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  1. @admin please consider splitting pve grinding mission and hostility mission. Currently if you have three pve mission, and did cancel three times already, you cannot take hostility missions because......you can't cancel the pve ones.
  2. what of delivery mechanics? what's happened to that side of the game?
  3. 1v1 / 2v2 tourney ?

    happy to do it no mods and no knowledge
  4. 1v1 / 2v2 tourney ?

    why not make it a solo thing but 2v2 / 3v3 etc.... (randomized team at each bracket)
  5. Jumping mission is not a skill. Or we obviously have different notions of skills and tactics. Were it be in a battle instance I would regard force concentration a skill since in requires awareness, reactivity, and decision making with people following orders given and proceed with it. In ow it barely means wait for someone with little knowledge on game mechanics to take mission outside safe zone or even worse tag an ia fleet in the safe zone. thus I shall keep calling a gank what it is: a gank!
  6. Promoting ganking and mission jumping aka boring fight. I am speechless. Faith in this game is gone, congratulation.
  7. get rid of them then, along with safezone. As it is now, it is just food for gankers. The issue is it gives a false impression of security to new/grinding players when in fact it ruins them. the issue is expectation versus reality that destroy retention.
  8. I bet nobody ever called you brilliant. Let me tell you one thing, it is not happening today or anytime soon either.
  9. Basic binary logic of a developer. This is why any development team has a product manager / chief of product. Developers have biased visions. 1. limited mission cancellation effect: While one grind ship knowledge he will be jumped, while having disadvantage of ship knowledge and an IA to kill. the later being already challenging for some people. New player take days to get new ships etc...Loosing it because they are jumped on will kill new player retention, which is already low. This, feeds zone campers, which are not looking for fights, but noob killing and running if in danger. 2. Unlimited mission this is necessary for a badly designed feature. three possibilities, they should instant close no matter where OR only pop in safezone OR simply remove them altogether now. This is not the kind of feature that will attract new people, it is not the point of the game. but while new player are safe, they learn versus IA. safe grinding = improved player retention. I am sure you do know player retention and player acquisition are different things Regarding your last point, one day you declare you do the game for the players and do the things as they want them, the next day you tell players their opinion matters not. Which one is it? @RKY [ Games are means to bring people from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, credos and overall different lifestyles together. Your comment was removed due to being borderline disrespectful. There won't be a next time edit. ] - The moderation team
  10. A smaller map

    that would mean admin actually understand how not to destroy player retention. which obviously he does not.
  11. A smaller map

    What i suggest is a development thing. the map does not change for players. it is just the map scale adapting every day.
  12. A smaller map

    if map size was dynamic based on the average player population of the previous day and shrink up to half its size if average is around 500 it wouldn't be too bad. size automatically recalculated at server reset. It shouldn't be too complicated to do that in the code. alternative would be to boost OW speed further than it is also based on avg population of the previous day. to make it simple, lower population, faster movement across the map and vice-versa.
  13. Nice patch, with interesting new features. The map i guess is a small developer map used for features testing. The idea is more to show the design than change current world map I imagine. @admin I am wondering what missions are for in your mind. Is it content for seal clubbers to retain them or is it content for players grinding ship knowledge? either way I fear player retention will drop since PVE players will be jumped all over the place. Unless missions instantly close wherever it is then it does not matter.
  14. hostility poll

    Consider this topic locked.