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    The battle right before that. This could have been a fair clean fight. Instead the Spanish ran and left three of their Captains to die. Nothing more needs to be said...
  2. Tom Farseer

    Hard caps on stacked boni

    The title says it all, basically. Right now the overall effect of stacked mods with similar boni seems a bit extreme to me. While realism sometimes has to make way for playability and fun, I personally think that it's a bit ridiculous to have Ships of the line zoom around going clost to 14 knots. A speed stacked Teak/Teak Bellona for example easily outguns and outtanks a Wo/Wo Indefatigable, but the Indefatigable has almost no chance of running in such an encounter. This seems a bit overboard to me. (pun very much intended ) My suggestion would be to either reduce the effect of speedmods according to ship rating, much akin to the way knowledge books like powder monkeys have less of an effect on higher rates. Another possible solution would be to limit the maximal speed bonus to something like 4 % making stacking of more than two mods useless. The same principle applies to repair mods and skills. Sailing a ship with northern masters, steel toolbox and expert carpentry/combat carpenter reports, will essentially enable one to build half a new ship in battle. Granted those books are rare, and the mods are fairly expensive, but as long as economy is like it is, with some people having 100M gold or more in the bank, that argument goes in the other direction, creating a large non-skill-related gap between players. To be clear: This is NOT an advertisment along the lines of "Upgrades are blatantly overpowered, skill makes no difference anymore" . The final exam very much shows the opposite, as one can easily sink both AI ships without the rageboarding meta. Just takes a little more patience. This suggestion is about moderation and enhancing the importance of skill and patience. An expensive Upgrade has to have it's value, it just shouldn't knock balance out of the water completely.
  3. I wouldn't go so far as 200% but on principle I like the idea. All the more so because @admin said in one thread (don't rember wich) that repairs is supposed to b a money sink by design.
  4. Tom Farseer

    Flipped over and sunk after being rammed

    Welcome to the life of an Ingermanland Captain. It's a long known bug, that seems quite pesky to fix. Ususally the Devs give affected players their ship back. Don't know about the book though...
  5. Tom Farseer

    Fleet ships getting a free teleport.

    This would also stop people sailing around without guns. A fully armed Indiaman with a good captain can easily take out a Rennomme or Prince if the attacker isn't good enough at keeping out of broadside areas. Yet most people just sail without guns and repairs for, what, 0.3 knots more speed? On a filled up Indiaman that will hardly make a difference (Parisian being the exception with it's flat 1000 weight.)
  6. Tom Farseer

    Fleet ships getting a free teleport.

    Switching off friendly fire may solve that specific problem, but it would create too many follow up issues. Imagine if you could just shoot chain through your friendly's sails at an enemy. Correct positioning in battle would lose a lot of it's worth. The same would happen with using an enemies hull to block off at least half a broadside. Most people wouldn't shoot in such a situation. Take away friendly fire and it becomes a freebie. Really like the idea of a reputation system, though. (Edited for spelling)
  7. Tom Farseer

    Patrol Area Ship Ratings

    Not as far as I know. I got sunk by a Bellona in Hispaniola less than two weeks ago. So definitely after the patch that introduced "Frigate only" Patrols. @admin Could we get a clear answer from the devs side? I can find no reliable info on it anywhere.
  8. Tom Farseer

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    The one experience I had with reinforcements was me happening on a battle just outside Port Antonio, so I know my perspective is somewhat limited. Sir Loorkon in his Endy had tagged an LGV. The reinforcement was a Surprise. I joined the battle about 7-8 minutes after it started. By then Loorkon had almost killed the LGV (around 30% odf structure left) and the "reinforcement" was sailing around 400-500 m downwind of the battle. Not a scratch on it, the attacker didn't even need to chain. So either the guy in the LGV was trying to run from his own reinforcements, or they spawned in too far away. My suggestions are: Make sure Reinforcements spawn somewhere decent. (With the wind gauge or between the attacker and the attacked.) Make sure the reinforcements acutally fit the attacker. Even a buffed up Surprise will not damage a half decent Endymion quickly enough to save an attacked trader, assuming the attacker isn't a newbie himself. @admin I know you did not ask about player's skills, but I'd say it is linked to wether the reinforcements work, depending on how you want them to work. If they are supposed to give a newbie a fighting chance in case he get's attacked by another newbie, its probably fine. If they are supposed to offer new players some protection from anyone except other new players, they seem a bit underpowered.
  9. Tom Farseer

    Patrol Area Ship Ratings

    Ok, Thanks! Good to know that 4th rates count as frigates for this. It can be a bit confusing with the different historic rating systems. (Eg. Connie being a (Super-)Frigate but 4th rate. Aggy obviously being a 4th rate as a small SoL)
  10. Tom Farseer

    Patrol Area Ship Ratings

    Can anyone give me a definitive list of which Patrol Missions are frigates only? I read in Global chat several times that La Mona was supposed to be frigates only. Seeing as I just got sunk by DreamMaker in his Aggy (good mast sniper, that one...), this obviously isn't the case. PS: Edited for spelling.
  11. Tom Farseer

    Intentional Griefing in Patrol Zone

    I took the liberty and ran Lucky's post piecewise through google translate. (edited for Typo and weird google translation error, that lucky corrected)
  12. Tom Farseer

    Intentional Griefing in Patrol Zone

    I there ar reason Lucky L's post right above mine here got deleted? It may have been in chinese, but it was easy to grasp it's meaning via google translator. @Lucky L did you delete it yourself? If not why are people with a language barrier denied from answering their accusers? @admin
  13. Tom Farseer

    Intentional Griefing in Patrol Zone

    Point taken.
  14. Tom Farseer

    Intentional Griefing in Patrol Zone

    I get that kiting in the Patrol Zone is both useless and kind of a dick move. But can anyone explain to me what the problem is with people staying in the instance for the 15 minutes after a battle ends? Some use it for repairs, other people start dicking around demasting each other for fun ( you know who you are 😘). How can this be considered griefing?
  15. Tom Farseer

    Deck Cannons not working on Hercules (F11-report sent)

    Huh. Good to know. Thanks very much!