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  1. JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (2/8/18)

    Some feedback after playing through 2nd Manassas as CSA on legendary(vanilla weapon names used) Tredegars feel very weak. They are very poor at dealing with infantry at any range in comparison to the rest of the artillery options and do not feel particularly effective at counter battery fire either. The 10pdr Parrot feels far more effective at both tasks despite the smaller range and at half the price. 12pdr howitzers are great at short and medium range. They feel so effective I haven't felt any need to move to Napoleons or 3in. 24pdrs are still a significant upgrade though. After a bit of an adjustment infantry weapons feel fine. The progression is a little odd in that after getting 1853 enfields nothing feels like an upgrade until 1861s or later. Unless it's possible to completely revamp the enemy weapon scaling not much to be done though. This may work out better on easier difficulties where you don't capture upgrades quite so quickly. Snipers are still very good, maybe slightly weaker than in vanilla outside of the 750 range on the scoped whitworths. Command units do feel overly resistant to sniper fire if they are in any kind of cover though. Maybe that's a positive. The mod changes seem to have made condition less of a concern. Snipers can fire all battle long if they aren't constantly running back and forth through bad terrain. Infantry units can run across half the map and still be able to exchange fire for an extended period of time without becoming exhausted.
  2. JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (2/8/18)

    Good catch and updated. The downsides of manual data entry on not enough sleep. If you have a way to pull the values automatically with your program that would be far more reliable. Related to the horse artillery idea, have you tried a live test with them? The Artillerist's guide has a lot of anecdotal data about which guns are more effective with different shot types at various distances. Would be interesting to see what happens when you start cobbling a new type together. If there are additional hidden variables involved that would complicate things. JonnyH13 mentioned there was a splash damage value in another post.
  3. Cold Harbor as CSA

    I just tried this in the historical battle where old cold harbor was listed as contested when the mission timer hit 0. The battle continued until contested hit 0 and resulted in a victory. The draw was because you didn't take less than 40% casualties in your initial force. The victory conditions apparently only consider forces on the field rather than total army size committed. 8750 deployed, 3864 casualties. I was able to reproduce a draw under the same conditions when I took enough casualties. If you haven't captured old cold harbor, still control the central breastworks, and haven't taken too many casualties when the timer hits 0 the battle should move to the left flank. Assuming you don't capture victory points early and don't take too many loses the battle should keep switching between the left and right flank and extend to 3 days.
  4. JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (2/8/18)

    I realized I could just copy the accuracy max hex values over the accuracy min values and have the game translate for me. Spreadsheet has been updated with the vanilla decimal accuracy values and damage high/low values. Still needs to get cleaned up and compiled with the rest of in game values though at that point should probably move to a dedicated forum thread. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DGEviwckiN_zrMz7cN2swtkIb0REe24GQLaz5Vu2qss/edit?usp=sharing
  5. JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (2/8/18)

    Doc below contains a list of all weapons with their hex values for each stat for the vanilla game. I was using some of the examples in older modding guides on the forum to determine which values to pull. I made the assumption that the accuracy max values immediately followed the accuracy min values. This was based on some old screenshots in the modding tutorials, the consistency of values, and that those values were changed by the mod. So I could be completely wrong. My next step was going to be comparing against the modded values to see what patterns were visible and to start trying to convert the hex into readable decimal values. Do you know the formula for converting the accuracy hex values into the decimal that the game displays multiplied by 10? If that is known and I have the right value for the accuracy max then it wouldn't take long to get a damage range spreadsheet setup at least. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DGEviwckiN_zrMz7cN2swtkIb0REe24GQLaz5Vu2qss/edit?usp=sharing Note I didn't include most of the test weapons that are in the assets file. Most of them had values fairly inconsistent with the rest of the weapons. Exception is rifle_US_1855_58_RF_TEST since it wasn't listed with the rest of the test weapons.
  6. JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (2/8/18)

    Thanks for posting the spreadsheets. I'm working on creating something similar for the base game, but I'm new to reading hex files so it has been slow going.
  7. JonnyH13's Mod Alpha 2 (2/8/18)

    In your comment on Aetius' Camp post Potomac Fort video you mentioned that the weapon accuracy values displayed in the UI were misleading. Is there any chance you have a document which lists the accuracy values used by your mod that you could post as a readme? If that information isn't easily available, adding some details in your original post about how the accuracy ranges work would be very helpful. If you only have the UI stats to go on there doesn't appear to be much reason to upgrade to the later rifles. Creating a document of the values used in the base game would also be very useful as it may reveal that certain weapons are actually more useful than they appear. Was all of this information in the resources.assets file? Your mod encouraged me to try and use far more cavalry than I have in the past and I'm looking forward to future updates.