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  1. traitorous mctraitoro


    I DEMAND to be able to turn survival on and mostly off when being boarded PLEASE, it automatically turns on and has done since a certain patch early in the year. It is displeasing having my fireship ready to board and blow, then boom survival turns on, I mean on, not off, on.. furthermore and under more consideration in conclusion GIB ME THE ABILITY TO TURN OFF (please). McBaity
  2. traitorous mctraitoro

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    imagine if ships in real life got sunk by leaks, that would be a crazy world.....
  3. traitorous mctraitoro

    Pirate Captain Tour Contest Win BIG!!!

    only real sailors carry 100 of each log
  4. traitorous mctraitoro

    Reinforcement Zones - A Better Approach

    there'd be at least 50 more red spots in that area
  5. traitorous mctraitoro


  6. traitorous mctraitoro


    Ummmm excuse me, but I think the fact that your puny fleet got obliterated by the Spanish and myself (martinm) was the main contributing factor to your demise of hostility
  7. traitorous mctraitoro

    Chain shot limitations - advanced warning

    can people just let us test this, instead of moaning about a new idea. I mean cmon, they could always change it if its soooooooo bad......
  8. traitorous mctraitoro

    Chain shot limitations - advanced warning

    your telling me a crew of 470 people cant swap out some ripped dirty rags for some nice white fresh sails. in 40mins. I could do it by myself in 5mins
  9. traitorous mctraitoro

    Chain shot limitations - advanced warning

    nice update, but its bad for me, I like getting chained, I just go battle sails and rinse their hull, this means they will sink me instead of chaining me and getting nice and close. also people stop saying speed is everything plz, I mean cmon, fast ships are only good for chasing (not to mention the sacrifice on everything else for a little speed), let them come, unless you hachi
  10. traitorous mctraitoro

    1st rates + economy/crafting

    nice, 2 large carriages. I thought you get one.
  11. traitorous mctraitoro

    thought on a 5th rate pvp patrol? gib me

    Just thought how there's so many ironclads flying around the pvp patrols, i.e. people complain 3rd rates gank their puny ships; 1st gank their puny 2nds; them boom the cold war escalates because of reports of 1st rates in the zone - which makes newer (poor) people useless because the zone becomes about whos got the biggest nuke. therefore in conclusion with summarisation : maybe a 5th rate only zone would be interesting, doubtful >>>"many"<<< people would gank in them, whilst also allowing the newer (poor) people to use their puny ships instead of watching their balls bounce of my mighty vessel. THOUGHTS?? p.s. 5th - 4th rate also acceptable.