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  1. RedPanther

    pve server name

    PvE-Server: No pain, no gain, no risk, no fun PvP-Server: Pain, gain, risk & fun
  2. Why you think so? Outposts are of crucial importance to bring Players together for fighting. How often do i read "Enemy Player at X (Harbor name)" and think: too bad i dont have an Outpost there. Looking at Map: Next Outpost is at Y, and by the time i sail from Y to X, the enemy has sailed far, far away. You would make that Problem even worse by reducing outpost number. Or do you wish to force every Player (without Alts) into "decide between Crafter, Trader or Fighter... you don't get a chance to try all of them"? (and thereby forcing more players to have Alts?) I really would enjoy to have maybe 10 or even 12 Outposts. To be able to join fights, to be able to compete on Contracts, so to have more fun playing.
  3. RedPanther

    Deep Portbattles and Small ships

    @dark lord rediii You knew about the Possibility to bring small ships into PBs and let them cap the Circles. But you did not bring some own fast, small ships to counter that. So the better Tactic made Prussia win the battle, despite the fact they had the worse Guiding and not so many skilled Players in their Main Fleet. You may learn from it (like "next time we'll think more about Tactics and Fleet composition"), or you can complain about not having won and Players using the Variety of the Game, wich sounds a like a little Child stamping on the Ground an shouting "but i want candies!". Anyway: I totally agree with the ones who want to ban all DLC Ships from Port Battles, at least as long they have no non-DLC Counterparts with same BR and equal Capabilities. It is Pay to Win at the Moment. But to this Discussion: It was not the Existing of the Requin, it was simply one Party thinking about small ships and one not.
  4. RedPanther

    Low FPS / Performance Issues

    My current PC is lower than yours (i5-6400, 8gb Ram, Asus R7-240 (2GB) graphics (will be upgradet soon)... It works on lowest Settings with ~25 FPS. So i could imagine the Problem is more on your side.
  5. Well... Caribbean Server is Pingable at least.
  6. So, if the crash will last for longer than an hour, Prussia can hold Salina Point without fighting^^
  7. RedPanther

    "Sandbox" Training Room

    I have a suggestion to enhance Tutorials and help players skilling up. Implement a seperate battle scenario accessible from Port UI, like the tutorials. Call it like "Training Room". Players who get in there can chosse what ship they want to sail themselves (type, wood mix, long, medium or carro equipped, maybe even upgrade and knowledge selectable, for testing) and what enemy ships they want to encounter (ship type only, random layout). All in sandbox mode without effects on the rest of the game... So if a Player wants to check out if he can defeat a santi with a Fir/Fir Ingermanland, let him do. After that, he may want to check out if a Fir/Sabicu Ingermanland does a better job. If one player wants to show his mate some tactics: let them go into training room and sail there together. Let them do. It has no consequences... Gold, XP, Marks, ships... nothing gained or lost. Just training. I think this would be very helpful for newer or casual players to get into the game.
  8. RedPanther

    Suggestions after 2000 hours pvp server experience.

    Do you really want to reduce Naval Action to a few hardcore players who do nothing than PvP? The game hast to stay attractive for casual players... It is quite annoying to think "hey, i have 45-60min to sink 1-2 NPC ships, lets sail out" and then your battle is joined by a much more capable PvP Player, likely with a better ship, and you have to chose between "immediate surrender", "try to run for 45min and then surrender" and "i may lose my job because i stayed online and fight". Seriously, you must keep areas where you can level ships or do some PvE fighting without fearing to lose your one and only good ship. Casual Players cant afford to lose a 1st rate every now and then, but they may want to sail it and do occasional PvP (dont say they shall go for PvE Server because there's no occasional PvP). If you dont like the enemy's reinforcement zones, stay out of them. You have hunderts of miles outside the zones. I know: For a Player who's only hobby is computer gaming, it may be hard to accept less trained, less skilled, players with much less time. But also take into account: Player skill does not give money to the devs. More players give more money, so without casual players, he devs would have to stop working on this game.
  9. RedPanther

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Hi, how much is the difference, or where can i read about it? I want to build a shipyard, but dont know yet if its worth the risk+effort of having it in either capital or smaller harbor...
  10. RedPanther

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    @admin If i remember correctly, the partial Materials Wipe was also announced to come with this Patch... It didnt, and is also cleared out of the Patch notes. Why, and when will it finally come?
  11. RedPanther

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Are there Plans for: - More Ship types (there are tons of suggestions)? - a possibility to individualize own ships (own paintjobs, sail color...)? I feel a little bored as all ship look absolutely identical.
  12. RedPanther

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Comparable Vessels like Cerberus or Surprise, wich cannot go into shallow water PBs like the Herc? Or also Non-comparable Vessels like Mercury or Heavy Rattlesnake, wich are slaughtered by Hercs in Shallow PBs? How much will those DLCs cost? Just a guess, will a Herc be more like 5€ or more like 50€?
  13. RedPanther

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    1. A Possibility to individualize your Ships optically: Sail Color&Markings, Hull Paint (maybe even to be painted freely in Photoshop), Clan Fag. To be visible in OW, so some Players will be recognized by their Paint, or maybe others could try to make a Bellona look like a Cerberus. 2. More PvE/OW Content. Have Treasure Fleets to sail from A to B, own Nation has to protect it, others can try to cap it. Have the Hostility consist just out of "how many Ships reach this harbor, how many get killed? As it is now, i sail out, search for a "Pavel+3Large" Fleet, kill them and have 500k cash. Getting boring, but i cant affort losing a ship every day in PvPing... and often dont have the time to sail to enemy territory. 3. A Training Room where you can just try&error shiphandling and fighting accompanied by your friends, without having to fear ship losses (but also getting no rewards)... so you can take a new player like "lets get into training room, look what i do and then try yourself". I personally dont think the Tutorials are mors than basic info on how it works... just have seen a Rear Admiral been grown up in a Clan without learning manual sailing and tagging... EDIT: This may be connected to the opportunity to test drive a ship you didnt have before, or compare two similar ships with different wood types... just add a menu "what ship in what configuration do you want in this training?" 4. Weather&its influence in Battle. By coincidence you have light wind (-25% speed, but also less heel), normal wind or storm (+10% speed, more heel, but you risk to lose a mast when tagging with full sails). And accordingly you have a flat sea, normal waves or high seas (wich make it impossible to use the lower gun deck of SOLs and decreases ship speeds). Also have rain falling to decrease range of sight (map shows only last known position). Of course, Weather ran randomly change during battle. 5. Possibility to raid enemy harbors with a smaller group of players (depending on harbor size and importance) and only a short or no warning time. Shoot down the towers, tow on docks and get a certain amount (eg 500t per docking player) of random goods out of the existing warehouses. Attacked Nation gets informed and anybody can join the ongoing battle. Of course, this counts to Hostility.
  14. Sure, but that's individual tactic. Another tactic may be to just have enough Rig Repais to repair 9 times in one battle... whatever the chasers so, they will run out of chains and cant do much more than telling goodbye. Captain's choice. You may counter this with chain ammo als ship loading... expensive, heavy weighting goods, but helpful in battle. So every player can decide on his own how many chains to equip, like with rig repairs. Now, the player can decide how many rig repairs he wants, regarding its advantages and disadvantages... but he can not decide, how many chains he wants. That is my only point. @admin: Suggestion: Have chain balls loaded as equipment weighting his own weight like repairs, so players can decide on their own what to do. And also, increase weight of all repair kits. Totally agree. Same with raking... back in Trafalgar's times, a well-placed raking could effektively pre-decide the battle by not killing, but at least hurting a huge part of the receiving ship's crew. Just imagine two or three crowded gun decks, virtually no protection and 40 heavy iron bullets just flying through, destroying everything in their way. (Kind greetings from the guy who rammed his Endy in your Trinco yesterday^^ when will you come for another visit at Belize? )