  4. Angus MacDuff

    What Quality of Life Features do Merchants Want?

    Speaking of fleet ships, I would like to transfer between my main ship and a fleet ship in OW. The mechanic could be...come to a stop...press a transfer button and in 2 mins, you're on the other ship. The issue would be that your knowledge slot are emptied on the fleet ships, so how to get them back. The main reason I thought of this is that I was going out to loot a wreck. I need a cargo vessel, because a warship doesn't have the capacity for the loot, and I want to escort it. Wouldn't it be nice to come out in a 5th rate with the cargo ship in fleet, switch to pick up the cargo (because you cant put the loot in the fleet), then switch back.
  5. Angus MacDuff

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    I did do PVP on the test bed, killing Yanks, and I was getting Doubloons instead of PVP marks at the same PVP mark rate. (Killing John Grimes was a lot of fun....)
  6. Angus MacDuff

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    So Doubloons are not PVP marks, but we are no longer getting PVP marks for a kill...Just Doubloons? If I get the same number of Doubloons that I once got in PVP marks, then you can see where the panic comes from. Right now, we equate Doubloons with PVP marks because we have no other information. You have all of us thinking that it will cost millions (in the old currency) to do our daily TP. If I sink a ship today I get 10 PVP marks, 10 CM, 100,000 gold and some XP(which I don't really need). If, in the future, I get 10 Doubloons for sinking the same ship, and a TP will cost me 10 Doubloons, you can see why I'm unhappy with the perceived cost.
  7. Angus MacDuff


    I agree with most of what you say here, although I think that it might be for the "TP Feedback" thread. I have a small issue with what I've quoted above. Why should you be able to jump instantly from halfway across the Caribbean when someone calls for help? Shouldn't a TP like that have a time penalty? As I've stated elsewhere, I'd like to see us able to do econ without massive TP penalties.
  8. Angus MacDuff

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    I don't think we say enough about all the positives. I really liked the testbed and cant wait for it to come to the regular servers. The TP costs have to be right though.
  9. Angus MacDuff

    Patrol zone griefing

    I don't see how this belongs in a tribunal. It's a 3v1 in the Patrol Zone where you have to fight. If im outnumbered 3v1, im going to try to extend in hopes of help. Maybe don't gank. You're not all from the same nation, so someone joined to make it more uneven..
  10. Angus MacDuff


    Really? I'm thinking the opposite. The more AI, the better for hunting other players. @admin commented that there will be less enemy AI in national waters, which means a lot the PVP will move to wherever the AI spawn...out of the Green Zone.
  11. Angus MacDuff

    Repair Balancing

    None of those holes were repaired during the battle
  12. Angus MacDuff


    That could be very interesting. One of the things that new players are told about constantly is "Do not tag AI in your Reinforcement Zone". If enemy AI are not there, Where do new players go? This will create a completely new dynamic and seal clubbing will have to move. Easier?
  13. Angus MacDuff

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    Very nice. There is something special about being on the Bridge for the morning watch and watching the sun come up..... I equate the easy TP as a gamey way to simulate my agents in other ports. Its not so much that I want to be there myself, but that I want to conduct business there which would normally be done by a hired agent. Its different if I want to TP to a port and jump on a ship there. So really, there are two issues here, aren't there? So instead of a TP function, if we want to do buying/selling/production activities in outposts, we can call up those functions in any port that we own. We don't have to be there as our "agent" does the work. If we want to TP and jump on a ship, then that is a physical move and must be paid for. We already pay for a tow and frankly, a TP without a ship should not cost more than that.
  14. Angus MacDuff

    Repair Balancing

    @Slim McSauce, somebody worked very hard to mess you up like that and is probably planning to finish you off. Imagine his rage when you sneak off behind a friend and unrealistically bring yourself back from the brink. The level of repair we have now or even the level you propose is completely unfair to the opponent. Battle in NA are more about the repair mechanic and not enough about attacking and destroying the enemy. @Norfolk nChance is absolutely right that repairs in RL were minimal. Why should we be given a second chance when we make a mistake and get badly damaged? That's not what happens in war....that's pre-school.
  15. Angus MacDuff

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    It wont put more traders at sea...Just more cutters