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  1. Even coffee and fine leather can get you 100% profit. Parisian Furniture, Textile Mills, Blackironwood and others not only hit 100% they can net a million profit per run. There are entire spreadsheets out there players have made detailing consistent high value trades. I typically take Parisian furniture to Gustavia and bring back Swedish goods to Fort Royal for almost 2mil profit per run. It sounds like your maybe taking trade runs without the background study. I would recommend getting with another player in your clan that studies these Econ aspects. They are some of the richest players in the game.
  2. Seriously??? It's easy to find trade good items that were and still yield 100% profit. I wouldn't even bother with runs that were less than 80% profit. 20% tax shouldn't be stopping anyone and if you know a good trader port you can always cap it and lower the tax.
  3. Instead of hunting the traders at the consuming port (capital) now you have to hunt them at the producing port (Nuetral town). Using the trader tool can tell you most likely Nuetral/captured ports to hunt. You can also get a partner and hunt as a duo rather than solo. One player attracts the reinforcements while the other finishes the trader target before it gets to the reinforcements. As someone said, this will only deter the average hunters. Also, I think you can still jump into player missions and I don't think they get reinforcements inside them.
  4. I don't think the limit is the problem. The limit is one of the few things to encourage a nation to act like a nation. the problem in this particular instance is the location. Without obvious known locations of a port blockade the smaller and possibly dual boxing Danish group can avoid the British groups wrath by "hiding" while gaining hostility. In effect they blockade by NOT actually blockading and instead avoiding any real ships in the area. Move the missions to a common location, let the British jump into the Dane missions and the sand box will solve the problem.
  5. I like this idea of hostility missions being known locations in front or near the port. They should be easy to find and contest as they are essentially representing a blockade of that port.
  6. Only clans can pull hostility missions. Are you a member of a clan? Are you the clan creator? Are you at least an officer in the clan?
  7. I think the forged papers will be vital if we do this better than we have in the past. Global average population cannot support x8 equal sized nations. I'm afraid we really need to consolidate into 3-4 large competitive nations and just leave the rest for loners and future expansion of player base. On global, if you plan to RvR, you should really be looking at Britain, France, Spain ad USA. Pirates should be a wild card PvP group that swing the odds or Merc out to the others. Having RvR as a primary pirate concern is just goofy and confusing.
  8. This is a tactics issue and not a game mechanics issue. We need to devise tactics around the potential first rate screen against nations/clans we know can do this. Having a resolution that is game mechanics coded is, to me, defeating the purpose of sand box style competitions. If we want a guaranteed port battle of 25v25 in fair matching conditions we should just play an arena game.
  9. Not yet. Some game pieces need to introduced in a more controlled manner at first in case they don't work as planned. If the Wasa that was on the test bed could be crafted it could be game breaking. Players would mass produce them all week and if the ship needed to be removed or nerfed it would be far more problematic. If it passes the introduction test the can make it craft able later.
  10. How long after the hostility amount is reached is the wait fir the port battle? It was almost immediately on the test bed.
  11. Hold off a bit and let the 4th rate thing play out first. Part of the problem of the last two major map builds was all the players that felt RvR required gold or 5 slot First Rates. Building them, attempting to build them and maintaining fleets of that make up are part of what was killing the game.
  12. Yes, that list shows the uncapturable free ports. Buildings and such may not really be that much of an issue on Global. Only the pirates stand to lose anything if they don't move stuff and most of them are still actively playing. Savanah, New Orleans and St. Lucia are all pirate held. Well also possibly any Brits living out of Vera Cruz. But for the most part everything just turns to neutral and you can even teleport to all the neutral and free towns on Monday. Which will make moves a lot easier.
  13. Discussion of the Map (after reset)

    Because not everyone plays the game to RvR. In fact the data seems to show its not even a majority that does. However, under the current system RvR effects everyone playing the game. Part of the problem with the current game, IMO, is that the nations have no clearly defined roles or many differences. They are literally just different colored flags. That's not all bad if 8000 people divide up evenly into 8 nations and all of them WANT to RvR equally. But as we have seen that's not what really happens. Players tend choose the Union Jack, Stars and Stripes and Skull and bones flags over those other colors. Why? Because that's where the movies and fiction story portray the heroes I guess. But the point is, the nations are never going to just naturally be equal. Therefore the RvR contests will never naturally be equal. So spreading all the RvR players across 8 nations is just watering down the field of contestants and probably just annoying the non-RvR players. I think the new system will be better as it should promote the RvR portion of the players to collect into x3 bigger teams that can more easily reach each other rather than the old x8 smaller spread out teams. Reading your other post to the admin you seem to be a fellow combat player. One of the harder to accept data facts that has come out in the last two years of testing is that we are not the majority of the players in this niche game. Simply put, we cannot assume that combat factors actually drive the majority of game play decision making. That isn't how its working. You mention making players capture their capitals and defend them! Because ofcourse, what red blooded combat loving pvp pro wouldn't want a home port he can defend and call his own? Well apparently about 80% of the player base isn't going to do that. They wont defending it every day like its a life or death struggle and a second job. They will find something else to do. I literaly cringe everytime I'm in TS or reading a forum post and its one us warmongers is saying something like " IF we do THIS it will FORCE THEM TO FIGHT". NO it wont. This is an MMO. No living being is actually going to get forced to fight anybody. When its not fun anymore they will just play other games. If we ever figured out how to make the combat FUN instead of MANDITORY they would fight us forever. Hard Core PVP players are great, hell I'm one of them, but we shouldn't ever be allowed anywhere near the decision making processes for combined play style sand box gaming.
  14. 'Global PVP' server a failure

    Its a historical styled niche game in a world of instant gratification FPS and a steady stream of MMO releases each month. The idea that it would ever maintain a population large enough to support multiple servers is just as broken.