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  1. RKY

    Screening fleets

    reward people destroying the content generated by others, way to go! Save you pixels on map rather than have a fun evening. no wonder it is full on pve only players in this thread, i am not gonna comment on this any further and hope this will actually motivate dev's to create an untaggable port battle fleet group.
  2. RKY

    Screening fleets

    hostilities are minimum 3 battle which you can join anytime with a massive advantage on the defender side. you have plenty of time to react. but instead let's keep killing the game and RVR by rewarding those refusing to fight and denying content. This community really... If anything port battle fleet should not be taggable within 17k of the port. reward content generators, not useless bot. -Let's keep personal attacks out of this.
  3. RKY

    Screening fleets

    reward content denial gogo. make rvr even more useless, empty pb are not enough.
  4. that is your point of view. i like the tax system, and actually think it should be increased further as time dependent. the longer a timer is set the more it cost.
  5. I don't mind the change. it made no sense the attacker knows what pen and defender does not while all he would have to do is look up. on the other end 3rd-1st rate mast thickness shouldn't be higher than 4th rate. only more hp.
  6. RKY

    A Re-take to Regional Bonuses

    do you need to a have your ship full mods and everything though? I thought mods didn't make a huge difference? maybe this will just be the end of supership in OW.
  7. RKY

    A Re-take to Regional Bonuses

    Sounds good. May I also suggest for open port to only be open for selected nations.and or clans within a nation. Also port open for all in selected timeframe. I think the idea with higher drop of exceptional ship is for you to transport the mod not the ship due to it being purple or gold. I don't like the increase of exceptional ship, I would rather have shipyard on capturable ports, open the possibility to get the IA trims. (not by region, just give access to the remaining trim) I hereby suggest the introduction of a black-market mechanic and marketplace: ports dropping precious resource only drops 90% of it in the drop port. 10% is released on nearby ports (within 50k). case resource restricted to clan only 70% to clan 30% to blackmarket resources restricted to selected nations and clans 20% to clan 60% to shop 20% to blackmarket resource unlocked 20% to clan 70% to shop 10% to blackmarket marketplace, would be a feature working as clan market in some selected towns. in the case of resource restricted to clan only, the clan would have to make a weekly auction opened either to own nation or selected nation clans for 50% of their weekly selected resource income with a price min max between q1 and q4. Failure to sell in the auction would result in the release of 50% of the resource into the blackmarket and reduction of drop-quantity by 30% due to surplus and increased port management fees by 20% due to storage. marketplace would also be a place where clans of all nations can do auctions for resources, ships, missions (escort trading player, screen etc), and more. available in a few ports over the map. Resources sold in marketplace wouldn't have to be in the auction port, but should mention where pickup location is. Blackmarket would give meaning to surrounding ports dropping precious good and marketplace would increase exchange of resources and services at clan level. I know devs will say no, because the game is not in development anymore but in tweaking phase, and this is a lot of development. but there is so much to change in this game to make it real unique and great, it may be worth going back to development phase. Also ports in the south need precious resources and improved trading possibilities. Right now most precious woods for instance are in the eastern safezones or in shallows in the north. there is literally nothing west and south. Ideally ports consumption and drop should change overtime based on the surrounding owning nations.
  8. you can't limit the number of repairs in the current game, simply because players can join as late as 25 min after a battle started in some cases. limitation coming from wight is a good thing. it is up to the player to know what he needs and what not.
  9. then crewsplinter damage increased drstically, what about that?
  10. i am fine with current system but if it has to change: rig repairs submenu: repair masts repair sails hull repairs submenu: left side right side bow & stern all hull repairs should give your crew a penalty of 20% splinter resistance at the very least. and rig repairs a penalty on main sail force of 30% and jib sail force of 5% or the other way around depending sail damage split. mast repairs should suffer both penalties.
  11. RKY

    [bug] set sail

    It would appear when battle start if you set sail, and go free camera, you sails are not setting until you get back to your ship. didn't do f11 because it's a behavior bug you can't see on a picture.
  12. RKY


    don't get me wrong, i am happy with the changes. I am merely wondering if it would not be even better if trade routes where outside the so called 'reinforcement' zone. I mean the brits have 3 ports dropping respectively textile machinery, malabar teak and sussex oak. Not mentioning the french area with Parisian furniture, sevre stained, and versaille terracota. remove the necessity to camp safezone, and tackle revenge fleet thing at the same time.
  13. RKY

    refit bonuses

    it has been figured out already
  14. RKY


    you can hardly call safezone camping, hunting. I would rather have more player spread across the map with hunters along trade routes than players sitting in a 'safezone'
  15. RKY


    @admin why make safezone unsafe when all you have to do to increase the amount of player outside of safe zone is to remove all trade goods from safe zone and rework the drop distribution of goods across the map?