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    Weapon and Perk Modding Guide

    Weapon value changes should show up in the tooltip. Are you sure you have the right hex block? The one you want starts at offset 021249E0. Both EffectiveRange and EffectiveRangeHint need to have the same value. Only EffectiveRangeHint is displayed in the base game tooltip.
  2. Based on the work of Tokiedian and JonnyH13 here is an updated guide to modding weapons and perks in the resource.assets. A hex editor will be needed to view and make changes to the file. - Float values will need to be converted from and into hex using a float calculator. - Other game values can be changed, but discovering where those values are is largely trial and error. - No matter what changes you make, the assets file size cannot be increased or decreased. You can shorten text values to gain space. The first hex block shows the palmetto infantry rifle. The second block shows the discipline artillery perk. The basic hex blocks will be the same for other weapons and perks. Apologies for the formatting and usage of paint. Weapon Hex details Hex Value Type Notes 8B 04 00 00 thumbnail reference int 00 00 7A 43 effective range hint float 00 00 96 43 effective range float 00 00 96 42 rate of fire float This one is odd. If you enter a float 30 = 100 rate of fire results in the UI. float 100 = 30 rate of fire 00 00 90 41 weapon damage float 00 00 B6 42 melee damage float 71 3D 0A 3E accuracy random low float Values shown in tooltip are * 100 CD CC 8C 3F accuracy random high float Values shown in tooltip are * 100 00 00 96 42 collateral radius float 05 00 00 00 00 28 C3 36 56 96 3E 3F ... 30 C9 F6 BE 02 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 animation curve Length can vary. Can copy between weapons but curves cannot be modified. 1E 00 00 00 weapon ammo int 0D 00 00 00 weapon cost int 8F C2 75 3E adaption coef float Affects AI weapon scaling 00 00 80 3F ammo cost float 01 00 00 00 crew amount int Perk Hex Details Hex Value Type Notes FF FF FF FF Unit type int 00 00 00 00 is infantry, 01 00 00 00 is Cavalry, 02 00 00 00 is Artillery, FF FF FF FF apply to all. Only corps perks use the type. 02 00 00 00 number of bonuses int this cannot be changed 04 00 00 00 type of bonus 00 00 00 00 add or multiply bonus int 00 00 00 00 is add, 01 00 00 00 is is multiply 00 00 20 41 value added or multiplied float - Depending on the number of bonuses assigned to the perk, you will see additional sets of three 4 pair blocks for each bonus - List of Bonus types and associated reference value. Stamina,00 Efficiency,01 Melee,02 Firearms,03 Morale,04 Stealth,05 Spotting,06 Reload,07 EffectiveRange,08 Cover,09 Accuracy,10 GetMeleeDamageMoraleImpact,11 GetSmallArmsDamageMoraleImpact,12 Ammo,13 RotationSpeed,14 CanisterDamage,15 SolidAndShellDamage,16 HorseSpeed,17 ChargeDamage,18 MoveSpeed,19 Experience,20 CommandRadius,21
  3. Thanks to @General WVPM for combining his Surrender mod changes with the J&P Rebalance mod V1.2. A few changes weren't included due to overlap or balance reasons, but the added surrender mod changes are below. Please see the main J&PRebalance post for details on its full set of changes. This will be kept as a submod of the Rebalance mod and will likely have additional balance issues, but for those who requested it please enjoy. Changes: -Units surrender based on the morale of nearby units as well as their fatigue and losses. This means that it's easier to cleanup a bunch of routing troops that are cornered. -Units surrender when surrounded with no allies nearby (a bit randomized and cav has a larger escape chance). -Units can't shatter from melee, they instead surrender. -Cav melee attacks give a big bonus to surrender chance. -Enemy troop estimates depend on recon skill. -(Optional) captives are returned to the AI before it gets post-battle reinforcements. Modify captivesToAI value in the Mod/AIConfigFile. -At the end of each battle, the results are logged to a file in your temp folder, so the Excel tool can make a nice Excel file of it. Get the mod here: https://wvpm.stackstorage.com/s/1yhVT3s3wYiL9Gs Install Instructions: Download J&P 1.2 + Surrender.zip and extract the contents of the J&P + Surrender folder it into your Ultimate General Civil War_Data directory. You will be prompted to overwrite Assembly-CSharp.dll and resources.assets Uninstall Instructions: Verify game files to restore the Assembly-CSharp.dll and resources.assets and delete Ultimate General Civil War_Data/Mod folder
  4. pandakraut

    J&P Rebalance + Surrender mod

    That is the expected path. You should be able to extract the zip file to the data path and everything should end up in the right place. Glad you were able to resolve the issue.
  5. pandakraut

    J&P Rebalance + Surrender mod

    You also need to have a Ultimate General Civil War_Data/Mod folder that contains several config files. Is that also there? Are you using a GoG copy or are you on a Mac?
  6. pandakraut

    J&P Rebalance + Surrender mod

    Are you only replacing the dll? There are several config files that need to be in the right place for the mod to load.
  7. I'm pretty sure you're just running the base game. The game doesn't enforce division limits outside of preventing you from assigning units there. So if you load a save with more divisions they will still be present even if you are running the base game. The easiest way to tell what you are running is checking the weapon tooltips. If you see accuracy high and low the mod dll is being used. If carbines are all range 300 the mod assets file is being used.
  8. My best guess is that something is still screwed up with the end of day logic for you. There was an older bug where battles that went very late would tick over to 00:00:00 and end immediately. Salem Church was one of those I believe. I'm not sure how you are running 1.23 and still hitting it though. Hope the reinstall works out.
  9. None of them fail for me. The only suggestion I have to try and resolve would be reinstalling the game and then reapplying the mod. Alternately, as long as the issue doesn't keep happening in other battles, you can try these saves. Camp post day 1, day 2 post hints, day 2 a few minutes later(hopefully you don't have to use this one but included in case the others don't work). CampaignBattle.zip
  10. I just tried both saves with the 1.23a dlls and couldn't recreate. Also tried restarting the entire battle from one of the saves and again didn't get the bug. Did not get the endOfDay bug with Salem Church with your saves or an old save of my own. It's not entirely clear to me from your other comments if you've tried restarting the entire battle yet. That is normally the best chance to resolve issues like this. If you've already tried that I'm not sure what else to attempt. I'm going to check with Jonny and see if the bug happens for him.
  11. I can't promise anything, but I'll see if I can take an initial look this weekend.
  12. Unfortunately there seem to be enough differences between the steam and GoG dlls/install that the mod is not compatible with GoG. I have not had a chance yet to buy a GoG version and make the changes there.
  13. Did you have the accuracy perk for the unit or the commanding general? Which weapon was that unit equipped with? The early battles can definitely feel a bit slow though. The combination of low skill allied troops and muskets means I spend a lot of time on x2 or x8 speed. The base level of damage should probably go up a bit. If things continue to feel to slow you may want to try increasing the gameSpeed in the _Data/Mod/Rebalance/ConfigFile.csv by 1 or 2. Thanks for the feedback and hope you continue to enjoy the mod.
  14. Thanks for the feedback, glad you're enjoying the mod. I only start putting points in politics when everything else useful is maxed, so even if it's still really good the other options can work as well. I play with very small units though which influences things a lot. Collateral damage is the radius around the center of the unit that nearby units will take a small amount of damage in. Artillery is still probably to strong despite having something like half the damage it did at one point in the mod. In terms of the differences between cannon you'll want to take a look at this post http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26142-hidden-mechanics-and-weapon-damage-degradation/. The spreadsheets there are for the base game ranges, but it should illustrate the differences. Not that the cannon damages all make sense currently, they are a compromise while we rework all weapon damage for a for a future release. We've both been pretty busy recently so it's going slowly though. This sounds like really bad luck. The officer wound/death rates are currently unchanged from the base game. The last time I went through Shiloh I think I had one officer killed though several were wounded.
  15. I've never encountered an issue with that battle. If you come across it again please let me know. If you can get an in battle save that consistently fails even better.
  16. I can't say for sure but there seems to be some kind of stickiness mechanic when unit sprites are in contact. It seems to be more of a problem against artillery since sometimes all the sprites stack up on a single gun and once that happens player input basically gets ignored. I've tried routing my own units to get them free but that doesn't seem to work either. I've tried messing around with various variables that seem like they are related but have not been able to make any improvement to the current system. Because of this hit and run tactics with cavalry can be extremely risky.
  17. You only got 5 brigades at Malvern Hill? That doesn't sound right I thought it was 8? I think you can fall back and let them capture the first VP to trigger the reinforcements and later phases earlier. It can be hard to push back to recover it though as that terrain is very open.
  18. Should be safe to capture them. In testing I was able to get all the way through to camp with them captured.
  19. Have a new fix for the artillery capture bug. Will get Jonny to post it tomorrow.
  20. It sounds like you are forcing up scaling based on your army composition. Do you have a bunch of large skirmisher units leftover from Shiloh?
  21. Thanks for the report, I"ll look into it.
  22. That'd be interesting to see in action. I've never been successful with trying to fit in snipers in the initial deployment. The cover options aren't great and I find that I need at least 6 infantry brigade with the rest being Artillery to try and deter charges on Legendary. I usually try to bring the snipers in once the map opens up a bit, but artillery still does most of the work for me.
  23. Using Malvern Hill as an example, even if you don't really bother with a 2nd corps it's always worth putting at least one unit in it. Free xp for the general, extra supply wagon, and generals apply their morale regen bonus to units in other corps at half the normal rate. Past that I agree, at least in the mod no real need for a 2nd corps at Malvern. Front load the first corps and annihilate the csa before the 2nd corps would even arrive. I usually just dump my cavalry into the 2nd corps for the cleanup.
  24. Correct. I basically don't build out a third corps until the very end game. I'll create it to allow unit swapping, but it'll only get rookie units added for the few battles it's actually needed.
  25. The AI on this battle is also pretty terrible. Most of the AI units spend the majority of the battle standing around offering point blank flanking shots to the gunboats. The gunboats have 3k range so that they can hit things at Shiloh. We may have to replace them with the tutorial gunboats that haven't been modified. Did the AI artillery target the boats at all? It's possible to get most of the AI stuck if you stay out of vision. If we can figure out a semi suicidal AI setting so that they actually move to attack when you start fighting some of their units it would probably improve things. You are very quickly reaching the point where you can probably mass artillery, put a thin line of infantry in front, snipers to spot and win most battles. Even with cutting the artillery perk damage in half they can still be very powerful. The real problem is that in many battles the AI is passive enough that you can sit there and bombard them all day instead of them just rushing your thinly defended batteries.