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  1. Any such game will have to be bigger and better than before. I remember launching Civil War for the first time, I was blown away by how improved and expanded the gameplay was from Gettysburg (a title I played through countless times before). The first CSA and Union missions caught me off-guard with stuff I wasn't expecting, the forts, the ironclads, the armoured trains... Any such sequel will have to take a risk and delve into uncharted waters too. If it's anything though, I've heard a lot of my friends say they wished Civil War had an actual campaign map, at least something you could move your armies around on (similar to Total War). They weren't also thrilled about the whole army scaling issue (which improved later) and the fact that each battle's outcome didn't really contribute to different scenarios other than a pure defeat and game over. People missed the decision making that Gettysburg had, granted though that was one battle, not the 50 odd battles Civil War has but I still think there was that desire for dynamic battles even for replayability value. There's a lot of possibilities of what the sequel may be but it will have to get the things that put some people off Civil War right.