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  1. OjK

    Port Battle Screenshots (New BR)

    I'd also like to see some 'mandatory' templates for PB's. For example: 10k+ => max 4x 1st Rates, max 8x smaller SOL, rest on 4th rate or below 8k => Max 3x 1st Rates, max 6x other SOL, rest on 4th rate or below 5k => Max 2x 1st Rates, max 4x other SOL, rest on 4th rate or below 2k => No 1st rates, max 3x other SOL, rest on 4th rate or below That, with balanced BR (so every ship would be worth it's cost, with no mistakes like currently 3rd Rate which is too cheap or Trinco which is too expensive for its power) would probably provide really nice diversity in PB's
  2. OjK

    Port Battle Screenshots (New BR)

    Cool, I would like it if not the fact we just changed the names Instead of L'Oceans spam, we'll have now Buc spam. Instead of Bellonas support, we'll have 3rd Rate support. We need something different, if BR won't have any exploits with BR cost to power ratio.
  3. OjK

    Duel/Small Battles

    Oak-Oak festival at La Mona! Britain took the first skirmish with score 4:2 Looking forward for next episodes!
  4. Nah, not really. I just won't tell them to stop attacking You. Why would I?
  5. I'm all for that! But I'm just afraid You're fixing it in the wrong way. Some ships were just useless, and that's why they were not used - big minority though Most of others, simply had no point taking, if under similar BR points You could have had something much better It wasn't the problem of the ships, but more like BR to power ratio. That's why Bellona kicked out any 4th rates out - difference in points were not equal to difference in possibilities. That's why Victories were gone also - cause instead of 515 for Vic, You could have bring equally strong Bucentaure, with a saving of 65 points. Etc. etc. So as long as I cheer for those kind of changes, to see variety of ships in PB now (one of best examples is finally having L'Ocean higher rated than Santi) but You also managed to slip through some terrible choices, which might sabotage any potential diversity. Why? Let's take a quick look: BELLONA: From a must have, it's now absolutely obsolete ship. For exact same points You can bring over a Bucentaure or a Pavel with additional save of 50 points! Or if You want a lighter approach - You can just spam 3rd rates - which are just a bit worse (marginal) but cost 2/3 of Bellona's price. Bellona's will be gone from PB's unless Buc/Pavel will be increased, and 3rd rate will be much improved (or kicked from the game as its barely a twin ship) VICTORY: Still obsolete. With just 20 points difference with Santi, noone's gonna go for it. AGAMEMNONS: Totally opposite. The ship that used to be skipped simply because You could have much powerfull Bellona for merely 65 points difference will be now ruling all over. Cause with 250 BR it will just simply wreck any 5th rate... And in 2v1 it will take out Bellona which costs the same... ENDYMION: Expect to disappear as well. For just 10 points more You could take Constitution. Or save 80 and pick Aggie! We could go with this on and on. Just don't fix the previous mistakes with making exact some one, but on different ships, please!
  6. Vic need to be even more reduced, Bellona will be new Pavel, as there will be no point in taking it over Buc, or 3rd rate (where You can have 3x 3rd Rates for each 2 Bellonas) Way too much wrong decisions, based not on the ship itself, but the "alternatives". What we changed? Just different alternatives, which makes other choices absolutely wrong (R.I.P Bellona)
  7. Santisima = 800 L'Ocean = 900 Victory = 780 Bucentaure = 460 Pavel = 400 Bellona = 450 3rd Rate = ??? Wasa = 450 Agamemnon = 250 Constitution = ??? Wapen von Hamburg = 250 Ingermanland = ??? Indefatigable = ??? Endymion = 330 Trincomalee = 300 Essex = 165 Belle Poule = 170 Hercules = 220 Le requin = 160 + Diana = 220 In "used-to-be" BR Order
  8. Well, the problem with usage of Agamemnon was not the ship performance but the alternatives. If it was 300 BR, You'd prefer to take Bellona with 360 - this is the reason why Aggie was skipped. Not because it was a bad ship. I don't mind having now week or two Aggie-Festival cause it's really nice ship. I just know it's gonna break the balance very quickly
  9. Well Agamemnons 250 is absolutely not understandable with Endymion's 330...
  10. Who said we're doing it between each others? There are plenty nations happy to fight some pre-arranged skirmish.
  11. Agamemnon 250 is fine?? Kinda confusing with 330 Endymion
  12. We keep the learning and training for different occasions, believe me 2v1 would still didn't teach them enough. For that, we organise pre-arranged fights in equal ships. So when it's time to train, we train, but sometimes it's not about training, but returning a favor Vazco is still big persona non-grata for older players. We'll get in touch
  13. Easily! Please don't confuse the fact of no ganking when we're on the hunt, with the fact that we won't agree for taking advantage of it. Why You didn't post the screenshot who started that with going 2v1 against our player on our waters? If You thought that we will let You kill him, and wave You goodbye, You were wrong. Just don't tell stories from the middle chapters please Who knows, maybe if You'd offer 1v1 when You ganked our guy, You'd still have Your purple very fast Trinco on Naval Clock Crying we repayed with same coin? Lame We're happy to offer equal fights, but if You abuse it, expect the same
  14. OjK

    What is the patrol zone rotation?

    I used to have the rotation, and it did work for few weeks. But now it has changed, so probably gonna write it down once again...