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    Repair Balancing

    How about impleminting a constant repair of 1% per minute (without repairkid) that represents the constant repair of minor damages. In addition we could use a limited two or three repairkids for major damage. Just a suggestion.
  2. Sir Loorkon

    Probleme mit AI-Kampftaktik aber 5rd

    Hi, ich empfehle dir, für die ersten Schritte eine Fritate aus dem shop zu nehmen. Die ist schön günstig und hat unten schon 18 pdr. Eine Essex wäre noch besser, aber das sollte der zweite Schritt sein. Rüste die Frigate mit basicupgrades aus, z.B. Basic Hull refit und gönn dem Ganzen für 20 CM einen Lion- oder eine Rattlesnakebowfigure. Repairs drauf, fertig. Bewaffnung: Nur Mediumkanonen, ist günstig und für die AI reicht es. Perks: Double Shot, DD, Hold Optimi, Exp. Carpenter und Fleet 1. Die Regel Nr. 1 besagt: Fahre nie ein Schiff, das du dir nicht leisten kannst. Such dir eine kleine AI Flotte mit einer kleinen Frigate (Reno oder Surprise) als Führungsschiff. Regel 2. Fahre nie stur mit dem Gegner Breitseite an Breitseite. Fahre spitz auf ihn zu, warte bis er geschossen hat, dann dreh auf die Breitseite, feuere (warte 5-10 Sekunden, bis die Kanonen sich ausgerichtet haben) und dreh direkt nach dem Schuss vom Gegner weg. Warte bis er auf dein Hinterteil schiesst, dreh wieder auf die Breitseite, schiesse und dreh dann auf ihn zu, warte bis er schiesst, Breitseite eindrehen, schiessen, wegdrehen usw. usw. Das sieht im Idealfall so aus, als wenn du schlangenlinien fährst und immer dann zum Gegner angewinkelt bist, wenn er schiesst und immer parallel zu ihm fährst, wenn du schiesst. Wird die Situation kritisch, fahre GEGEN den Wind (30—45 Grad) weg, dann verliert die AI dich schnell, weil sie zu doof ist, gegen den Wind zu fahren. Später kannst du dann auf teurere Schiffe wie Endymion oder Trinko (teak/teak oder teak/WO) umsteigen. Wenn du ingame Hilfe brauchst, schreibe mich einfach ingame an. Viel Erfolg! Edit: Habe noch was vergessen: Als Skillbooks nimm reload (z.B. Powder Monkeys) und repair in den Fokus, sobald du Slots freigeschaltet hast.
  3. Sir Loorkon

    DLC in the future?

    I do not agree to the first part. I stated above that DLC ships should be average. Paying for average ships gives no OP situation. I agree that everybody can see what the DLC ships had/have done with the shallows but you would not have this situation with average ships. The most important thing is that captains witch do not want to (or can) spend hours in this game can participate with DLC ships.
  4. Sir Loorkon

    DLC in the future?

    I like the general idea of DLC ships because they give a good chance for players - witch are not interested in crafting and do not spend vast hours in the game - to participate. Further more they seem to encourage people to fight (in case of the Herk). The dangerous point is that both DLC ships where very OP when they where introduced. A lot of people made up there minds about that and think DLC=OP=no go. And a lot of people fear that this will lead us into a pay to win game. If new DLC ships will be introduced, they should be average (like the Wasa e.g.) to make it DLC=not OP=go. Btw. I totally agree with Christendom that DLC ships shoud not be allowed in Portbattles (I would go further and say RvR).
  5. Sir Loorkon

    Free Ports & PvP Zones

    This happens because you need a completly different configuration for a ship inside vs. outside the patrolzone. In addition, some players do not like to go inside the patrolzone because they will most likely be ganked with only a little to no chance of escaping. The RoE in the Zones should be changed to alter this.
  6. Sir Loorkon

    Flags Flags Flags

    Great work. I am a little sad that the HRE-flag can not be used by the swedish HRE-clan.
  7. Sir Loorkon

    Repair Balancing

    I start to love this thread...
  8. Sir Loorkon

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    The game has a realy high potential. The combat mechanic (except boarding) is excellent. With the low playerbase it is realy hard to find a fight without teleporting around. The teleport fee will increase the useless timesink and decrease the funfactor. I will not buy an alt to stay competative and counter the fee. If you had in mind to increase the OW trafic by this teleportfee, try to change the RoE in savezones and PVP zones first. That will increase the amount of players and players are the main content. That is my pewpew point of view but I think the traders will be hit even harder by the teleportfee.
  9. Sir Loorkon

    Duel/Small Battles

    A nice battle in the swedish savezone.
  10. Sir Loorkon

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    1. Changed RoE for patrolzones (stop the ganking, make at least joining the high BR side impossible) 2. Changed RoE for reinforcementzones (make them 100% save but less profitable or denie PvP marks for kills inside) 3. No OP DLC ships 4. A nice new boardinggame 5. Slow implementation of mechanics (between 0 and 100 there should be a scale with steps)
  11. Sir Loorkon

    The problem of leaving battle

    How about increasing the time for staying invisible after battle?
  12. Who whines? Look at your posts.
  13. Sir Loorkon

    Bring boarding to a new level

    Do you realy mean „m“ for meter or do you mean feet? Have you ever tried to hit a target with a modern rifle at 300m? Muskets can be fired at a line of man at maybe 175m and at a single target at maybe 100m. 100m is pretty hard under perfect conditions. In a ship to ship combat, both ships are moving and your target on the ship is movong, too. A skilled marine may hit at 50m, I think 35m is more realistik.
  14. Sir Loorkon

    Bring boarding to a new level

    I like your suggestion. With a little finetuning, it could be great.
  15. We have a very good game with ships, shooting at each other. The boarding mini game looks ugly and is — compared to the main game — realy outdated and ugly. Why are we forced into this minigame now? Why was this mini game not totaly renewed first? I can not understand this.
  16. Sir Loorkon


    Almost dead? And what is your clan with 1 member? Such a shitpost!
  17. I hope you will add this in the tutorial, otherwise we will loose much more new players in the reinforcementzones. You should consider to change the RoE in the savezones, too. Without this, new players in small frigates will get even more frustrated.
  18. I dont think she was a frigate hunter because she had less speed than a frigate. She outguns frigates and she outruns SoL. That should be her rore in the game, too. Making her as fast as a frigate whould make other frigates obsolete. Exactly this. After reballancing all ships in the future she should have a good upwind speed (faster than 1st—4th rates, little slower than 5th rates) and a average downwind speed. That will perfectly fit her role (outgun frigates, outrun (esp. upwind) SoL).
  19. I like the way you are underlining your suggestion with facts but you should consider that the crew and the marines are on a moving ship and are shooting at a moving target (on a moving ship). That makes it hard to aim. They shoot at single targets and not at a line of man. It is difficult to hit with a musket at 100m when shooting at a single target. With the shooter and the target moving I consider it nearly impossible. They might (start to) hit at about 50m with a increasing chance as the target comes closer. The reload time (3 shots per minute) you mention is refering to ideal land—conditions with trained rifleman. So I would consider 30sec reload for a marine (trained but no ideal conditions) and 60sec for a crewmember (not totaly but faily untrained in using muskets) to be realistic.
  20. Sir Loorkon

    Boarding and DD Adjustment

    I think it would be better to leave it as it is and wait till the whole boarding system gets reworked completely. I like the DD because it secures me from the horrible rock—scissor—paper thing.
  21. Sir Loorkon

    Classic Connie--Your Killing Us Here!

    I think it was not her role to hunt frigates but to stand against (faster) frigates and to outrun SoLs. I would agree to buff the upwind speed a bit. Over all she should never be as fast or turnable as a 5th rate frigate but should have better (esp. upwind) speed than SoL and other 4th rates. I hope the new hullshape will make her bounce more shots. If not, maybe she could need a little more thickness and or hull (old ironside). Lets test first. I think there will be a rework of ballance of all ships because there are many ships witch are not used often but I think admin knows this (there are some very good threads about diversity) and will deal with it before game will be released. The new Consti looks great. Good work!
  22. Sir Loorkon

    Is the requin bad for the game?

    LOL! You comment on a quote of a quote and do not even remember or read what I wrote in a very complex suggestion 10 posts above and say that I missed the whole picture? I said there: „... 3. Le Requin a) RvR: The Le Requin should not be allowed at portbattles. All DLC ships should be banned from RvR. ...“ So your portbattle example does not fit.
  23. Sir Loorkon

    Is the requin bad for the game?

    Yes I do, and I love details. Take a deep look in the marinebooks 4/5 and 6/7 and compare them. 😉
  24. Sir Loorkon

    Le Requin is ruining the game for me!

    No. I posted the following suggestion in another thread: I think the Le Requin is only the refractor that concentrates three connected problems: An OP ship, the RoE in reinforcementzones and the broken PvP patrolzones. Those three factors leed to the frustration we have atm.  I recommend the following solution: 1. Reinforcementzones/RoE: If a captain with no PvP experience is attacked by a Requin, he will get rageboarded within minutes. This is very frustrating and will cause/ has caused many new players to quit (refering to the steam reviews). But this is not the problem of the La Requin, it is a problem of RoE. Safezones should be 100% save but less profitable. I recommend to read the excellent thread Percival Merewether made on this topic. With 100% save „reinforcementzones“ there is no need for reinforcements so the problem of useless 6th rate reinforcements with the Requin is automatically solved, too. 2. Patrolzones: If reinforcementzones get real savezones there has to be a simultanious change for the PvP patrolzones. The ganking there must be stoped. Best way should be to make it impossible to join the highBR side of a patrolzone battle and maybe some other tuning in this direction. Than players who want PvP whould have a place and reason to go there. 3. Le Requin a) RvR: The Le Requin should not be allowed at portbattles. All DLC ships should be banned from RvR. b) OW: Le Requin has to much crew (esp. compared to the other shallowwaterships). Maybe it could be fixed by making her crew more vulnerable for grape. The Pirat Rig Refit should not work with the Le Requin (as it was in the beginning) so that she stays great and unique upwind but very poor downwind. She should stay a 6th rate. I think making her a 5th rate will make things even worse. She could use „marines 15“ as a 5th rate (see some posts above). I think using better marines makes her more powerfull aside that she is loosing light ship hammocks as a 5th rate.