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  1. Thanks to @General WVPM for combining his Surrender mod changes with the J&P Rebalance mod V1.2. A few changes weren't included due to overlap or balance reasons, but the added surrender mod changes are below. Please see the main J&PRebalance post for details on its full set of changes. This will be kept as a submod of the Rebalance mod and will likely have additional balance issues, but for those who requested it please enjoy. Changes: -Units surrender based on the morale of nearby units as well as their fatigue and losses. This means that it's easier to cleanup a bunch of routing troops that are cornered. -Units surrender when surrounded with no allies nearby (a bit randomized and cav has a larger escape chance). -Units can't shatter from melee, they instead surrender. -Cav melee attacks give a big bonus to surrender chance. -Enemy troop estimates depend on recon skill. -(Optional) captives are returned to the AI before it gets post-battle reinforcements. Modify captivesToAI value in the Mod/AIConfigFile. -At the end of each battle, the results are logged to a file in your temp folder, so the Excel tool can make a nice Excel file of it. Get the mod here: https://wvpm.stackstorage.com/s/1yhVT3s3wYiL9Gs Install Instructions: Download J&P 1.2 + Surrender.zip and extract the contents of the J&P + Surrender folder it into your Ultimate General Civil War_Data directory. You will be prompted to overwrite Assembly-CSharp.dll and resources.assets Uninstall Instructions: Verify game files to restore the Assembly-CSharp.dll and resources.assets and delete Ultimate General Civil War_Data/Mod folder
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    J&P Rebalance + Surrender mod

    I only have limited experience with the surrender mod, but it definitely seems to speed up the wrap up routing units phase of a battle. It didn't seemed to significantly break or alter surrender rates in the early or mid phase of battles, though it seems you have to be much more careful of leaving units to engage enemies alone. I think there is still some room for improvement, but it does feel like a step in the right direction. My reading of the base game surrender logic is that one check is run continually any time a unit is in melee, and another check occurs anytime a unit is fired upon. Ranged and melee have different starting probabilities. Both units hp, morale, nearby enemy hp, nearby ally hp, commanding officer status, and ammo status all factor into the surrender chance. Additionally units will not even consider surrendering if a nearby allied unit has a morale status better than wavering. I've not checked any of those probability numbers directly, but could go look them up that is something people are interested in.
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    Chancellorsville has 3 days for both sides, but it's possible to win the battle early and skip days. As the CSA, if you don't capture the union camp you transition to day 3 where you have to hold the two VPs again. This is the same on the union side where if you hold the camp on day 2 then you still have to capture the VPs on day 3. Often the CSA army doesn't exist by that stage so you just walk across a nearly empty map. Your best chance is to cause as many casualties as you can in exchange for minimal casualties on your side in the first 2 days. If you can weaken the union enough then you might be able to survive day 3 in reasonable shape.
  4. pandakraut

    UI and AI Customizations Mod V1.3

    I'm trying to keep any balance changes to an absolute minimum with this mod, so that's why you still get a MG here compared to in the rebalance mod. I think I have a solution for getting both perks selectable, just need to get around to implementing it.
  5. Here are just the UI and AI updates of the J&P Rebalance Mod without the balance changes. This mod is not compatible with any other mod that changes the Assembly-CSharp.dll. Permission was granted by the developer to modify game files. Updates for V1.3: - Artillery descriptions updated with some context on how effective cannons are at various ranges to provide insight into how the damageDegradation curve affects the base stats. - Weapon tooltips updated to show actual weapon range for rifles. The better the rifle the more effective it is at longer ranges with the exception of repeating rifles which are more effective at medium ranges. For more details see http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26142-hidden-mechanics-and-weapon-damage-degradation/ Previous changes: UI - Weapon tooltips updated in camp and in battle to to display Accuracy high value. Simplified, the starting point of the damage calculation is a random value between Accuracy Low and Accuracy High * Weapon Damage. - Weapon tooltips updated to display collateral radius and ammunition cost. - Weapon range arc color changed to white to increase visibility. - Artillery range arcs will now display canister and shell shot ranges. AI - Player Skirmisher and Infantry AI has been updated. If their target is blocked by a friendly unit they will not move and wait for their target to clear and then resume firing. If their target is blocked by an enemy unit they will not move and attempt to lock onto a new target. This is intended to prevent snipers or infantry units from charging enemy units when their sight line is blocked after a direct attack order. Units will still sometimes acquire a target and not fire as before. If units with a direct attack order are charged they will not attempt to retreat so attention is still needed. Customizations - Starting general xp modified so that after the tutorial battle you will start with a perk available to select. At Major General or above only the level 2 perk will be selectable. First perk will still be random. - Enabled recovery of weapons from captured units. Rates vary by difficulty. Colonel: .5 BG: .375 MG/Leg: .25 Install Instructions: Download RebalanceModV1.3 and extract the zip folder into your Ultimate General Civil War_Data directory. You will be prompted to overwrite Assembly-CSharp.dll Uninstall Instructions: Verify game files to restore the Assembly-CSharp.dll Get the Mod Here: CustomizationsModV1.3.zip CustomizationsModV1.1.zip CustomizationsModV1.0.zip
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    UI and AI Customizations Mod V1.3

    What difficulty was this? That would be expected behavior if you are playing on MG or Legendary for this mod.
  7. pandakraut

    Confederate Legendary Campaign

    With how well you have been managing the AI size I'd expect you to hit around the minimum ratio which is about 2:1. When mostly wiping out the enemy in prior battles I've never seen the giant 3:1 type numbers that people have encountered. Haven't been able to watch recently, but it sounds like things are going well and am looking forward to catching up.
  8. That's somewhat represented by the stamina stat increasing already. Custom perks are possible but it results in more hidden mechanics for the user and is more complicated to implement so we haven't taken that step yet.
  9. I'll check if the draw length is moddable when I'm back from vacation. For skirmishers weapons the answer is part providing variance and part that cavalry can use carbines as well and that limits how good they can be.
  10. Apparently the Palmettos and the Sawed-offs allow you to dismount. I didn't think either allowed you to in the base game, but I also can't recall checking. This isn't something that I'm aware of us changing deliberately, but maybe Jonny knows more about it.
  11. That isn't a change that we made deliberately in the mod, what weapon were the cavalry equipped with?
  12. Cavalry do use the road column movement, though it's less noticeable than infantry. We did used to have cavalry speed higher, but with the size of the maps it results in them being everywhere at once and barely losing condition to do it. I agree that cavalry can probably stand to get some slight buffs at the 0 and 1 star level. While I think it's technically possible, it is a large amount of work. The detached skirmishers have their own unit type. While this could be changed to a cavalry type there is a lot of UI support that needs to be added to make them work correctly. Enabling a cavalry model to be able to detach would also require a significant amount of back end work. These seem somewhat contradictory. To answer both options, unit specific defense mechanics don't really exist in the game so we would probably prefer other routs to balancing infantry vs cavalry. The skirmisher/cavalry retreat logic is somewhat tied to the units effective and spotting ranges. I've played around with it a bit, but the system is complex enough that the only noticeable results I've gotten are units flee from everything or never run from anything. Glad you're having fun with the mod
  13. Can you provide some detail on why Shiloh felt easier on MG than BG? The only way to limit the amount of batteries used is to limit the availability of cannon, which can be overcome by time and logistics points. Related to this, hard limiting army structure is not something we're interested in forcing on players. The problem with pure balance on ammo is that the player can build up enough money that supply is effectively infinite. We have a few ideas in progress including more supply costs and reducing the speed of heavier artillery. Both of us are rather busy at the moment so it will be a bit before we can release anything new though. The goal is less to encourage scaling usage and more to try and provide equal or greater challenge if you choose to build larger. But if you're having fun using scaling in the mod all the better.
  14. This currently will not apply to division commanders, may be added pending testing. Currently the best replacement you can possibly get is a 0 xp lt colonel. So while the replacement is better than no officer, it will still be a significant impact to performance. Officers are not taken from the pool, they are spawned and effectively 'free' but this is a technical restriction. Changing the types of officers available or what perks they get would be a pretty major change to implement. It is not possible to add more than 3 levels of perks. We're pretty happy with the rate of promotion for MG and LTG officers at the moment. They provide a huge bonus and should be correspondingly difficult to acquire.
  15. Since I think this discussion has pretty much run its course, here is something new that is coming in the next version. If an officer is killed or wounded a lower ranked officer will step up to command the unit. This can happen multiple times until a captain is killed at which point the unit will have no commander like currently happens. Officers that are wounded will share experience with the commanding officer who survives the battle.
  16. To clarify, by point blank canister I am talking about 100-150 range. If your cannon are behind your units, the only time this comes up is if you hold fire and release just before a charging unit hits in melee. Damage falls off significantly as you move out towards rifle ranges. As always, there is a lot of randomness involved in damage. Anecdotal data is highly unreliable at anything other than describing general feel. Regarding routing. I'll just say that before the change goes live it will get tested in multiple scenarios. With the current perk setups it's possible for units to have a base speed of double a 0 star unit. This obviously dramatically impacts how effective any given unit is at any movement action. The overall speed differences are a separate balance issue, but it is currently problematic that if a unit routs(for whatever reason) it suddenly slows down. As a general design idea infantry shouldn't be chasing down and killing large amounts of routing units. That is cavalry's roll. Melee is currently undergoing a fairly major rebalance, so everything will be getting reevaluated either way. For some examples, you can win Crossroads, Crampton's Gap, and 2nd Bull Run as the union with basically 0 casualties. You buy heavy artillery, give it the range and accuracy perks, level up a sniper to 2 star for spotting. At this point my infantry basically stands around waiting for the enemy army to get shot to pieces and to occasionally block units from charging. My artillery units regularly inflict 2/3+ of all casualties in my battles. There are many different playstyles that result in different outcomes, but we currently feel that high end of long range artillery damage is far to high at the moment and it will be coming down and with more restrictions. Artillery units can be changed to allow surrenders. They aren't able to fire though and there are several followup issues if they could, most importantly that captured units can't be fired at. If artillery can be captured one of the issues I see is that there would be no way to spike the guns if you can't hold them. I'll discuss with Jonny and possibly artillery surrender will get implemented.
  17. There is some confusion here on what the route speed of 3 represents. Currently with a rout speed of 1 routing units move significantly slower than if they were falling back or just walking somewhere. A speed of 3 allows them to move a bit faster while routing than if they were falling back. Remember damage rolls are random and very dependent on range. The 500 type numbers come up at nearly point blank range and aren't all that frequent in my experience, but they can happen with the right perks/situation. Usually to try and get that type of number you have to manually hold and release fire. Depending on your setup you can definitely get very high kill rates with heavy artillery. Currently they are mostly winning battles by themselves for me.
  18. There is a 100% accuracy lvl 1 skirmisher perk as well? I have Snipers at lvl 3 by Chancellorsville, just depends where you put your kill priorities I think. I don't have near the issues with skirmishers firing that you are running into, probably a difference in control style though. Skirmishers can do pretty well in melee, but only if you use the larger unit sizes, so not useful in your case. Seems like there are multiple ways to make use of them successfully at least.
  19. If you issue them a move order when you think they should be in range, they will start firing. I don't find they are that hard to use, but I can see not wanting to bother. The skirmishers not firing issue tends to be more of a problem when you are at the very edge of their range, if you're closer it's less of an issue. Not sure what you mean by this, both unit types can get the same amount of damage bonuses through perks. One trades reload speed for range is the only real difference.
  20. Once that change is released then yes, adding cannon will always result in higher damage. There will still be diminishing returns though, so until economy is no longer a concern it will likely still be better to have multiple smaller units.
  21. Here are some of the behind the scenes mechanics I've learned about while modding. I've posted about several of these previously but wanted to get them all compiled into a single location. Weapon Recovery Rates Colonel difficulty rates Win - supplyCapturePercent: 0.5 - weaponCapturePercent: 0.3 - weaponCaptureUnitPercent: 1 - weaponSavePercent: 0.5 Draw - supplyCapturePercent: 0.5 - weaponCapturePercent: 0.15 - weaponCaptureUnitPercent: 1 - weaponSavePercent: 0.3 Loss - supplyCapturePercent: 0.5 - weaponCapturePercent: 0.05 - weaponCaptureUnitPercent: 1 - weaponSavePercent2: 0.1 Brigadier General difficulty rates Win - supplyCapturePercent: 0.5 - weaponCapturePercent: 0.2 - weaponCaptureUnitPercent: 0.75 - weaponSavePercent: 0.5 Draw - supplyCapturePercent: 0.5 - weaponCapturePercent: 0.15 - weaponCaptureUnitPercent: 0.75 - weaponSavePercent: 0.25 Loss - supplyCapturePercent: 0.5 - weaponCapturePercent: 0.05 - weaponCaptureUnitPercent: 0.75 - weaponSavePercent: 0.1 Major General and Legendary Win - supplyCapturePercent: 0.5 - weaponCapturePercent: 0.1 - weaponCaptureUnitPercent: 0.5 - weaponSavePercent: 0.3 Draw - supplyCapturePercent: 0.5 - weaponCapturePercent: 0.05 - weaponCaptureUnitPercent: 0.5 - weaponSavePercent: 0.15 Loss - supplyCapturePercent: 0.5 - weaponCapturePercent: 0.05 - weaponCaptureUnitPercent: 0.5 - weaponSavePercent: 0.1 - weaponCaptureUnitPercent is currently not used in the base game so no weapons are recovered from captured units. - You will still get the weapons from the men that were killed in a unit that is captured. Shatter Mechanics - infantry: hp% < .25 and morale% < 0.1 = shatter. hp% < .1 = shatter - artillery: hp% < .3 and morale% < 0.2 = shatter. hp% < .1 = shatter - cavalry: hp% < .4 and morale% < 0.2 = shatter. hp% < .1 = shatter - skirmishers: hp% < .35 and morale% < 0.2 = shatter. hp% < .1 = shatter - Shattering is worse than capturing in terms of the AISize. Capture is the only way to fully remove an entire unit from the AIsize. - Shattered units do allow you to recover their weapons. - AI tech and training are also affected by reducing the AISize. Optimal Unit Sizes for Damage These vary slightly based on weapon damage. The benefit of adding men/guns decreases significantly prior to these limits so using a slightly smaller size will be more optimal if money is a concern. - max artillery size for ranged damage ~14 - max skirmisher size for ranged damage ~375 - max infantry size for ranged damage ~1845 - mounted cavalry ranged attacks never fall off due to unit size. Larger units will always deal more damage. - The benefits of adding more men to mounted cavalry starts to yield decreasing returns between 500-600. - dismounted cavalry have the same optimum size as normal skirmishers at ~375 - melee damage will always continuously go up based on size though for some unit types it will do so at a diminishing rate. Battle Mechanics - Higher elevation gives increased accuracy/damage and morale regeneration. - Weapons always hit but can do < 1 damage with enough negative modifiers - Base Damage Calculation is Weapon damage * Random value between AccuracyLow / 100 and Accuracy High / 100. The spreadsheets attached below show the damage degradation as range increases for each weapon. You must be logged into the forum to access them. Rifles have a RangeHint column which contains the range value displayed in game UI for each weapon. This value frequently does not match the weapons actual range. The RangeHint value helps show the player which rifles are more effective at longer ranges, but to me are misleading in some cases. ArtilleryWeaponCurves.xlsx CavalryWeaponCurves.xlsx InfantryWeaponCurves.xlsx SkirmisherWeaponCurves.xlsx WeaponStats.xlsx
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    Hidden mechanics and weapon damage degradation

    Player, AI Infantry: 2500, 2950 Cavalry: 750, 1050 Skirmishers: 750, 1000 Artillery: 600(24), 600(24)
  23. pandakraut

    Hidden mechanics and weapon damage degradation

    For the base game it is impossible to overcome the falloff with player units. For infantry, the AI will be able to surpass the peak damage around 2850 men. Skirmishers can't surpass the peak even at 1k men. Artillery surpass it around 44 guns. Higher or lower damage from weapons, perks, etc will move those numbers slightly but you probably won't be able to notice as long as you're within 50 or so men or 1 cannon in either direction. When modded unit sizes get involved you will hit the lowest damage point at the base game max unit size. Then damage will begin to climb linearly again.
  24. Based on the work of Tokiedian and JonnyH13 here is an updated guide to modding weapons and perks in the resource.assets. A hex editor will be needed to view and make changes to the file. - Float values will need to be converted from and into hex using a float calculator. - Other game values can be changed, but discovering where those values are is largely trial and error. - No matter what changes you make, the assets file size cannot be increased or decreased. You can shorten text values to gain space. The first hex block shows the palmetto infantry rifle. The second block shows the discipline artillery perk. The basic hex blocks will be the same for other weapons and perks. Apologies for the formatting and usage of paint. Weapon Hex details Hex Value Type Notes 8B 04 00 00 thumbnail reference int 00 00 7A 43 effective range hint float 00 00 96 43 effective range float 00 00 96 42 rate of fire float This one is odd. If you enter a float 30 = 100 rate of fire results in the UI. float 100 = 30 rate of fire 00 00 90 41 weapon damage float 00 00 B6 42 melee damage float 71 3D 0A 3E accuracy random low float Values shown in tooltip are * 100 CD CC 8C 3F accuracy random high float Values shown in tooltip are * 100 00 00 96 42 collateral radius float 05 00 00 00 00 28 C3 36 56 96 3E 3F ... 30 C9 F6 BE 02 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 animation curve Length can vary. Can copy between weapons but curves cannot be modified. 1E 00 00 00 weapon ammo int 0D 00 00 00 weapon cost int 8F C2 75 3E adaption coef float Affects AI weapon scaling 00 00 80 3F ammo cost float 01 00 00 00 crew amount int Perk Hex Details Hex Value Type Notes FF FF FF FF Unit type int 00 00 00 00 is infantry, 01 00 00 00 is Cavalry, 02 00 00 00 is Artillery, FF FF FF FF apply to all. Only corps perks use the type. 02 00 00 00 number of bonuses int this cannot be changed 04 00 00 00 type of bonus 00 00 00 00 add or multiply bonus int 00 00 00 00 is add, 01 00 00 00 is is multiply 00 00 20 41 value added or multiplied float - Depending on the number of bonuses assigned to the perk, you will see additional sets of three 4 pair blocks for each bonus - List of Bonus types and associated reference value. Stamina,00 Efficiency,01 Melee,02 Firearms,03 Morale,04 Stealth,05 Spotting,06 Reload,07 EffectiveRange,08 Cover,09 Accuracy,10 GetMeleeDamageMoraleImpact,11 GetSmallArmsDamageMoraleImpact,12 Ammo,13 RotationSpeed,14 CanisterDamage,15 SolidAndShellDamage,16 HorseSpeed,17 ChargeDamage,18 MoveSpeed,19 Experience,20 CommandRadius,21
  25. pandakraut

    UI and AI Customizations Mod V1.3

    Thanks for the clarification. I've added two prior versions of the mod back into the main post. 1.0 works with UGCW 1.09, 1.1 works with UGCW 1.10. Hopefully one of those will work with the GoG version until it is updated.