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    flanking and running units

    It has been reported, just as so many other things. Were they adressed? Mostly not, plenty of issues, and bugs still exist. Early access might be over, and game had its official release, but it is far from it. I assume it did not sell well, and Nick the Developer, decided it was just not worth patching it, over, and over again, he gave up.
  2. Content changed daily [or weekly, or more, well see], I might write some guide 1 day, or even record this on YT. Who knows. Edited, will be reedited, rewritten etc. For now Ambush convoy, and thats my main concern. Highest stats I had were 10k inf on caulties, against my 3k, but that is too high trade of. At the moment, I managed to save at a crucial moment. Either stop just get the carts, of push. Of course Im going to push, and it will more or less look as the screen shows. In general, and to sum it all up, hardly anything will change in the final screen, +/- enemy casulties. I will try to limit less on my side + cav, which is doable. I must say, that such outcome does satisfy me. 2nd is the army, Kemper died, but next time he wont. What matters, casulties are spread +/- equaly among the units, and this being just the 4th time I get to face the Union, each unit will already have a 1 *. Could it have been bettter? I dont think so. Addes current map situation, and a plan for the battle, that might not have any sense while looking at it, but each step, to the end is drawn. 2 weeks later, and I managed to complete the ambush, as planned. Look at the timer, it shows 09:14, and 09:15 is when the missions ends. Outcome is more than satisfying. I would simply decimate all of them is there was more time, as you can see on the minimap, I managed to encircle them, 1 unit managed to drift away, but they would be gone too. 10k is doable, but at the price of 3k, speaking of inf, as I never count anything beside them. 7k to 1,5s, seems good, especially if you previously it was 10k/3k - 7k/1,5k = 5k/1,5k. That how I see it. Its not worth to eliminate 10k at the price of 3k, if 1,5k gives 7k casulties. Map, unfortunately is too open, more of a line fighting scenario, no place to maneuver, or traps, etc. Noone reads this anyway, but Ill keep it updated, also, noone was injured or killed. I have no idea where do missing ones come from, a cavalry unit run away somewhere to the left I think, or might have been a different save, who knows, I would need to load to check, and will do that. More screens are to be uploaded, of course nothing interesting to be honest, just stats, I deleted every single other that shows unit placement, for no apparent reason, I made a mess, have to work on naming them etc., just as noone reads this topic :), noone rates my screen, I guess thats because noone sess them. People tend to rate only the biggest battles, but forget that every life counts! If you dont care about your soldies life in battles like that, you dont deserve to be a commander, but a farmer, and have a herd of sheep. Sheet to follow the stats. Im sorry for poor english, but it takes time to write well. That is fast second playthrough. Test run, had to increase supplies to 8.5k, because I run out of ammo, but this time I might have rushed too soon, because the same thing happened, moved the units out of the supplie area, relied of the wagon. Unfortunately there is no way to reinforce the wagon from the base with supplies. Wiped pretty much everyone, surrounded them. Need to work on having less casulties. Next battle is Siloh, and I already know that 2k units of inf are impossible. Even if I spend my reputation for extra 2k manpower. Im going with 13 inf x 1.5k, and 2 x artillery, or 12/3.
  3. As I dont have access to Perkon account, I had to register again. I already wrote about issue while naming saves 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 etc., they simply do not work at all [or just some of them], and instead of starting in the game at the last saved position, you end up in a camp. I have not been playing for months, just installed, and I will not say it is a suprise. Fix the game.