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  1. Tom Farseer

    Proposal to change sail force mods

    And? The orbital system is wrong, too. Or rather "inaccurate" would be the better word. Bohr's model still finds use to describe phenomena for which it's accuracy is adequate. Almost every model that is actually used in practise, be it mathematical or chemical, is flawed in some way. The important thing is to find a balance between low complexity and high accuracy. Personally I'd be fine with the model @z4ys proposes here. My idea would have been to halve the positives on both standard and elite rig refits while adapting negatives individually. So for example: pirate rig refit: Jib + 7.5% | Square -7.5% elite pirate rig refit: Jib +15% | Square -10% ( instead of -15% to give the expensive elite refit a bit of an edge) Enhancing sail force by 30% has always been pretty absurd in my opinion. On most ships that additional energy would dissipate in a higher bow wave instead of extra speed, because the speed is hardcapped by the form of the hull. So you don't get faster, your sailors will just get seasick. 🤢
  2. I do: That battle was absolutely no fun. I literally did exactly what @Tiedemann described as "Whack-a-Mole" against Christoph (Herc vs Bellona) for the last 30 or so minutes of that battle just to keep them from generating enough points to win. I'd much rather have a good brawl, honestly. But for as long as we need that Teak Ports (which is basically forever, considering GBs situation) we will have to do everything in order to win those PBs. In a brawl we probably would have lost, because our Wasas were no match for the two spanish Bellonas, yet a brawl would have probably been more fun in my opinion.
  3. Tom Farseer

    Demasting / dismasting

    I have to say, I do quite like the term "canoeing"...
  4. Tom Farseer

    Shallow Water Hostility

    While I agree with Greg on the basic problem, the proposed mechanic could easily be exploited. Just bring a few fast frigates (e.g. Hercs), sit in a circle around the hostility mission and wait for the poor fuckers to leave. Tag'em in OW and sink'em.
  5. Tom Farseer

    La Requin - how to fix a broken ship

    Chapeau! Definitely one of the better troll posts out there 🤣 Let's hope the truth behind it gets adressed by the Devs.
  6. Tom Farseer

    Naval Action Meme collection

    How do you indentify the average Naval Action Player? . . . . .
  7. Tom Farseer

    Cut PB Timer cost

    Answered about the "beating" in PMs. No need to muck the thread up further about a misunderstanding aon choice of words. Which is exactly my point. It might not, with an appropriate player count. It is as it stands at the moment. My suggestion was for trying to find your "happy medium". SNOW only holds one port right now. We pay for a timer. The spanish flipped it, both sides get content. Yes sometimes the PB Timer is 11-14 again. We don't have the numbers to keep up every day, every week. Other GB clans don't have the quality (Some have. Not dropping names.) The alternative is spain fighting either AI or noone in Little Cayman. What a blast that would be.... We have lives, instead of a prime-time set in stone. Get over it.
  8. Tom Farseer

    Cut PB Timer cost

    Anyways... Rant finished, let's get back on topic: I actually concur with your statement that with a higher player count the cost would be much more manageable, maybe even equalized by higher tax earnings. Alas that is currently not the case, resulting in Ports running without timers which will get night-flipped (happy PvE-RvR), or clans with low numbers grinding endlessely to keep strategic resources. Suggestion drop timer cost to 150k. (250k max), then see how it unfolds.
  9. Tom Farseer

    Cut PB Timer cost

    I am not gonna go into the whole Bahamas thing.... True in part, over exaggerated by both sides. But that statement is utter bullshit. We had the timer in prime time and gave the spanish a beating as they were trying to flip it the first time. After that the had to get the help of a heavy russian fleet. After managing to flip it and getting their full PB fleet in, they were beat with a player commanding the British fleet who in relation to others is still fairly in experienced at commanding battles (Me, in case you are wondering, was my first PB at the helm....). Not saying I did it flawlessly (hell, no I didn't...) but the spanish certainly are not the superior force here. I'd say we are about even and who wins depends on daily form (as of tomorrow we'll test it again) and british numbers on the server (not counting those that chose GB because it says "Easy" on the selection screen).
  10. @admin It is great to see you starting to directly reply to suggestions and acknowledging their existence, even if they cannot (yet) be implemented. Makes for a much clearer communication. This simple "I heard you" works wonders for player morale. Keep up the good work!
  11. It takes a good captain to do so, but a well built and well steered Niagara can go toe to toe with a Xebec. The Req will have the better cards overall, true. But it is not unbeatable. You will of course have to avoid boarding, where the crew difference really gets into play.
  12. Tom Farseer

    Russia vs France. Round Two.

    Oh Hachi 😂 Never change....
  13. This is both true and untrue 😁. I was commanding our heavy fleet, consisting of three oceans. My aim from the beginning was to keep your main fleet from advancing to Circles A and C so that you were unable to generate enough points in time. Once we had to engage we somewhat engaged (with me messing up one turn order, allowing you to sandwich us and take me out fairly quickly, albeit beaching one of yours in the process. The main reasons for us not engaging straight away were: a) We were in a leeward position and we knew some of you are good at leaking. b) Quite frankly: You had to come to us. Our maneuvering was mainly in order to get the wind of you and keep it. Had you sailed straight to the next circle we would have blocked you as best we could, brawling it out. It just wasn't necessary, though. I must admit, although it's nice to have Greg as an experienced commander, he comes in quite handy in a Herc. You can just tell him which area to keep and from there on no more management is needed 😄.
  14. Tom Farseer

    Grief Fleets

    Care to elaborate how the player in the slower ship is supposed to turn and fight, when being kited by faster ships? If the attacker is significantly faster, more than one retag is unlikely to happen and the battle won't last long. If the speed is close between both the Counterfleet, Revengefleet or Gankfleet, whatever you want to call it, should be able to close in and get the kill. If they can't manage that, why keep kiting? It's no fun for all parties concerned.
  15. A single Indiaman filled with Versailles Terracotta (not even the most profitable AI trading good, by the way) will give you a NET PROFIT (assuming the usual 10% tax on buy and sell) of around 480k gold. Make that three Indiamen and you are close to 1.5 million in profit with around 500k spent to buy the stuff and 2 million made on selling it. No fairytale here. If you can find cheap Teak/White Oak/ Live Oak Logs (bought for less then 800) you can sell them in most capitals for more than 2000. with their minimal weight compared to trading goods, the can make you millions in a single run. If seen 30 million Wood trades get done with a single fleet. (Also a sign of hoarding being a bit of a problem. The rich guys don't spend enough of their dime to keep things balanced. Then again, what is there to spend it on?)