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  1. RKY

    Whats about with the WASA?

    wasa is good as it is. the only buff needed is sails hp and speed.
  2. I see we are now making casual player's life easier. I guess some people finally understand this all only hardcore player game thing is not exactly working to grow a player base...
  3. RKY

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    let's be honest here: - cost wise you lost more than GB did - GB get the port and is encouraging you to come flip it - people and time wise, we were half your numbers and still did get the port and did more damage than you - i did not screenshot the santi, wasa and trinc spanish running from a requin in hostility mission. trinc died to requin in the process You sure are trying real hard to make things look good for you, while we actually don't care and only want to sink and smash ships. go on with your propaganda but bring us ship to sink.
  4. RKY

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    RVR don't see first rate much in pb these days. Dynamic BR fixed that. I am now looking for a say monthly update on dynamic BR. Waiting for buc 700BR and 3rd 420BR. Heavy frigate will soon make their entrance as fleet core built.
  5. if officers really can promote to officers it might be my f**k up when i was testing if it was doable. however my test did not promote the guys. (rdmly selecting guys not remembering name now) (or maybe the guy as to log in for the change to be effective in which case it is my f**k up because of the game f**k up) admins will tell us, thanks for the sympathy guys.
  6. thank you Ink. We will be waiting your feedback.
  7. Bear in mind, most of the officers are inactive in NA, but we are all still in touch on discord. What we want from this tribunal is: - know when they got promoted to officers - who did (might actually be me when i tested if i can promote or not, but i was officer only and it did not work when i tried) - if there is something fishy have everything back (including the 1 poods...)
  8. It's funny because I always thought boarding guns were swivels. if it is real gun deck it should shoot enemy ship for real in instance and then it is your mistake for taking this option while you could not hit the enemy ship.
  9. RKY

    Bring boarding to a new level

    issue is fleet battle though, how do you handle it, or you mean you have your own window of action and it targets everything around? (meaning if we keep rock paper scisor, it is gonna be tricky to not know what is the action on the other sides)
  10. @admin Everyone knows AI are super buffed with heavy shots, marines, barricades and so on. And we all understand that is for a simple reason, AI is a script not an AI. It s quite convenient for carebears, however for anyone else it is plain boring and teach nothing. What i suggest is a simple thing you may have heard of: openAI https://blog.openai.com/openai-five/ Maybe you heard of it maybe not :). Basically it is a project implementing AI bots in games. At start the AI is terrible, but it has a learning curve. For instance at the moment pro players on dota2 are being beat up by the open AI in 1v1. They are currently training a group of AI to play in a 5v5. It is not doing as great in team as in solo but it is still learning. What the open AI has brought is a completely different way to play compared to ingame AI and even to human gameplay. Humans are now copying open AI style!! pretty sure it would be an interesting project for them due to the challenge of sails, angles and so on. And i am pretty sure it would change everything regarding AI.
  11. RKY

    It's time for Justice

    more likely a forum warrior bit too much into role play gone out of control. I really wish this game had only nation affiliation with no real impact and focus on clans. Tired of clowns. No.
  12. RKY

    It's time for Justice

    get over yourself seriously.
  13. I like the idea, although we both know who's gonna be fish.
  14. RKY

    wood drops

    doesnt matter if you spam alt offers at the end of the day having a very limited amount available daily will destroy everyone stocks on the long run. when there will no stock, good luck having fine woods for every damn ship on the server. teak =>100*4*16=6400 a day on the whole server wo=> 100*4*13=5200 a day etc...