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  1. Interesting rhetorical approach. I wonder if you would have asked this question if I had agreed to you. Let me try it myself: I do not know if you have ever had a PVP fight or not, so I will put it short, too: Your advice shows that you did not read my post or you did not understood it.
  2. You want to buff a ship that is OP. Why? The whole game feels broken with all the red sails in OW. It is hard to escape a gankinggroup if a Requien is involved but your proposal would make it impossible to escape from a single Requien. Thats like adding Harpoonmissiles to a Trollship.
  3. I read the post above from Cmdr about the use of speedmods. The conclusion is wrong. I use Art of shiphandling, Copperplaitings and those stuff. But I use them to get a fight. Why am I not using so many fightingmods if I want to fight? The answer is that 90% of the people ran away when they are not outnumbering you. So I am used to fight in ships with high speed preparation and I only get a fight with speedmods. Second point is that you need speedmods to escape from 1:10 situations. The easy counter for for all the players complaining about speedmods whould be to build ships with fightingmods. ... But they do not want to fight (in a wargame lol) and - even worse - they do not want to learn it. To learn it, you have to loose many ships. I lost hundreds of times and I learned hundreds of times. If you only avoid fights you will learn nothing and you will be easy prey for yor opponent. That is the conclusion. With nerved speedmods I would focus on fightingmods. The result whould be the same and I bet all those people whould cry for buff of speedmods to be able to run away. After buffed again I whould use speedmods again and so on and so on. Dont you see the weakness of speedmods? Counter them with fightingmods and - more important - fight and learn.
  4. Sir Loorkon

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    I think this patch might be dangerous. The Snow is OP, as said many times by many players before. I fear you just moved the problem instad of solving it. Lets test it.
  5. Sir Loorkon

    Monthly Duel Room Cry!

  6. Sir Loorkon

    Cant enter Combat Order on enemy side

    The same happened to me today when a brit. Renomee started a combatmission at Aves. I could not join the „Freetown/Pirat“ side with my Endymion. I had only the option to choose joining the british side.
  7. Sir Loorkon

    Losing The love for the age of sail

    Both DLC ships are OP and there are so many good and objective posts about that. I wonder why they where introduced and not nerved jet because it is so obvious. It could not be money because paints and „normal“ ships would sell as good or even better and those ships will kill the game in a long run and make it p2w. Those ships are killing the fun because the OW is filled with them like it was with the Wasa when it was OP. It is so boring. I hope the ships will get nerved much faster than the Wasa was.
  8. Sir Loorkon

    Nerf all Mods to promote NA

    I like your idea of DLCˋs but I completely dislike the overpowered DLC ships we actually have. I understand that the game has to earn money for the developers but they have to decide witch way they want to go. If they continue with those OP DLC ships, this will be a P2W game. I read a post where admin said that it will not be possibe so stack upgrades. Maybe this will solve the problems caused by upgrades. Also some of the basic upgrades seem to be pretty useless. It would be a good thing to reballance all the upgrades. The worst upgrade atm ist the pirat rig refit combined with the Requien (enables the Requien to run 15,5 kn on nearly every course).
  9. Sir Loorkon

    DLC ships

    Joernsson, you are right, but on the long run it will turn to the oposite and that is what I fear because this game has a unique high potential. When the Wasa was OP, I decided not to use it and used Bellonas. With this decision I still had a chance in a fight Wasa against Bellona. Now the problem is even bigger. I like Endymions and Trinkos but I learned yesterday that I do not have a chance against a Herc sailed by an average captain. So what should I do? It is pointless to go out hunting alone in a Trinko or Endymion when it can be wracked by a ship that is faster, more turnable and has more firepower and can — when beeing sunk — spawn every day. I know that I am a tester in this game that will release some day and as a tester I have to say that the way the game took with this OP DLC—ship is dangerous. Just think about the past. It was so boring when 50% of all ships in OW where Wasas. I will think it over. Maybe I will buy the Herc—DLC To prove this but I fear this will boar me to much.
  10. Sir Loorkon

    DLC ships

    My experiance with the Herc is that this ship can beat nearly every other ship in the game. It is hopelessly OP. After testing I dismanteled mine and will not sail one of those ships until it gets nerved. It is to fast, can outturn every frigate and outgun — as Vazco mentioned above— even a Constitution. This is just boring. I see no point in crafting Endymions or Trincos when those ships can be sunk easyly by an average player in his Herc. I recently lost a good Trinc against a Herc and I had no chance at all in this duel. I saw a ocen full of Wasas month ago and it took month to get them nerved. I hope it will not take month to nerv this Hercules—thing. It will take only a litle time and the most common ship we will see — if any — will be a Hercules. This is boring. When this OP Hercules will stay as it is, the game will turn to p2w. Admin mentioned that other ships might get buffed to be a craftable counterpart, but this will not work because ALL ships can be beaten by a Herc with an average captain. It is simply hoplessly OP. I would like to support the development of this good game and I bought the DLC „asmirality connections“ and I am willing to buy other DLC but I will not buy a DLC to get a ship with an instant win button. The Snow was and is a OP ship. The Herc is much better than a Snow. I can not understand why such an unbalaced ship was implemented.
  11. Die relevante Variable ist der Skill des Spielers. Von Fir/Fir gank—schrott—Schiffen kann ich nur abraten. Es gibt nur wenige Spieler, die zudem sehr spezielle Taktiken (z.B. dps— Belle Poules) fahren, die damit umgehen können. Mit einem Teak/Teak oder Teak/WO Schiff kann man nichts falsch machen und auch ohne teure Upgrades — beim Vorhandensein der relevanten Variable — gute Erfolge erzielen. Nur sehr wenige Ausrüstungsgegenstände sind wirklich OP, z.B. Poods. Ansonsten ist das Kampfsystem sehr schön skillbasiert, sodass es ohne Probleme möglich ist, sehr teuer ausgestattete Schiffe mit Schiffen mit Billigupgrades zu versenken, wenn ein Sonntagskapitän sein bemaltes Wunderwerk ahnungslos aus der Garage holt. Grundregel: Fahre kein Schiff, das du dir nicht leisten kannst und baue keines, das du nicht verlieren willst, sonst fehlt die Hauptkomponente, nämlich agressivität.
  12. Sir Loorkon

    Managing the Gundecks

    Managing the gundecks is a important skill, esp. when you run carronades on the top deck or if you fight at distance and you know that your topdeck cannons will not penetrate the amour of the enemy ship.
  13. Sir Loorkon

    To All Of Those Hunting Around Capital Ports

    Except for the clanbased system I fully agree with Christendom. I like his suggestions. The actual system is so boring because it tooks ages to find a fight in open world. PVPzones are broken by ganking. The last changes did not fix that so I see rarely a point in going there. The reinforcementzones should be 100 percent save for lower ranks but completely unsave for all ranks above master and commander or maybe postcaptain. The problem is not the reinforcementzone but rearadmirals hiding in those reinforcementzones who are not willing to fight even PVP or learn PVP but are playing on a PVP server. There is a large desperate map and it is pointless to travel there alone to be ganked at the end. Where should I go when I want PVP but I do not want to travel 5 hours to get a good fight?
  14. Sir Loorkon

    Admiralty Connection DLC bug?

    I purchased it, too and I do not have a single additional ship- or warehouse slot. I started steam again, but nothing changed. Does it take a while until the DLC works or is it a bug?