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  1. Ship to Ship Cargo Transfer

    As the honorible Mr. Merewether said it is all a matter of trust and honor! It is on your own risk and just an Ooption. By The way .... you kind of thinking has a Lot of neganTive ENERGY ....
  2. Ship to Ship Cargo Transfer

    Basicly it is possible to load cargo from one ship to another and it was practiced e.g. by navy supply ships, provided weather conditions allow it. If you can board a ship and loot its hold by brutal force of course you can tie two ships together peacefuly if both Capt'ns aggree and pay for the cargo they tranfer. Or you the goods where tranfered by rowing boats. Same you take cargo in harbours without docks or quay walls. It's called "trade" It is still practiced today! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5RDB5_RKj4
  3. Ship to Ship Cargo Transfer

    Yes ... but this is another suggestion
  4. Ship to Ship Cargo Transfer

    Trade and cargo transfer can be done between two ships! Two players, independent of ships type or nation, will be given the option to meet at high seas in OW to trade and transfer cargo ship to ship (STS). Vessels move alongside within their small circles, stop on zero speed and STS-button will be activated. Clicking it will start a 60 seconds countdown. "Get ready cargo gear" will be shown. After that the same trade routine will open as we all know from trade in ports. Players can still watch the horizon but hindered by the trade windows. Trade can only be done between single or leading ships if with fleet. If one of the trading ships is attacked while in this mode the trade window will shut down as if it is canceled and all trading participants will find themselves in battle mode. To reflect the vulnerable state they where caught in, (two ships tied together working hard with cargo gear) the traders will remain dead in water first 2 minutes after start of the battle before they are able to set sails and move. But guns may be fired and all other orders may be given normaly. If the trade is done without any unpleasant interruption players may close trade window and sail on ... bon voyage! This feature shall bring more realism and players freedom to the NA-universe. It could be an occasion for exciting game situations. It will reduce frustration about long trips to deal with other players and nations over far distances if you are free to meet anybody anywhere and only have half the way. It will promote and revive ships traffic and the ingame economy. This will provide more potential of victims for all hunters and raiders. And it could open to play as raider trap or to play the role of a supply ship (tender) for battle fleets and squads providing rum and repairs... it's demanding good navigators. This will help the game to stop drifting more and more towards a world of warships under sails ... Dear DEVS please think about that seriously. Forum members please let me all know your thoughts about this issue... may be i forget to consider something... the devil hides in details.