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    Wipe on release, 3-4 months?

    Please consider not deleting already learned skillbooks. I am currently working on collecting all books so I can finally enjoy the game without having to worry about books I need. Already learned skillbooks don't influence the economy ( other than new players being able to have a chance to get them within reasonable amount of time because the hardcore veterans don't snatch them all... ) so it shouldn't be a problem. I think this would be more than fair to your loyal playerbase. That being said I am looking forward to the wipe as long as it is only all economy related stuff. A fresh start is not only good for economy but a lot of fun aswell but please don't take our hard earned books ❤️ .... I am not certain I can be bothered to go through the book grind again only for the sake of having to do it again, while also pushing new players out of the market. Thank you for taking my humble opinion into account.
  2. Sovereign

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    You can't imagine how glad I am to read this. I always thought SOLs should be much stronger and especially expensive compared to frigates... In an ideal game ( for me ) the standard PvP ships are schooners and small frigates.
  3. Sovereign

    Pirates should be Pirates!

    This does not make much sense for realism and gameplay. I'd rather see something like this instead.
  4. Sovereign

    DLC ships = Multi Dura ships

    Here I am still wondering why we are still discussing this topic when one dura made the game so much better in terms of realism and gameplay. Multi dura is something I wold expect from a temporary test server and not in the actual polished game.
  5. Patience is a virtue... but sadly not mine. Really would appreciate some ETA aswell. I used all my crafting components weeks ago and was planning on putting crafting on hold until the eco patch would come live but I had to start it again due to too many crafting hours going to waste for nothing. I am really excited for steamlined crafting / less meaningless clicks but I would like to have it sooner rather than later - the rest can wait.
  6. Sovereign

    More places like Kidd's Island...

    I love the idea of the hidden pirate island and would like to see more of it but in smaller size. Credit to @Banished Privateer and many others before him who suggested this and I would like to bring it to general attention again. These hidden mini treasure islands would be a great place to start raids from and should have limited dock aswell as warehouse space. Those hideouts could also be on islands and coasts already in game but hidden from sight in some bay, so only people who have been there or know about it can tell where it is... There could also be a black market for smugglers and more. Here are small islands that are already in game but there is nothing to be discovered and it would make ideal spots for those hidden mini ports. @admin This would give more content and life to the beautiful OW, driving more captains out to discover.
  7. Sovereign

    Safe Zones - A better way

    People claiming PvP players are too lazy to find their targets outside of capitals and only go there to sealclub are actually simply too lazy to do their PvE outside of capitals. There are so many quiet spots on the map where you can do PvE in peace... new players should have some safe area and once they become more experienced they can find out where the map is busy and where it is quiet. Fixing safe zones is pretty simple: 1. 50% gold / xp in safezones and no rare books only the very basic ones in safe zone PvE. 2. No bonus trims or slots for ships built in the zones instead of only lower chance ( including capturable ports that somehow are in the safezones @admin maybe this should be fixed either way... swedes have it for example ). Ships built inside safe zones should always be 3/5 without bonus. 3. Give new players a tiny starting tutorial map in some lake or on the west coast at some point in the future, where no advanced / veteran players can join and no PvP marks are issued ( if PvP should be allowed at all on the tutorial map ). There would be much less sealclubbing and players would have a place to fall back to in the safezones but the goal would always be to move out of the zones and increase profit / get better loot and ships. I still can not fathom why people should have no disadvantage in staying within their magically protected realm that is meant to protect new players.
  8. Sovereign

    Le Requin handling

    I am looking for a visualization of perfect or nearly perfect handling of the new Xebec. Sometimes the movement of the ship feels unnatural and I want to be sure it isn't because of my inability to manual sail it 100% correctly. I am also open and thankful for any other tips and advice regarding the ship. Thank you captains o7
  9. Sovereign


    Jetzt auch noch völlig weeabo-frei! 👍
  10. So I found this Indiaman afk in the middle of nowhere, boarded him and his brace basically beat every one of my moves. He had no marines and apparently no permanent mods, while I had "Nassau Boarders". I assume it was mainly his advantage in deck hight? The guy remained afk and I eventually had to sink him with cannon fire... no story short of embarassment. Once I unlock my slots, I will try Book of 5 Rings and see if the ladder bonus can fix it. Still seems a bit odd... Did this guy simply have boarding books stacked that reduced his crew casualties and boosted his brace but without marines for some reason?
  11. Sovereign

    La Requin nerf needed

    So let me get this straight... you want people to pay 10 bucks so they can sail free ships PvP marks? I can see the restriction on pirate refit as soon as sail force multipliers are nerfed for all ships and the lower carronade calibre too... maybe even remove it from PBs but nerfing speed and crew on a pirate ship that people have to pay real cash for? Draw the line, my dude... Also 5-6 rates are basically free... they cost so little to build that you can spam them for 4-5 slots and bonus trims easily while the DLC ships are free but restricted to 24h timers. So you will see much more normal ships with 5/5+trim than DLC ships naturally.
  12. Sovereign

    Boarding Indiaman

    Yeah, I should have actually just sank him with gun fire in the first place instead of fucking about with boarding but thought rageboarding would be faster... lesson learned, I guess.
  13. Sovereign

    Boarding Indiaman

    Actually I do understand... hence why I mentioned it in my OP? I just think it is a bit extreme since he doesn't even have to use defend but only brace and I actually had a boarding mod unlike him... That's sadly what it is... adding modifiers doesn't make it a different principle. I hope they will rework the 1994 2D boarding mini game with a mechanic that can hold up with the quality of the other combat mechanics of NA sooner rather than later...
  14. Sovereign

    Boarding Indiaman

    My muskets and grenades had very little effect aswell actually... tried both. Also isn't attack supposed to beat brace? Normally that is what it does for me... hence I was wondering about this one. From official post explaining the boarding commands: " Brace: This command is the default used at the start of boarding and when a previously selected command is no longer available. With “Brace” your crew heads for cover to reduce casualties from ranged attacks and some men fire back. “Brace” is ideal to protect your crew against incoming fire and increase your preparation for other commands. · Effective vs “Musket Volley”, “Fire Deck Guns”, (Reduces casualties) · Minor effect vs “Fire Grenades” · Very Vulnerable vs “Attack/Counter-Attack” · Very Little effect vs “Defend” "
  15. I like this suggestion. Please make it so, @admin. Even if the nations are hardcore, new players should start in the heart of their nation and not be sealclubbed out of the game at shroudcay. Voting for capitals seems a nice idea. I would also prefer all nations except GB, US, France and Spain be hardcore but that is another topic.
  16. Sovereign

    La Requin nerf needed

    This and pirate refit adjusted / nerfed should be looked at first. If this isn't enough go further. Adjust carefully.
  17. Sovereign

    Naval Action ports need a complete rework.

    Whether or not this should be priority is debatable but I would rather have a polished OW with improved, more detailed & diverse ports and even better visuals than more ships ( unless the new ship brings something unique like the Xebec ). Balancing existing ships > more ships. Still waiting for the moon on night sky too...
  18. Sovereign

    Premium Ships Break Up

    Don't really see the issue here.... few days to get a semi decent build? If you argue like this, then the same can be said for normal crafting where you aren't even restricted by time... farm some gold and build away without limit. And even if we ignore the fact that people who paid for the premium ships help fund the game, I don't see how it is unbalanced to get potentially one 5th and one 6th rate ship every 24h...
  19. Sovereign

    Premium ships 24 hours

    I agree with @Liq and think it is fine as it is. Upgrades are more expensive than the ship, if you use the best and 24h cd for a 5-6 rate seems reasonable. The premuim ships might have a chance for 5-5 slots? @admin ? Then you could roll a very valuable ship and have the thrill of losing it there. I think it is good actually since you can go out with the ship more often and don't forget that you also provide content for other players by pulling a new ship and going out again. Otherwise you would just lose it and then log off ( if you want to play only hercules for example ). I am very happy with 24h cooldown, because I really want to master the ship. Think about it this way... how many 5th rates could you build in this time for 200k material cost each or so?
  20. Sovereign

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    That's really nice...The two people I mentioned are representative of the more casual type of player that NA needs to fill the massive open world and move from MO in the direction of MMO. I am willing to buy the base game and every DLC on top, they are not. The problem is nobody forces them to play and once they feel treated unfairly or unequal after having paid 40 bucks on the game, they will probably just move on and I am not sure that this is in the best interest of the devs or the game and everyone else playing it - especially considering how hard it is to keep new players in game already.
  21. Sovereign

    How is this possible?

    Cases like this make me really sad... he probably did not even ask for help in chat first. Some people are truely degenerated.
  22. Sovereign

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Yes, I think 2 more slots would be fine but not +8 or something like that ( pretty much what I expected ). But then again, why not give everyone 2 more slots then? I think the DLC is packed enough as is...
  23. Sovereign

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Pretty much what @Hethwill already said. It is a balancer to limit instant access to all regions of the map, which in return adds depth and strategy to conquest / RvR and trading. So captain A has the DLC and acess to maybe 10-20 outposts for PvP, RvR and trading while captain B is limited to 8 without it? Actually every direct advantage that you can not aquire ingame is de facto pay2win. I am not against more outpost slots, as long as they remain somewhat limited.. I am against excluding peole who only own the base game. I do want the devs to get as much cash coming in as possible but I also hate pay2win and want NA to have as many players as possible. I got two good friends of mine into the game but they quit due to lack of content and I was trying to get them back into the game. Well guess what? The introduction of DLC's turned them away for good and they said they probably won't give it another shot. Moral of the story: I love the game and it is worth every cent and more but we should not forget that we are talking about a EA niche game for 40 bucks that has a massive OW to fill here and the fact that not everyone has a raging boner for the age of sail. My conclusion would be: If having the additional outposts in the DLC is not a problem, not having them shouldn't be one either... The advantages the DLC gives in its current form are worth the money compared to the base game.
  24. Sovereign

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    People are already asking for that... I don't think the current DLC is hard p2w yet but with additional outpost slots it would certainly cross the line in my book. You can rotate buildings or work with your friends / clan, you can have up to 20 ships already which is plenty and more warehouse space is a nice bonus but not pay2win in my opinion. But outpost slots? Should be the same for everyone. I think people don't even realize the advantage of it... or maybe they do?
  25. Sovereign

    Admiralty Connection DLC bug?

    Having the DLC purchased, I don't ever want this to be part of it honestly. Storage space for ships, items and more production buildings is fine ( and similar to an alt account ) and the price is reasonable. You don't need the DLC but it is handy to have and you can support the game and devs this way, too. More outpost slots is when we enter pay2win or at least have a foot in the door, in my honest opinion ( depending on how many slots we are talking ). I know this is a very unpopular opinion but I actually like the limited outpost slots ( could still be raised from 8 to a flat 15 as 8 seems too few indeed ) as you need to think strategically where you want and need them instead of simply having one everywhere, which is probably why outposts are limited in the first place. If outpost slot count gets raised, it should be for everyone.