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    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    The thing is - the ship without a structure left is stopping anyway, which makes them still able to take advantage of less water intake, right? So I will still need to stay 3 minutes waiting for a ship to sink, if I want to loot it?
  2. O. J. Kosznicki

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    This is so, so bad... 😕 If they needed some more cash, why they just wouldnt sell cosmetics? Some decals or symbols on sails, some paint schemes for sails/hull. No. They had to give P2W... Just wait for next DLC - "Great Strategist: Allows You to get 20% more BR into the battle then original limit" 😕 So disappointed...
  3. O. J. Kosznicki

    Green on Green

    And that's why I created the topic: If it's legal, it should be covered in official ruling topic At the moment, it is not.
  4. O. J. Kosznicki

    Green on Green

    That's what they claimed, and that's what the rumours said. However, I spent some days looking forums up and down, and only place I found was this topic: And there is no exceptions, conditions etc. It does not say in any point "If both sides agree" etc. There's only a big red statemant it is NOT allowed. No other conditions, no other options. And as it is the only official ruling about it on forum, I suggest we either correct that, or we punish them accordingly to what's written in the topic mentioned above.
  5. O. J. Kosznicki

    Green on Green

    Hello there, We would like to report green on green damage between British players from SNOW clan. Few days ago, SNOW tried to take Polish port of Calobelo. Long story short, they failed miserably. As soon we noticed they just towed 7 ships without any escort or screening, we planned to take Gregory's ship. PB fleet was securing the port (just in case some other fleet will suddenly "Tow" to join the PB) and the rest of our fleet was keeping them in combat. As soon the PB closed, we asked our captains to leave the battle and form a circle. 15 minutes later, when battle instance was closed, and Gregory with Last Templar were forced thrown to OW, our fleet quickly tagged them back. British Captains, probably understood what our plan was at this point, and started to shoot each other. As You can imagine, it's not hard to turn off survival after Your friend put few leaks in Your hull, and in matter of about 4 minutes, Greg was sank. They did not even pretend, and openly admitted what they've done, claiming it's fine by the rules. As it is was just intentionally made to prevent us taking their ships after their failure, we request this case to be looked on, and both Gregory and Last Templar should be fined. We also have video recorded of both ships sailing side by side firing broadsides, but I think the case is clear enough to save some network traffic. If You think otherwise, let us know, we will upload the video as well.
  6. O. J. Kosznicki

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    It sounds like it's almost asking for checking my concrete-made Santisima after patch. Should I expect 20' degrees heel?
  7. O. J. Kosznicki

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Wait... Where the hell am I supposed to get "class 11" chasers? O.O
  8. O. J. Kosznicki

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Really thanks for putting it "bam!" out of nowhere, when I can't even see what kind of ship is that. Accidentaly made it Fir/Crew Space, which will basically mean I'm gonna scrap it probably. No testing for me O.o
  9. O. J. Kosznicki

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    @Felix Victor I just wonder what setting are used for calculating the travel time? Is there any option to adjust it to my nominal speed of the ship somewhere? Cause I cannot find it.
  10. O. J. Kosznicki

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Armor All Sides is the HP of the port and starboard - so the top and middle bar in the ship UI Internal Structure is the HP of just the middle bar. I've double checked with the ships in the game, and the values are ok, just the naming is swapped. Live/White ships have exactly 10,5% more HP on the sides, but it's called "Structure health" in Your tool. However, structure, is just the middle bar. So this one should be called actually "Side Armour HP". In ship description in the game: ARMOR_ALL_SIDES is called "Sides Armor" when You hover mouse over Your ship INTERNAL_STRUCTURE is called "Hull" when You hover.
  11. O. J. Kosznicki

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    @Felix Victor In Wood Comparison tool You have small error: Side Armour and Structure Health is the other way around. Also, I wouldn't call it "Side" Armour cause it also boosts both stern and bow HP Still - amazing job, any my fav tool to use!
  12. O. J. Kosznicki

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    Honestly, from my point of view PvP Marks are biggest stupidity of this game. I can kinda understand what was the idea behind them, but it missed the goal. Missed it wide. If they are a reward for some PvP actions, why they are actually best awarded for everything which is NOT REALLY a PvP? You call hunting the traders a PvP? You call 6v1 gank a PvP? If only the PvP marks were somehow adjusted based on the strength difference between the fleets... Your fleet is more then 50% weaker? Double the PvP marks. Your fleet is weaker by less then 50%? Extra bonus for PvP marks. Your fleet is twice as big as the enemy? Reduce the amount of PvP marks to 25% only Your fleet is more than twice as big then Your enemy? Reduce the amount of given PvP marks to 10% If the 4v1 gank would give 10 times less PvP marks, then a 4v4, or traders wouldn't be giving PvP marks, multiple problems would disappear straight away. No one would bother about such stupid ganking, if there would be no benefits from it. No risk? No reward. No effort? No reward. EDIT: And most of all - the system when winner gets 100% while looser gets 0, is also bad. The loosing side should always get some rewards.
  13. Landed 80 mast hits, still didn't manage...
  14. O. J. Kosznicki

    Hard Cap for upgrades

    Hello there! I realised that there are some hard caps. Definitely one for Armor HP - anything above 25% just simply does not help anymore. Are there any more confirmed hard caps for i.e. reload, penetration, etc?
  15. O. J. Kosznicki

    1v1 duel?

    Same mechanics that is used during logging off in OW could be applied. You set Yourself for 1v1 Duel, both drop sails and have 30 sec timer to start the duel while standing still. If duel will be interrupted by some other ships tagging one of the duelist, the battle is created like normal, however both duelers are in the same team fighting off the ship that attacked them.