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  1. Rename the Pirate Frigate

    Agreed the pirate frigate need some love
  2. Heavy ship wreck in the shallows

    If thats the case I want compensation lol
  3. Heavy ship wreck in the shallows

  4. Heavy ship wreck in the shallows

    I did a F11
  5. Heavy ship wreck in the shallows

    Please do something about this...
  6. Bring back to private chat options in OW

    Well the salt is the lesser evil right now,the problem with global is people report enemy activites and positions.
  7. Bring back to private chat options in OW

    With private chat gone,next stage is to remove the global chat!
  8. Oh sorry my mistake,see I have to claim my contracts again there is my money
  9. @admin I bought a indiaman at the marked for 950k before the hotfix to pick up a ship wreck. After the hotfix my indiaman is gone along side with my ship wreck and 950k gold And my crooked hull refit mounted on my indiaman is gone too......
  10. Free Town Battle

    People are so afraid of loosing their ships now days,they don't want a 1 vs 1 dual but 1 vs 5-8 so they know they'll win. I use to sail down to Port Royal looking for a fight,but they all run away from me,even scared away a Bellona in my little snow haha.
  11. Free Town Battle

    Well its kinda hardcore outside MT sometimes
  12. Free Town Battle

    No this was the pvp server right outside Shroud Cay. Basic cutter jumped in a "mission"right infront of me and this battle circle showed up.
  13. Free Town Battle

    What is a free town battle??