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    Caribbean Invasion News

    ... and it leads to the question why player with no interest in PvP are playing on the Caribian server and not on the PvE server. This is just so boaring. All this coastgardganking and greenzonesealclubbing. Most people are running or ganking. It is nearly impossible to find an even fight.
  2. Sir Loorkon

    Deutsche Spieler Ingame

    Ich kann troody nur beipflichen, zumal ja auch die Zeitzonen ins kalkül gezogen werden müssen, sonst wird es völlig leer um die Hauptstadt, wenn in Deutschland Nacht ist. Ist auch für das RVR nicht gut. Ausserdem finde ich es langweilig, Spielnationen und echte Nationen zur Deckung zu bringen. Im Spiel mit Spielern unterschiedlicher Nationen in einer Spielernation kann man — wenn man mit anderen ins Gespräch kommt — eine Menge über Menschen anderer Kulturen lernen und sein Englisch verbessern.
  3. Sir Loorkon

    Experience Points (XPs)

    You are right and I have read some posts about that topic. There should be a difference in rank between the PvE + trading/fishing on the one side and the PvP on the other side. If you do many PvE this gives you no skill in PvP (I personaly think it makes a player even worse in PvP because he gets used to the stupid AI moves in PvE). So there should be a PvP and a PvE rank. This could solve many other issues. For example: There could be a relation between the PvP marks you get and the PvP rank to make sinking of new players less attractive and honour the difficulty of sinking players with a high PvP rank. The PvP rank could be done as reputation or medals shown behind the PvP rank.
  4. Sir Loorkon


    Deine Vorliebe für die Endymion kann ich gut verstehen. Im PvP fahre ich die auch sehr gerne, aber ich sehe es wie Shrez, ich fahre (ausser Constitution) alles. Es ist auch gut, alle Schiffe mal selbst zu fahren, dann kennt man ihre Stärken und Schwächen, wenn man sie zum Gegner hat.
  5. I dont think there is a „repairstackmeta“. No good player will waste his slots by stacking repairmods. You can run 1—2 repairmods, thats all. A lot of players use mastprotection (e.g. frenchrig), one or two speedmods or one speedmod and cartagena on there 3/5 expensive ships. Refering to the bookslots, it would be a waste of slots to use more than 1 for a repairmod. Speed, reload, mastprotection and even boarding seem to be more important. By the way, I am talking about fightingships (t/wo or t/t, not the fir/fir ganking—running—rubbish). If you only stack all the repairmods, it would be pretty easy to sank you. The skill is to be agressive enough to use the damage you have done without giving the other player the chance to get out and repair. If you can not do that, it doesnt matter if he can repair 1 or 5 times, he will get you or get away anyway. If you limit repairs, the other player will not turn and try it again but run and escape. Battle over. I do understand that some mastsnipers want to limit repairs and nerf the effectivity of repairs. Shoot the mast — kill. But sniping masts is actually effective enough. If you loose a mast, you will be sunk in most cases. Repairs are limited by their wheight. If you take to many repairs, you will slow down to much. I hope admin will not increase the weight to much, esp. refering to RVR. Most PvP battles are short. If you nerf repairs, you will make them even shorter because there will not be any battle at all, there will be running and escaping. I dislike parts os the repairsystem. It is a waste of time getting repairs. It should be possible to repair a ship (slowly) in OW without repairunits. In battle, the system should stay as it is and there shoud be no increase of wheight.
  6. Well Slim, I see no „brutish DPS slugfest“. I see a lot of mastsniping, running and ganking. Most of my battles (if I find one) end within 10-20 Minuten. With the new chaindamage you have no chance against fir/fir hordes any way, so why change repairs? If you have a good and equal fight there is no need to change the current system, too. What we need is a chainnerf (old System was fine to me) and a leewaybuff. You said you stoped playing. I recommend you take a 5th rate (not fir/fir please) and go out alone for hunting. You will be surprised!
  7. I think you are wrong, it will create more issues.
  8. Sir Loorkon

    Ship lost due some wierd lags.

    I had exactly the same bug twice some days ago and I lost a Wasa because of it. No aiming was possible and it feels like drifting on ice and not swimming to water.
  9. Sir Loorkon

    limitation of wood classes in the construction of boats.

  10. Sir Loorkon

    Glory in Death!!! How not to Attack a US player.

    😂 Lol
  11. Sir Loorkon

    Pimp my Crown and Anchor

    Crown and anchors shold be replaced by a really good cardgame like Gwent in "the Witcher". It would be very nice and add content to collect "Gwentcards" in PvE or play against other players.
  12. Sir Loorkon

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    DD is very good as it is. It should not be changed.
  13. Sir Loorkon

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    I think the amount of reinforcement ships should depend on the rank of the player calling them. Up to the rank of Master and Commander, there should be 2 ships, up to the rank of Postcaptain there should be 1 ship and Admirals should not get any reinforcement at all.
  14. Sir Loorkon

    Chain shot feedback

    I think the damage of chainshot at close range is overpowered. I like your Idea of buffing battlesails. Maybe this could solve the problem so let us test it. The main problem will be ganking. If you fight outnumberd, chainmeta is killing the lone hunting. Maybe it could be an idea to slow down gankingfleets to simulate the time for an admiral to give orders to the fleet. So when 2:1, reduce speed of the 2 by 0,1 kn, if 3:1, reduce speed of the 3 by 0,3 kn, if 4:1, reduce speed of the 4 by 0,6 kn and so on. This can simulate the relative higher effort of Communication (increasing ship by ship) in the larger group using signals for coordination.
  15. Sir Loorkon

    Problems of NA

    rediii I fully agree to all the points. You pointed it out very good!
  16. The chain damage buff makes ganking much easier atm. Reducing the amount of repairs will decrease the chance of escaping. Yesterday I attacked a brit. Endymion with my Endymion in the brit. reinforcementzone. About 15 brit. ships joined the fight constantly chaining one after the other. No chance to escape with the buffed chain damage. The amount of repairs is nervend by the fact that you will loose speed because of the weight of the repairunits and you will never catch all those chickens or escape a gankingsquad in a slow ship. The whole mechanic feels broken after the chainbuff and will force ganking. Reducing the amount of repairs will make it even worse.
  17. Sir Loorkon

    Now that chain is limited

    Chain is very much overpover atm, doing double damage. Fights took longer because first of all everybody chains. Boring! Nearly no chance to geht away if you are fighting against more than one ship. Boring! Skill is worth nothing in this new chainmeta. Why do you want to limit repairs on top of it? It will only make the player witch was ganked beging sunk even faster. I had several PvP fights yesterday and those where the most boring I ever had. Chain is overpowered like hell. Repairs are limited by the fact that you reduce speed if you take to much of them with you.
  18. The new double damage caused by chain is far to hard. Fighting against enemies with more ships feels worse. Gankers will love it because it is much more difficult to escape.
  19. I am talking about OW PVP: If you have a 1:1 you might have a point. Usulaly it is not 1:1 and the side with more ships will get a great advantage because the amount of repairs can be multiplied by the amount of ships. But even in a 1:1 situation I do not think you are right. A 1:1 fight usualy takes 15-30 minutes. Not even enough time to use 3 repairunits. If you play 1:1 against a skilled player it might take longer. In the last case the way of using repairs and running low on them is the most fun. If a mast falls in OW PVP you are gone in most cases, with or without limited repairs because you mostly will not have full sails after the repair. If you do patrolmissions (not OW PVP), you use completly other ships (tanky) and you will need tons of repairs, ecp. when been ganked. Otherwise you would not stand more than 30 minutes in the circle of death.
  20. I dont think so. How do you want to fight a long battle against a large amount of ships when you have only 2-2-1 repairs? This simply shortens the battle by killing you (if you stay in) or shortens the battle (because you are forced to leave after the last repair is used if you are fast enough). The player should be able to decide how many repairs will fit to his ship and how fast/slow he wants to be refering to the amount of repairs he decided to take with him. In the moment it is balanced quite well. If you take to many repairs you get to slow witch is dangerous, if you do not take enough repairs, you will not stand a fight. Nice balance.
  21. I like it that amount of chain shot carried by a ship will be limited next patch! There are people in this thread who want the repairs to be limited, too. I do not unterstand that. The repairs are limited right now. No good player will take lots of repairs on a travel because they whould slow him down to much. This is balanced very well. To much repairs = to slow = sunk. There is no need for changing that good balance of repairamount and speed.
  22. Sir Loorkon

    Green on Green

    Hi all, I have to apologiese for my English, but I will try: I joined a fight (80 BR against 80 BR) near KPR. There was a Prince (Brit) fighting a AI Merc. I was not realy interested in that fight but joined and hoped that other Brits will join, too. Than came HMS Avenger with his Reno and I concentrated on him, but a minute later two Bellonas joined (sadly very near to my position). So I went upwind and the Prince got at my side to chain me. I finished the hull of the Prince and concentrated on her because she was the greatest danger for me. The Renomee was behind me (firering some broadsides into my stern witch I dont care about) and the Bellonas could not follow. Than the Prince made a mistake and went of in the wrong direction (away from the Bellonas) so I finished her off. This was ca. 10 minutes before serverdown. The whole time Bellonas triend constantly to chain or demast me (from the distance I kept). I awaited the Bellonas and the Renomee to quit, but the Renomee stayed on my side. I put some brodsides into her and sunk her in the second when the server was down. I did not recognise any green on green. I recognised the Bellonas left 5 minutes before serverdown and wondered why the Renomee stayed in. I could not leave because she has control and he was faster than me. But in the end, HMS Avenger had the balls to fight and that is what counts. I had fun in this fight and came out. By the way, the whole time it was chain, chain and chain against me. I like the changes of limiting chain admin is planning. Best regards Sir Loorkon
  23. I am perfectly fine with the fact that the playernames where removed in OW, but I do not understand why the communication with enemies was removed, too. I can not arrange duels any more. This - in my personal opinion and playstyle - took away one of the most interesting parts of the game. It could be solved with ease: "message from an unknown player to an unknown player" without bringing back the playernames. The second PVP-killer ist the reward system. Why do people get PVP-reward when they attack in hordes? I have read and wrote some ideas to get a factor when BR of one side is higher than the BR of the other side. This is the right way to nerv hordeattacks and make them less interesting.E.g. iIn a fight BR 100 against BR 200, the side with BR 200 should only get half of the PVP marks to be devided among the player witch have done damage.
  24. Yes, it is petty goofy and it is petty deadly, too. There will be hordes of gankers soon to see what is going on and you will get no duel but being ganked by a ganking squad.
  25. I is not working on the global chat. Most guy dont read it and you have to tell your shiptype and the shiptype of your target and your positions! "I am the swidish Endymion (or 5th) at Kingston and I want to speak to the dansk Wasa in front of Kingston" What do you think will hapen if I post this in the global chat?