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  1. Peter von Friedemach

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    You don't have any sense for traders! U loose 20% of hold? U loose 20 % of your profit - wish you gankers would loose 20% of all your fighting skills!!! PvPers would cry the hell out here in forums ... I am sure you will live with 20 % less of your actual skills 😉 Sir Texas Sir
  2. Peter von Friedemach

    Combat News & Player Names - sligthly Change

    Dear Devs! May i suggest just a very slightly change in OW combat news? Just replace the word "player" by the ship class of the boarded or sank ship and also show the ship class the winning player was in. It might have two effects: 1. The message will appear a little more like gossip a seaman pics up in habours tavern or information given to a Capt'n by the Admirality. 2. Might be a little protection for the weaker player, cause the hunter will think about his reputation and image on the server. He decides to be known as a trader killer and seal clubber or a hero of the seas sinking ships stronger than his own ... Examples: "FGT2junkyass on Endymion sank British Basic Cutter near Belize" "Charles Longsword on Pirate Frigate sank Spanish Bellona near La Habana" By the way ... is somebody feeling the same i feel if you see the players name in the 1st exampla?. Last pollish of this game should include more dicipline in characters names please! This is an open word sand box game acting in 18th century and not a rap music contest. Please give name rules fitting to the historic background we are playing in! Every Name should be checked and confirmed by the Admins like it is in many other Multiplayer Online Games! Please think about. Best Regards
  3. Peter von Friedemach

    Deutsche Spieler Ingame

    Ich bin Deutscher in Diensten seiner Majestät Georg d. III. Wilhelm Friedrich von Hannover, König von Großbritanien und Irland als GNF-Admiral für Schiffbau und Flottenentwicklung. Ich diene zwar nicht bei den Preußen, habe naturgemäß und aus sprachlichen Gründen aber nichts gegen sie. Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn Preußen und Großbritannien enger zusammen arbeiten würden. Ich persönlich würde einen Preußischen Spieler nicht angreifen, wurde auch selten von einem Angegriffen, bzw. noch nie von einem versenkt.... Schön wäre wenn ALLE deutschsprachigen Spieler zusammen für eine Deutsche Nation kämpfen würden ... ich denke, dann würde die Karte anders aussehen 😉 Finde es bescheuert, wenn sich zwei Deutsche Clans verschiedener Nationen bekämpfen, teilweise aus persönlichen Abneigungen zweier Clanführer gegeneinander ...
  4. Peter von Friedemach

    Partial materials wipe - advanced warning

    You will get what you want ... be happy!
  5. Peter von Friedemach

    Partial materials wipe - advanced warning

    Imagine this server one future day would have the population it is build for (2000 i guess). There will be an inflation of ships and you won't see a drop of water between Havanna and Kingston. U will cross the Gulf by walking from deck to deck in dry shoes.
  6. Peter von Friedemach

    Partial materials wipe - advanced warning

    The items are not stupid! They are things! But players who don't love the details of ship building and the necessary parts used to are stupid and not worth to own a ship bigger than a basic cutter. Ship building needs very experiencend experts! This is an Open World - no pure pvp arena. That means there must be speciallist expert players who like to invest a lot of time in crafting to be able to build excellent vessels. If someone who likes to be for 100% in battles there may NO possibility to build his own ships! And between buying a ship in shop and using it should be at least a real time week of delivery time. In History there haven't been Captains who just build a First Rate so just by the way between sailing in, go 5 seconds to workshop, and sail out. An Open world is dying a more and more. Ship building should be a simulation game in the game. Ships must be rare stuff, especially first rates! Now they are going to be easy to get like a bubblegum from an automat. The game is loosing! PvP'es won again over the Devs threatning with and speaking about loosing players base if they don't jump through their burning tire ... This video shows, why i love the ship bulding and hoped it will be more detailled in the future. Now we get the oposit ...
  7. Peter von Friedemach

    Partial materials wipe - advanced warning

    What's up devs? 20 - 30 days are nearly over. Can't wait the changes. Please give us information as things are now.
  8. Peter von Friedemach

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Hello Felix! Your tool is getting better and better - thank you Felix Victor! But i found a little mistake. In the data-field the sign "-" (minus) is shown on the wrong coordinate. In this case it has to be -359k / 436k Freundliche Grüße Peter P.
  9. Peter von Friedemach

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    And here another good example how Spaniards realy where in there snobbish outfits and perfumed arrogant behaviour - eternal loosers 😉 ... and best greetings to our Pirate friends - have fun!
  10. Peter von Friedemach

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    No, no ... i see another Spanish player (name is better not said) seams to be the reincarnation of El Supremo, as you can see next. By the way, in this Vid you can also see what is to be done with the French as an ally of the Spaniards.
  11. Peter von Friedemach

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    This Video shows again the ruthlessnes ot the Spaniards ... British Sailors ... let's stay Gentlemen of the Seas and don't let us down to the same low level of communication and flaming language like Alucard (Son of Dracula)!
  12. Peter von Friedemach

    Steal Money and leave clan

    Don't want to defend the ruthless deeds of this mega super duper asshole .... BUT ... don't let us forget this is an open world sandbox game. Everything the engine provides can be done but nothing has to be done. The whole game is a game of killing, robbery and destruction of other players "lifes", ships, money and goods. Nations are at war with each other ... anybody against everybody. Some players slip into roles of very bad asses or heroes ... depending on the point of view. They use to do espionage with alts, they sneak into clans officer ranks to do sabotage and make mischief nationwide ... all like in real life. Other players kill helpless traders and new born baby players all day long ... that's life in NA. In my opinion having alts is the biggest problem in this game but it is money for games labs and so they won't do anything against it ...
  13. Peter von Friedemach

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Felix, ich love this tool. I'm dreaming of another feature on this great tool. Background is that every Admirality in the world is recording ship losses in a list and marking them with needles/dots in the maps. My suggestion is to mark the x/z positions of every sunk ship, of the last 24 h since server restart, with a colored dot according to a trader or warship. By going mouse over u will see little more information. Type and nation of sunk ship as well as nation, type of the winning ship and it's players name. It will give nearly the same information as existing combat news give but visually on one sight. Additionaly there should be a summary of all times, ship losses list, for the history books. This will provide facts for the endless discussions about ganking newbies and slaughtering helpless traders. It will give an overview of combat activities in the careebean as a commanding officer picks up from every harbour pubs gossip, traders reports up to the war room briefings of the admiralty. Further more it will open a competition between players in ruthlessness or honourible knighthood on the seas. Where do u want to find yourself on the list .... ?
  14. Peter von Friedemach

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Don't understand flagg discussion. Just use the flaggs nations are flying in game / in battle mode/ at the stern flagg poles.