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  1. Sailing Crew Required -0.01

    this is on every ship. One crew I imagine is you as a captain.
  2. general statistics

    economy balance is required at our population scale already. Gold should be the main source of trading and value in game, not pvp marks.
  3. general statistics

    the thing is, I doubt the dev have analysts and people which are professionals on this matter. I agree it shouldn't be available to all, but to some extent a few selected people could assist re-balancing things such as economy or even world population. Through economy re-balance it is possible to completely achieve an alteration of players behavior toward pvp / pve / rvr / players trade and the whole way the game is currently played. The effect of knowing world population could be different from what you expect as well, for instance if i was personally to switch nation I would most likely join the smallest faction possible. As a national I wouldn't attack the smallest one in rvr as they are no threat and instead could be beneficial to have them as allies as meat shield or diversion. this is how diplomacy has worked for centuries.
  4. general statistics

    thanks for the feedbacks guys, but US and teak was just an example. statistics are needed to balance everything. The more people with visibility on stats and understanding of it, the better balance suggestion we can make.
  5. general statistics

    well not necessarily in the UI. I am suggesting those so we can discuss the rebalance of ressources for instance and how income is generated. Like for instance US have absolutly 0 chance to be competitive since their coast provide no teak and only one port with white oak while at the same time antilles/puerto rico concentrate more teak port than the rest of the map. but yea just an idea to rebalance things a little.
  6. general statistics

    @admin We are currently lacking information on the power balance of the naval action world. Would it be possible to have some insight(charts / statistics) on: - world active population and character level spread - nations active population and character level spread - nations pvp marks / combat marks / gold / tax / income generated daily - nations clans pvp marks daily / combat marks / gold / tax / income generated daily - nations by clans number of first / second / third / etc.. rate ships - nations by clans number of victory marks - nations by number of active players generating pvp marks versus not generating any - pvp marks generated by ship type - gold generated by type (pvp, pve, trading) - nations by wood type quantities If you don't have time, I would be happy to generate chart / reports from a raw data extract. These information are important at different level: - see the balance of power between nation in the different domains (pvp,pve,rvr) - balance the nation difficulty when you create a character - maybe block joining some nation with a too high power balance - find ways to assist weak nations for the devs - rebalance pve gold generated and trading generated gold - rebalance spread of wood type - for those willing to switch nation it is a good information as well
  7. Most of the casual pvp is actually happening on 5th-4th rate. (belle poule, trincomalee, endymion, infatigable are well regarded these days) 3rd and higher are usually more for port battle and "organised" / "planned" ow battle between group of players.
  8. @Fox Proudfoot it's not about me. I don't care what people think or say about me. thus i don't bother reply or ignoring most times. I just wished community had toxic behaviors punished. I have nothing against casual banter like i said previously. But when it happens 3-4-5 times a day, it is not banter. it is moral harassment. Well nevermind then, let toxic have the power of the public channels and close them. Good for community and game experience. Nice for future new players .
  9. I do, I just drop a rock in the lake. I do ignore these people, but it is not the way things should go. But seeing as @Powderhorn is basically saying it is fine to have these behaviors because some notorious people insulted each other publicly in the media some 150 years ago, I see it is a waste of time. Let's bring back feudal right and slavery because it was fine some centuries ago.
  10. I usually have global closed, but lately whenever it is opened all I can see is trash talk. I find saddening to have to close a global chat due to the behavior of few. This is what this post is about. it's not about me.
  11. I am not sure exactly where to post this, but during my short experience in game I noticed repeated toxic behaviors in public chatroom which seem to go unpunished.I do understand moderators can't see everything and do take actions for things such as racism. Though it would seem that things you would name as moral harassment in real life and could cause the source of it some huge financial fines or even prison are fine in the game. You may mention the ignore button, and I may say it is a good feature for the end user. BUT, there should be actions taken from mods as well. Don't get me wrong, i am not against the casual taunt after a fight or such thing, but i am against repeated toxicity. It simply has a negative impact on this already small enough community. Players in need of attention, or trying to solve their real life personal issues through games shouldn't be welcome. I am not going to give names but here is an example of a player who has been basically harassing people on global for a few days already. Not just one clan, not just one person, just being toxic for no reasons. It is unfortunate for them but i usually don't give a single f word about them. But I have to say I play games to have fun, not to deal with people anger / confidence issues or passive aggressiveness. this one example but like i said, it has been going for days. At the end of the day, it is up to the mods to decide what sort of community they want.
  12. @DemsityArr one day....one day, people will read post entirely.
  13. An updated wiki would be nice. if you don't have time, maybe you could open it to people to update it or have it updated by the API.
  14. interesting patch. we shall see the impact.
  15. give us paddles please, sails are overated these days. this=> NEW META