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  1. Sovereign

    Naval Action Meme collection

    How is this even possible?! Oh my...
  2. Sovereign

    Treasure fleets

    If it was lightweight, it would be too easy to secure tho... I think this is the reason the deadman's chest is so heavy, too.
  3. Sovereign

    Treasure fleets

    This is my suggestion for the implementation of treasure fleets: The treasure fleets would be AI trade ships with or without escort that spawn at random locations and make their way to a random national port. They are announced like the "lost fleet" event. The treasure would be a chest just like the deadman's chest but with currency instead and is also only usable in port. The clan of the player who opens it and all of their allied clans' members would get a fixed reward and bonus tax income for their ports for 1 day and the one who opened it a small bonus reward ( that he can still share with his mates who helped him if he is a teamplayer ). This would represent the positive impact on the nations economy and captains that the treasure brings and promote teamwork. The route would need to be long enough to give players time to react. Please link any worthwhile suggestions for treasure fleets and your own thoughts on the matter.
  4. Very much appreciated and more different flavour for a different sail type. Also nice for a pirate ship to have a small headstart. Keep up the good work, Sir.
  5. Sovereign

    Reinforcements update

    This is exactly why I call BS on people claiming PvP players just want a PvE mission every once in a while and shoot up some dummies. The PvE server is boring just how PvE is boring for actual PvP players. I don't know any PvP player that is like "Hey guys I'm going to blast some bots, who is in for a ride?". PvE player play missions / PvE and PvP players play PvP. Moaning about being subject to PvP on the PvP server is nothing but ridiculous and flawed logic to me. Yes, and this is exactly why there are two servers and everyone is allowed to have characters and access to both. You don't need any fancy books for PvE either so having to do the grind twice is not a valid argument given how easy it is to make endless amounts of gold free on the PvE server. And if people really feel the need to play PvE on the PvP server, they have that option and are welcome to do so aswell. Only when they start to complain about "being ganked" and exposed to PvP is when the situation gets really ludicrous. It is basically what you sign up for when playing on the server... or should be?
  6. Sovereign

    Reinforcements update

    The one thing that bewilders me like nothing else and I, many others and even admin asked is... why would anyone play on the PvP server only to want PvE shielded from PvP when that already exists on a complete other server? I think new players should start on the PvE server and get the option to switch to the PvP server with a fixed amount of gold, repairs and ships but no items. There would be a warning and everything before they can switch to the PvP server. This way new players can start in a completely safe environment but switch to the PvP server whenever they please with no way back and limited assets. We can finally be done with the "But new players get ganked at the capital and it kills the game" BS and players will have to choose what they want to play: PvE or PvP with the option of unprotected PvE. This is the reason we have two servers. No more moaning from any side.
  7. Have you considered simply taking the missions in a port on the north coast of jamaica? Yeah, I agree...
  8. Sovereign

    Pirates vs Portuguese

    This could be a good game if it wasn't aimed at an audience of teenagers... #NAforlife Also I wonder why we don't have portugese in game? Being one of the actual seafaring european nations of that time...
  9. @admin The higher chance for good trims and 4-5/5-5 ships only in capturable ports is still planned? Any details yet on how high what chances will be, yet? I want to move my assets and it would be convenient for me to know before the patch drops. Thank you.
  10. Sovereign

    The top 10 problems of NA, my view.

    I am not sure who you are addressing here, because you did not quote anyone but just in case of the off chance it is me: I'm not the one whinging and moaning about the game without any suggestion of how to fix it, like you and the other fella. I am happy with the game and patches and thus do not need to add constructive criticism at this point in time. Can you follow through?
  11. Sovereign

    More places like Kidd's Island...

    Yeah, of course depending on the region. There could also be deepwater smuggler ports / hideouts that are in shallows on the map.
  12. Sovereign

    The top 10 problems of NA, my view.

    Good to see the desire to still come on to the forums and moan about the game without offering any constructive criticism is still there at least.
  13. Sovereign

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    The leak mechanic is simply excellent and can easily be avoided with proper command of the ship. I see no reason for it to be changed or even removed. Also I think a vastly superior force shouldn't automatically win the engagement simply by its mere existence alone. There are many battles in history where few stood against many and prevailed. Quantity isn't the only factor - don't forget the quality. Also as admin mentioned when we look at the realism factor of 1 ship winning vs 10 in game, we forget and ignore how not just about anyone could take command of a war ship back in those days - captains had to be trained before that and thus would know a lot of things players in game might not know - as for example the hazard of leaks and how to avoid them as much as possible. Also the leak mechanic makes the pump upgrades just a bit less redundant.
  14. Do you have any ETA of the ship in shop? Already lost mine and can't wait so sail it again... Also will there be paintjobs for it in the future? Brest Harbour, Rogue Noir or Outlaw would be really nice.
  15. Sovereign


    I'll gladly invest more into the game via DLCs pre release as long as the price tag is reasonable, it is in no way pay2win and it actually helps speed up & improve the development and quality of the game. Even tho I would donate money to GL just to keep development going and the servers running, I'd also like to see as many players online as possible and everyones financial means are different.