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  1. The average OW player sadly...
  2. Sovereign

    Hercules ship feedback

    I don't even dare to sail mine, considering I am only slightly above average skill tier and there is no way to get it back once it is lost.... It is a very fine ship tho.
  3. Sovereign

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    Why shouldn't they, when there is no reason for them to be there other than selling repairs for small profit? They are better off trading somewhere quiet and safer.
  4. I have to agree here. I know the game is EA and in testing phase but please consider the effort and time people put into the game. Compensating people adequately should be achievable. Thank you.
  5. Will the Hercules be available as purchasable premium ship later? Seems like a waste to have this beauty only be available once per player and then never again... Also I wonder why it is a 6th rate ?
  6. Very well said. Players who want to kill bots, should look for them in the OW.
  7. Maybe you should do your part and train "newbies" helping them to become veterans then? That sure would be more constructive than your moaning about mechanics that are meant to promote enjoyable PvP. No offence.
  8. I love and appreciate your passion for realism and historical accuracy in NA.
  9. Very nice patch. Can you explain this upgrade, please?
  10. I think it was a bad move by them to nerf bottle droprate. It was very good since it rewarded being in the OW ( even if someone is afk fishing with 5 alt accounts, his ships are in the OW open to attacks ) and gave more people access to the better upgrades. More good upgrades available = more even playing field and less fear of losing upgrades = more ships in OW / PvP = more content = more players = more money = more content = even more players = even more money etc. The only people that like super rare upgrades are the hardcore powergamers and these people won't quit anyways, if they are still playing. We need more average joe / casuals to raise server population and fill the huge map. Also we have super rare ships now and ships should be the expensive asset - not upgrades. Aren't rare expensive ships enough?
  11. Sovereign

    Open world hunting

    It means you have had enough game experience to improve your skills and be subject to PvP attacks without any protection. If someone only spends 50% of the time on their way up to the max rank in PvP fights, they should be capable of dealing with player aggression without any need for special protection. Agree completely, we need something like this as soon as possible.
  12. Sovereign

    Bring back names in OW!

    I think it is a very good change, to be perfectly honest. No longer can you only target the low rank and new players but risk attacking someone that might actually beat you ( the game forces you now to whip out your balls, because people can't do it on their own it seems ) and if you are a fair player and don't lack the character to do so, you can always let new players go in battle once you see their rank / name. I don't see any reason to revert this change.
  13. Sovereign

    Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    He was begging for his life and pretended in Tumbado that trade doesn't work. What a spineless shammer.