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  1. jointventure

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    redii maybe you should change your avatar its confusing. royal swedish? What you are doing the last weeks is not worthy of a swedish flag thx in advance.
  2. jointventure

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Well we are the server police. We do what we have to do. was a nice fight, BR was not in our favour. 25 1st rates against 12 1st rates plus support. Cya next time o7
  3. jointventure

    New Player Retention: Noobs & Seal Clubbing vs Seasoned PVPers

    if you wanna have this game fixed pm me, greetz jointventure. ps: hethwill still sailing 4 xebecs with unlimited chain?
  4. jointventure

    Alt abuse gaining control of port

    Redii i have a new shovel, you can use it for digging your hole. If you find oil i wont 50% of it.
  5. Hachi great idea, Cabal will be in for this.
  6. jointventure

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Scipio and you Pervs clan where a joke, we had to defend as VP players barranquilla and santa marta, only one guy from Pervs was there. I never saw you in pvp or in PB defence or attack. Such a big mouth with nothing to show for only diplomatic crap that doenst offer any content in naval action. Respect for other dutch captains!!!